by D.Monferini & Roberto Pavanello

Greetings to everyone !
Today 31 October, wednesday, we have started our travel to see Radio Stations in Switzerland. Cloudy and foggy in Milano, some thin rain in Vercelli according to Roberto at 0745 local time.
We have started our travel in Italian Canton Ticino area and we have been able to visit Radio Fiume Ticino located in Locarno and Radio 3iii located near Lugano.
Our train departed from Milano Central Rail Station at 0930 hours.
Cisalpino train directed to Basel, one of the big timetable electronic indicators put our train at track 18 and another put it at track 2, but I know the trains which go to Switzerland all departs from track 2..... but others tourists may have had ... some sourprise at track 18....hi!!! going to Ventimiglia instead of Basel !! hi.
At track 3 it was departing a TGV to Paris, and the police controlled the passports & ticket train of passegers of this train ideas why ??
May be Mr Zarkoshi asked this to the Italian autorihies ??? Please don't let pass "ROM" !
After a stop in Como and in Chiasso (soft control of Italian Finanza Guard "niente da dichiarare?" "Documenda !" )
Chiasso rail station is one stop and the station is divided in 2 parts, another stop in Lugano (the station is under high works and only tracks 1-3 are operatives)
Sunny day in Switzerland with blu sky and no winds, our final stop in Bellinzona, very modern and good rail station, with tracks so cleans you may eat on !!!! we are arrived at exact time.... Swiss rails are look like Swiss clocks ! hi!!!!
In the iper clean rail station of Bellinzona we have put our two baggages at the outdoor baggage boxs.... but attention you need 6 Swiss Francs coins if you want to use that service. ( in Lugano it costs 7 Swiss Francs !!!!!)
We have took the TILO S2 train from Bellinzona till Locarno, final stop and we are arrived at 1204 as scheduled. Here the WEB with Swiss trains time tables and informations
In Milano you may buy Swiss and German and Austrian tickets trains at shop office in Via Napo Torriani, 29 (MM Centrale) open monday till friday at 9-13/14-17 near the central rail station (corner Via Vittor Pisani).
Locarno is a beautiful town on lake Maggiore, upper point of lake, and you see the opposite lake coast of Maccagno (Varese) there is also a local train from Locarno to Luino. A good WEB To find the streets in Locarno and other informations. Luckly we found a taxi outside the rail station (yes only one that moment) to go to Radio Fiume Ticino the commercial FM station of Locarno. However if are not in a hurry you need to keep BUS 10 or 32 or 36 !! all starts from Rail station.... or if you are in a hurry better to keep a Taxi... in 5 minutes you will arrive to Radio Fiume Ticino.


Their WEB is We had appointment meeting at 1230 hours with Duilio Parietti Responsabile Marketing & Oscar Acciari Direttore & Marcello Tonini Amministratore. The radio is located in a 3 floor building where is also located a young hostel for summer holidays, so we met at the enter door the Dj Matteo Vanetti, he also waiting for our arrival. The station is operating on FM from 1997, and has a Green Frog as mascotte. Frequencies cover almost all the Canton Ticino area 90,60 MHz Bellinzona (Before 1997 utilized by another local station Radio La Voce di Bellinzona... but closed for economical reasons, licenses in Switzerland is given by the Swiss Telecom.
Other frequencies are 100,5 & 107,1 MHz for the Locarno area and 93,00 MHz for the area of Grigioni. The new information is the activation of a frequency for Lugano! on 99,00 MHz, TX San Salvatore, may be will be possible to get it also in Lombardia... even if Radio 105 utilize this channel for Milano. Here the details Radio Fiume Ticino SA, phone +41 91 756.15.85 Fax +41 91 756.15.87 Email : marketing@radioticino or Address : Via Varenna 18, CH-6600 Locarno. The station is interested for correct reception reports with audio clip and details of the program listened.
We got old stickers, and more rare little stickers for internal use, fridge magnets featuring the Frog of the Lake ! the mascot of the station ! Pens in box ! post cards and 2 coffees drinks ! hi!!! We do also some photos you may look in the carpet photo of the travel.
Mr. Duilio Parietti is many years active in the radio, in the 1976 he started Antenna Libera in Luino the first radio station in the area, and later he created Radio Leonia in Ponte Tresa (Italian border area) Very kind and friendly meeting, so we started our travel in the best way !!!! We had time to stay 20 minutes at the garden of the railroad bar under a shining sunshine !!! to eat a good ice coffee frappé... and listening a little in the FM band with my DEGEN 1103 with filters 80 & 110 kHz and with Roberto ATS 909 SANGEAN not modified.
However we have remarked lot of RF noise even without the telescopic stilo outside the radio set. No time to do a complete FM bandscan.... but on 90.60 MHz good signal from Radio Fiume Ticino, so they have also a repeater on 90,60 MHz in Locarno area (but low power).
Another TILO 2 train (look like a Metro train for local service) from Locarno took us again to Bellinzona in 25 minutes.... and here we waited 20 minutes to get TILO S1 to go to Melide (second stop AFTER Lugano rail station.) The sunny day offered the best view of the opposite coast of the Lugano lake, with Campione d'Italia little enclave with special territorial status. At 1531 in pefect time !!! ... we arrived at the little rail station of Melide, and after just 200 meters walk we found Tele Ticino building in VIA CARONA 15 and also the new building of Rdio 3iii which in april 2007 has moved to this place after having been in Mendrisio south to Lugano for almost 20 years !!!!!! . WEB
Our friend Boris Piffaretti DJ voice and supervisor programs and live shows was standing at the reception, waiting for our arrival to do a complete visit to the studios. In 30 minutes we met Miss Lolly Dj and we do photos of the all computerized studio and large speakers room, the radio has news from Tele Ticino staff at '15 and '45 minutes.
Boris is a big fan of the OFF SHORE stations in the north sea operating in the 60's. We got some old logo large stickers A5 size and little stickers. The plans are for new logo with connection of new joint venture with Tele Ticino.
You may send reveption report to : Boris is interested to get reports with Audio clip, he reply with letter and gadgets.
Ecco la storia di Radio 3iii:
Radio 3iii nasce nel 1987 dopo circa sei mesi di prove tecniche di trasmissione, per iniziativa dell'imprenditore Bruno Baumgartner. Dopo 20 anni di trasmissioni dagli studi di Mendrisio l'emittente viene ceduta e da gennaio 2007, e diventa parte del gruppo di TeleTicino. Le trasmissioni dagli studi di Melide hanno inizio a fine aprile 2007. The address : R3iii - casella postale 372 / Via Carona 15 - CH- 6815 Melide phone : +4191 - 640.15.50 fax : +4191 - 640.15.59. email: or


The frequencies 106.50 MHz Mendrisio & Lombardia, 106.80 MHz Lugano area I given to Boris a book featuring the story of Radio Luxembourg 208 and in axchange I got a giant plastic logo rectangular (2 meters ) the station had on the balcony in Mendrisio........ a great souvenir indeed for my collection. We said bye bye to the friendly Boris and Radio 3iii staff which you may listen also in Milano area on 106.50 MHz.
(Boris program is monday to friday at 1200-1400 hours).
Just another short walk to the little Melide rail station (only authomated ticket service and quite important remark NO EXIST TOILET !!!! At 1718 hours the air becomed more fresh and humid and our TILO EXPRESS arrived in perfect time (great Swiss service) and in 35 minutes we arrived again in Bellinzona. We found our 2 bags and after a coffe with amaretto the Express CIS Freccia Versilia from Livorno !!! arrived ... really incredible... At 2056 with ONE MINUTE of laterness ...hi!! we arrived in ZURICH In the train we had time to listen with ATS 909 and RDS helped to identify, among the others Radio LORA 97.50 MHz Zurich with ARABIC program !!! Radio Kanal K 94.90 MHz radio with Serbian language program !!! for details visit their WEB.
We also listened to Radio Pilatus 104.60 MHz and to Radio Argovia 94.00 MHz and with good signals SWR 1 Baden Wuttenberg 87.90 MHz and also SWR 2 BW
from Germany 92.00 MHz...they naturally have relay in the Zurich area.... Our Hotel Arlette just 500 metrs from Rail station but we utilized the Taxi cause we needed to ear time to go to eat.......
Hotel Arlette Beim Hauptbahnhof Stampfenbachstrasse 26, 8001 Zurich The Hotel is very clean and the computer service at down floor is open 24 hours and cost 6 swiss may utilize many hours as you want !!!!!!!!!!
So at 2130 hours we get a taxi to go to eat at a very top quality Italian Restaurant called FRASCATI located in BELLERIVESTRASSE 2 on the lake and with a great view (at night naturally not so much great ...) we got SPAGHETTI ALLA CARBONARA very well cooked ... and I got as second plate Gamberoni with salads and boiled potatoes. Price is bit high but the standard is very good !!!
In the hotel the television is cable so we got 40 channels with selections from Germany, Austria, Italy and many international cables channels.

So this conclude our first day travel ... and we may say the results
has been 100% good respect our expectations...

will continue soon ./.. AUFFIEDERSEN !!!


Second day : 01 November 2007 visit to Zurich Radio stations.

Hotel Arlette is a very good Hotel, and after the computer I had time to do an FM Bandscan from the 3rd floor, unfortunatly the position of the Hotel, just 500 meters from the central Bahnhof, had lot of RF noise, however here the details:

Zurich Bandscan with DEGEN 1103 filters 80+110 kHz by D.Monferini
87.60 DRS1 Zurich test channel
88.00 Sunshine Radio Zugerberg
88.80 Sunshine Radio Wildspitz
89.50 SWR 3 BW Germany relay St. Chrischona Swiss
90.40 SWR 2 BW Germany relay Witthoh Germany
90.60 DRS 1 St. Chrischona
90.90 DRS 1 Rigi
91.30 DRS 3 Olten
92.00 SWR 2 BW relay St Chrischona Swiss
92.40 SWR 1 BW Germany relay Witthoh Germany
93.00 Radio Tropic Zurich
93.40 Radio Argovia Schartenfels
93.80 SWR 3 BW Germany relay Feldberg Germany
94.00 Radio Argovia Brugg Olten
94.60 DRS 1 Uetliberg Zurich
94.90 KANAL K Chesterberg Aarau
95.10 SWR 1 BW Germany relay Wannenberg Germany
95.40 DRS 2 Santis
95.80 Radio Pilatus Buergenstock
96.00 DRS 1 Olten
96.30 DRS 1 Wasserfluh Aarau
96.60 DRS 2 Rigi
97.10 SWR 3 BW Germany relay Witthoh Germany
97.50 Radio LORA Zurich
97.90 SWR 2 BW Germany relay Feldberg Germany
98.30 SWR 4 BW Germany relay St Chrischona Swiss
98.50 SWR 3 BW Germany relay Wannenberg Germany
98.70 DRS 2 Olten
99.00 DRS 2 St Chrischona
99.90 RSR La Première Santis (French language)
100.40 Radio Zurisee St.Gallen Zuriberg
100.60 Deutschlandfunk BW Germany Relay Witthoh Germany
100.90 Radio Energy Zurich Uetliberg Zurich
101.50 DRS 1 Santis
101.70 Radio Basel 1 St Chrischona
102.30 RSR La Première Le Chasseral (French language)
102.50 RADIO 7 BW Germany Relay Witthoh Germany
102.80 RADIO 24 Uetliberg Zurich
103.00 DRS 1 Le Chasseral
103.60 DRS 3 St Chrischona
103.80 DRS 3 Rigi
104.00 SWR 4 BW Germany Relay Felderberg Germany
104.20 RSR Couleur 3 Le Chasseral (French Language)
104.50 Radio TOP Winterthur Zuriberg
104.90 Radio Pilatus Sonnenberg
105.30 DRS 3 Le Chasseral
105.60 DRS 3 Santis
105.80 DRS 3 Uetliberg Zurich
106.20 RSI RETE UNO Rigi (Italian language)
106.40 DRS 1 Relay Eggberg Germany !!!!
106.70 DRS 2 Uetliberg Zurich
107.30 RSI RETE UNO Le Chasseral
107.60 Radio Basilisk St Chrischona
107.80 RSI RETE UNO Santis (Italian language)

However if you will have more time and the possibility to go to Uster area , just 30 Km east to Zurich on Alpen Uster where is doing Dxing Christian Bruelhart you will get great Dxing results rom distant TROPO reception in summer time This bandscan is 2005 year starts to be old....but it is very impressive..... many signals from Italy !!!!

At around 0845 we met at the breakfast room of our Hotel Arlette a good old friend living near Zurich , Werner E. Rutsch living in the town of Gerlafingen, so I get a good quantity of old items coming from the golden age of Radio (80's till mid 90's) with "pins" "buttons" "key rings" and many US plastic cards from US radio stations..... Werner is now working and he has own family so the time for hobbies is almost nil. However we had a very warm meeting wishing to him all the best.


After having paied the Hotel one night double room, 100 Euro in 2 we let the 3 baggages (one more thanks to Werner materials !!! hi!) to the reception Hotel and we started the visit to the Zurich radio stations..... needs to explain we both sent many many email messages to the radios ....but only 2 replied.... inviting us to visit them ! Radio Energy 100.90 MHz WEB : is a German station which got the license after the closure of Radio Z. located in Kreuzstrasse 26 (postfach 1258) CH-8032 Zurich. email : (they have a strong antispam) May be we arrived too early at 0945 hours..... and we found the Italian recepcionist who told us without an appointment is no possible to visit the studios, she gives us only some Port Pass of NRJ ... no post cards T-shirts.... a 5 minutes visit !! hi!!!! Taxi in Zurich do not cost so much different as in Milano.... 15-30 Swiss Francs each ride.... the traffic is not so crowled almost in the morning hours....and only in the central area.... around HBF is more crowled !!! due to some street works.....

So we got another Taxi to go to the opposite Zurich area, ex industrial area called Techno Park strasse, now full of modern buildings or old ones remodernated, Radio 105, Music First Network AG, Puls 5, Giessereistrasse 18, Shop 12 CH - 8005 Zurich. their great WEB !!! offer 5 differents programs on line live stream, guess who is doing so good service ?? Email: (unfortunatly also them have a strong antispam
system) All the Radio stations are operating on the Cable system !!! However they welcome visitors, no needs to get an appointments they are an Italian company same owner as the Radio 105 Network based in Milano. We got lot of items: differents stickers, port pass , post cards.

By taxi (they stand in front the near Hotel Novotel ) we moved to Radio 24 (main frequency 102.80 MHz) located quite near (700 meters) their WEB: Studio & Redaktion Radio 24 AG Limmatstrasse 183, CH-8005 Zurich Tel.+41 - 44 448 24 24 Fax +41 - 44 448 24 90 Email :
At 1115 in the Radio we found only Carmen Saluz the receptionist may be his email is a good way to contact them if you want to visit the studios, no possible to see the studios, may be next time ??? hi!!!! After a start a bit COLD ....hi! we break the many stickers from Italian radios..... and we got many stickers from Radio 24 & Tele Zuri...and also a book of the Radio 24 first 10 years written by founder Roger Schawinski. In 1979 he was able to start the first signal which broken the monopoly in Swiss Radio, from Pizzo Groppera (Madesimo) in Italy with the help of Angelo Borra of Radio Milano International, erecting at 2990 meters a special array antennas directed towards north to Zurich area on FM band with power of zwei Collins-25-kW-Transmitter vom Typ 831H-2-FM a total of ERP 8 Megawatts !!!!!!!! on 101.60 MHz. They had a studio based in Cernobbio (Como lake) operating on 88.80 MHz for local area. this WEB talk the exact history. Only in 1983 the private stations in Switzerland finally becomed legals .....after a long fighting with authorities...... and many popular demonstrations.
So we do a real historical photo of the Radio 24 home, where is also located Tele Zuri the TV private television of Zurich

After this good moment we got a taxi to go to another historical radio station Radio LoRa(Lokal Radio) (main frequency 97.50 MHz) it is a community radio station with special authorisation and they started in September 1981 in Zurich and they also had lot of problems with Polizei and authorities..... WEB :
Radio LoRa, Militaarstrasse 85a, CH- 8004 Zurich. The offices are open from monday till friday at 10.00 - 19.00 hours. Address for letters is : Alternatives Lokalradio Zurich, Postfach 1036, CH-8026 Zurich.
Email : Sunday they carry an Italian program: 0800 - 1100 "Radio L´ora italiana" Trasmissione popolare con interviste, notizie, appuntamenti e canzoni su temi e argomenti della vita attuale. Una frequenza che fa la differenza!. details of the schedule. From the HBF rail station you may arrive here with bus 31. The door of Radio LoRa after our drinn has been opened by YL receptionist may imagine the walls all covered by posters and advertising...a total free caos !!!! hi!!!! but she spoken only Swiss German..... hi !!!!! so she called a young YL doing praticant free service at Radio LoRa only from a week time !!! but speaking English, so we visited the studios and we do some photos too. We also got many stickers with the logo and we said bye bye ! This is the list of the alternative Radio Stations in Switzerland: Kanal K, Aargau; RaBe, Bern; RaSa, Schaffhausen; Radio Zones, Genève;, St. Gallen; 3fach, Luzern; Radio X, Basel; The English Show, Radio X, Basel.

We got another Taxi....but this time it resulted quite "idiot" we asked to go to DRS (same as RAI in Italy) in Bahnhofstrasse 88.... and he sbuffed " DRS in Bahnhofstrasse ??? in Zurich ??" arrived at the HBF rail station we got a demonstration managed in the main street by construction we remained stopped and we do a walk in the Bahnhofstrasse (which is only for pedestrians and tram trolley .... but surprise the DRS is no more at that address......they sold the big house at number 88.... So we understood the Taxi.... no DRS in that address !!!! may be it was much more useful to tell to us.... (WRTH 2007 is wrong about this !) Correct address is : Schweizer Radio DRS Studio Zurich Brunnenhofstrasse 22, CH-8057 Zurich. Tel. +41 -44 366 11 11 Fax: +41 -44 366 11 12 . ( Ok Mauno ????)


Being only 1115 hours we get another taxi (luckly more clever and polite) so we crossed the "RED LIGHT" area of Zurich !!! in Kanonengasse to go to the address of Radio Tropic 93.00 MHz a very special radio ! We planned a meeting with Alex Dj at 1200 hours .... the station has live stream web you may listen to good pleasant tropical caribe music sounds !!!! Yes in the whole Switzerland.....the one with Latin sounds. Here the address and other details : Radio Tropic, Limmatstrasse 31, CH-8005 Zurich. Telefon: +41- 44 440 70 70, Fax : +41- 44 440 70 71 email: 
So we walked to the street corner to ...let the time running till 1200 hours..... we found Hotel Montana Pub Lyon with French flag standing  outdoor (it is a Best Western Hotel Montana) .... ok...we go inside and we sit at a round table treballing a lot (dancing ???) and I asked for "an expresso and a cup of Gran Marnier liquor ..." The lady camerera ...said "we don't have Grand Marnier" Can you believe a French Pub called Lyon with no Grand Marnier ? I sent an email to them !!!! Well after this bad stop .... also the express coffee a real terrific taste... we went back to Radio Tropic ..... we were naturally well received with lot of humor latino and with the good music latina playing... and we got also FREE coffee cups !!!! after few minutes arrived Alex Dj and started to talks about many topics .... Alex is doing many jobs ....and also often he goes to Brazil .... in Amazonas... he captures Manta giant spiders and also Tropical Serpents ....and he resell them to European costumers ...... here some impressive photos in WEB :
We also got some very interesting information about the free radio stations in Zurich.... Radio 24 has been in the same building now utilized by Radio Tropic, from 1982 till 1990 !!! and in 1990 Radio Tropic has started the broadcast !!! so Limmatstrasse 31 may be considered a museum for the independent radio stations of Switzerland !!
here some of the programs of Radio Tropic :
09:00 - 15:00 Multicolor (DJW until 12:00)
15:00 - 17:00 Tropichanga Africa (Cevérin)
17:00 - 20:00 Tropicdrive
20:00 - 22:00 Musiclinic Zoukmania (Céverin)
22:00 - 23:00 Fado
23:00 - 24:00 Blues on Tropic Neu!
The station has good real audio link in their web ... so you may easily listen to them !
Mr. Céverin and his wife offered to us old and new stickers ! and also a special souvenir for Roberto T-shirt collection an XXL Tropic T-Shirt .... the last one !!!!
May be some ...clouds will soon come in the Radio Tropic life, cause the station may be forced to go on Cable, cause soon it will be on 93.00 MHz another station called Radio Eins Zurich which at present is only on cable !!!!
Radio Tropic sendet heute auf der UKW-Frequenz 93.0O MHz und ist zudem über viele Kabelnetze in- und ausserhalb der Region Zürich sowie über Internet empfangbar.
Email : 
Last detail: both Radio Tropic and Radio Eins are owned by Roger Schawinski !!!!!!!!!

We wished all the best luck to Alex Dj and we went to see the last Radio in Zurich the elephant organisation DRS Idee suisse located in a big building in the periferic area of Zurich.
Schweizer Radio DRS Studio Zurich
Brunnenhofstrasse 22, CH-8057 Zurich. Tel. +41 -44 366 11 11
Fax: +41 -44 366 11 12 . Tram troilers 11 & 32. for more details on the differents programs.
However the tentative to find some gadgets of DRS Radio stations did not got results.... just some depliants.......and AUFFIEDERSEN!

Back to Hotel Arlette, at 1430 hours.... Roberto had time to do internet for 20 minutes .... 6 Sw.Frs..... same price as two hours...hi !

Our train Express Intercity to Bern from HBF started at 1600 hours no problem to get the tickects.... the troiller for baggages cost 2 Sw. Frs in the whole Switzerland. Not so many passangers on train. So in perfect time at 1705 hours we arrived at Bern HBF.

The Hotel Ador is just 300 meters from the Bern HBF but we had many baggages so we utilized a Taxi.... very kind driver, explaining the Hotel is near the HBF.... but no problem to take us to the destination.
Hotel Ador, Laupenstrasse 15, CH-3001 Bern, Phone +41 31 388 01 1; Fax +41 31 388 01 10 Email :
We got 5th floor room and after some relax we had the lunch at the level street Restaurant "Gustave". I took pasta Tortellini alla panna & Penne alla Arrabbiata ( 2 Pasta plates) and Roberto took Penne alla Arrabbiata & Grilled Meat with potatoes frits.
Total cost for Hotel and dinner just 300 Sw.Frcs. about 180 € (120 € the double room & 60 € the dinner for two) Guess is quite good price ....compared to a Milano XXX stars Hotel...
A modern Television with 50 channels cable TV in our room... but with a very complicated box control with 231 buttons .... hi!!!

Unfortunatly the Internet PC (free use)down stairs was without chair and you need to use it....stand up .....not for me ....after a giant "buuuurrrpppp" dinner..........hi !!!!!!!!!

Next in the story will be the visit to the Bern radio stations.....
Guten nacht !!!!
Dario & Roberto


Our good friend Horacio Nigro sent a message related to SUIZA
"Dario & Roberto
Ahora que están en Zurich, les voy a reproducir una nota sobre la radio en Suiza en los años veinte que se publicó en la argentina "Revista Telegráfica" de Abril de 1924, y firmada por un corresponsal:
---comienzo de la cita---
En este hermoso país recién comienza la radio manía y ya se han fundado algunos Clubes que agrupan más o menos a 300 aficionados. Existen dos estaciones broadcastings, una en Ginebra y la otra en Lausana. Ambas con un poder superior a 500 watts pero de resultados menos que mediocres: raramente se escucha bien a una distancia de 150 kilómetros!
Hace poco se ha formado un Comité de radio con el propósito de instalar una estación de 2,5 kilowatts en Zurich. Esta potencia es excesiva para cubrir la Suiza Central, pero el Comité escuchó las buenas razones de los que le aconsejaron bien, y parece que se decidieron por un trasmisor Western de 50 watts. Según tengo entendido, la estación ya está instalada en una altura de 450 metros. A 180 kilómetros se encuentran las montañas más altas de 3500 metros que es el punto hasta el cual se quiere hacer llegar las audiciones, lo que me parece una empresa fácil si se tiene en cuenta los alcances obtenidos en Buenos Aires con transmisores similares.
Las broadcastings francesas no me agradan, a pesar de su potencia no son ni fuertes ni claras. La de Eiffel no transmite bien y trabaja con 5 kW. Veremos como resultará la Radiola con su nueva estación de 15 kW y 180 metros de onda.
En toda Suiza no se consiguen lámparas 200, ni 201, sólo se disponde la 202; tampoco se ve en ningun catálogo transformadores norteamericanos de radio y audiofrecuencia. El audión de dos grillas es bastanteusado aquí; muchos amateurs que lo usan me aseguran que da inmejorables resultados. Lucerna, febrero 1924 E.W.
---fin de la cita-- Thanks Horacio !!!!

I wake up around 0700 hours, so I had time to do a local FM band scan in Bern ..... but again too much near the HBF area with the usual strong RF noise......this naturally is a problem everywhere. However this is what I have heard with DEGEN 1103 with filters 80 + 110 kHz.

FM Band scan Bern 2 November 2007 City center by Dario Monferini

87.60 Radio Pilatus Rigi Schuepfenheim
88.20 DRS 1 Bern Bantiger
88.60 RSR Couleur 3 Gibloux French program
89.40 Radio Fribourg Gibloux French program
89.70 DRS 1 Solothurn Nesselboden
90.20 Radio Fribourg Bas Vully Sugiez French program
90.60 RSR Couleur 3 Mont-Pèlerin French program
90.80 DRS 1 Bern-Freiburg Schangnau - Fuerstein
91.00 RSR La Première Sorens - Gibloux French program
91.50 DRS 1 Bern-Freiburg Boenigen - Unders Ried
91.80 DRS 3 Eggiwil - Hinterer Girsgrat
92.20 Radio 32 Solothurn - Oberdorf - Nesselboden
92.40 Radio Berner Oberland Erlenbach - Moos
92.50 RSR 2 Sorens - Gibloux French program
92.90 Radio Fribourg Granges-Paccot/Petit Torry French
93.20 DRS 2 Bern - Bantiger
93.60 DRS 1 Bern-Freiburg Wallis Beatenberg/Niederhorn
94.00 DRS 1 Bern-Freiburg Wallis Jaun/Rueggli
94.10 DRS 2 Gadmen-Hopflauenen/Hopflauiwald
94.40 DRS 1 Ruetschelen Dornegg
94.70 RSR La Première Premier/Buclards French program
94.80 RSR Espace 2 Loveresse/Moron Chez Joseph French
94.90 Radio Berner Oberland Hofstetten (Brienz)/Breiten
95.10 RSR La Première Bern - Bantiger French program
95.60 Radio RaBe Bern - Bantiger
96.00 DRS 1 Bienne
96.50 DRS 3 Eriz - Losenegg
96.60 DRS 2 Rigi - Kulm
97.00 DRS 2 Fribourg - Lorette
97.20 DRS 2 Beatenberg - Niederhorn
97.40 UNID relay BBC ???? BBC in English Nods Chasseral ??
97.50 DRS 2 Eggiwil - Hinterer Girsgrat
97.70 Radio Capital Bern - Bantiger
97.90 SWR 2 Germany ???? Feldberg - Schwarzwald Germany ??
98.00 DRS 2 Oberdorf
98.20 RTN Chateaux d'Oex French program
98.70 DRS 2 Guggisberg - Schwendelberg
98.90 Radio Fribourg Fribourg Grand Places French program
99.30 DRS 3 Bern - Bantiger
99.50 RETE 3 Radio Svizzera Relay Nods Chasseral ?? Italian program
99.70 DRS 2 Biel-Magglingen/Evilard Hohmatt La Comptesse
99.90 RSR La Première Santis French program
100.30 RSR 2 Espace 2 Nods Chasseral French program
100.60 Radio Fréquence Jura Chaux-de-Fonds - Loge
100.80 RSR 2 Espace 2 Premiers Buclards French program
101.10 France Info Gex - Montrond France 20 kW
101.50 DRS 1 Santis
101.70 Radio BE 1 Bern - Bantiger
102.00 RSR La Première Bienne French program
102.30 RSR La Première Nods Chasseral French program
102.70 RSR 2 Espace 2 Bienne French program
103.00 DRS 1 Nods Chasseral
103.80 DRS 3 Arth Righi Kulm
104.20 RSR Coulour 3 Nods Chasseral French program
104.70 RSR Coulour 3 Premier Buclards French program
105.30 DRS 3 Nods Chasseral
105.60 RSR Coulour 3 La Dôle French program
105.80 DRS 3 Niederhorn
106.20 RSI RETE 1 Righi Italian program
106.90 Radio BE1 Schoenbuehl
107.30 RSI RETE 1 Nods Chasseral Italian program

Indeed there are some "strange" receptions.... which needs to be verified .... 97.40 UNID relay BBC ???? I heard BBC News relay !
97.90 SWR 2 Germany ???? nothing listed in Bern area in German
99.50 RETE 3 Radio Svizzera I know RETE 3 is not relay outside the Ticino Canton .....but I haerd " RETE TRE RADIO SVIZZERA".
101.10 France Info Tx Gex - Montrond this is the only TX from France heard in Bern city center.....
Super power TXs of Righi & Santis arrives also in Bern cause in the area there are many free channels.

Thanks to Carl Andreas Stumpf living in Fribourg for his list FM dated october 2006 useful to have an idea about what may arrive in the Bernese area

At 0945 after a good breakfast we started our visit to the Bern radios a real sunny and not so much cold day helped us in our visit !!!

First to be seen Radio BE1 located in Optingenstrasse 56, (Postfach 7624), CH-3001 Bern. Tel:+41 31 340 50 50 Fax: +41 31 340 50 55 The WEB starts with an unusual Comedy show with some Dj !! We had an appointment at 10 hours with Mrs Florence Boinay Public Relations Office, here you see his WEB Email : The Verlag Group NZZ WEB : has too much radio & televisions, so they want to find a new owner for Radio BE1, but after 3 monthes still not one found, Radio BE 1 is in very good economical conditions, so it is indeed a quite unusual situation.........and the staff naturally is quite anxious to know his future. The very kind Florence shown to us the studios, very modern and we do some good photos and we got MANY stickers, beautiful postcards, and fridge magnets, mini stickers ...... A very good start indeed ! The frequencies: 96,30 MHz for Emmental 101,70 MHz Main frequency and 106.60 MHz more details in


We said "good luck" to Florence and we moved by taxi to our second visit of the day : Radio RaBe the Berner Kulturradio community station of Bern. Address: Randweg 21, CH-3013 Bern this street is very little and next to the railroad each train going on shacking & mooving the entire building !!! Frequenz 95.60 MHz. Tel :+41 31 330 99 90 Fax: +41 31 330 99 92 Email: (but it is surely better to contact them utilizing their contact web page). We had an official invitation written with email by Miss Nadia the speaker of the Italian Program... but at our arrival she was not in the radio.... so Miss Jelena attended to us. shown to us the studio a bit psichedelic but this is normal in all FREIES radio stations !
We also got the box with the differents stickers printed for each program you may imagine how many differents !!!! all multicolors and for us a great moment to control to pick up all the differents models Roberto bought a T-shirt for 20 Swiss Francs and this made happy Miss Jelena (she is the program producer for woman Frauen im Radio) The station has a special license to transmit and this status help the station to survive, also subscription for member support is a good way to help the radio: 60 Sw.Fr. normal member, 120 Sw.Fr. supporter member (this entitle to have discounts in shops).
Radio RaBe is a real Freie radio station and it is doing a very important service. The station has many differents language for the foreign workers living in the area, the sunday they have an Italian program at 1100-1300 hours (so also this time no possible to be present ar their program....).
A real good visit showing in Switzerland the community radio are an important service !

Next to be seen Radio Capital at present located in the center of the city WEB or Frequenzen 97.70 MHz und 98.40 MHz We had an appointment with Nik Eugster Head of Programming of Capital FM at around 1200 hours, so we arrived to the address : Zeughausgasse 14.... in fact this was the old address of Radio Extra Bern (old owner of 97.70 & 98.40 frequencies before the arrival of British money in the Espace Organisation owner of Tele Bern and Espace FM .....
We entered into the building of 5 floors in Zeughausgasse 14... cause outdoor a standing Radio Capital logo upper the shop of shoes at same street number .....even the old drinn at the door at 3rd floor.... but surprise surprise old Swiss Acid woman (Manager for an Evangelic Swiss Organisation....Good Bless her "kulo") opened and told us almost crying " go out soon of the building !!!!!!!" !!!!!
Well the mistery finally was cleaned thanks to another nice young girl (more quiet and less acid) who explained Radio Capital is no more in that building ...but one year ago moved to .....the building on the other side of the same block of buildings !! more exactly in Naageligasse 3,
CH-3001 Bern.Tel.: +41 31 327 11 11 As correctly put in the
So just 100 meters round trip and in the corner street we found a 3 floors big building with a "FLAG" on the enter door... (Andy Schmid is now alerted) Nik arrived soon at the reception at first floor. Nik showed to us the studios and offices which are in 3 floors, so even if an elevator is working, the personnel is going up and down in a real frenetic the station will move in next spring 2008 to a new building located outside Bern, in a periferic area, they are bulding it right now,and at the same place will be the Tele Bern and it will be one floor to solutionate the present situation. Guess this is a very interesting information. We given some stickers of Radio Capital Italy and Nik offered many Radio Capital Bern stickers and also 2 XL T-shirts. So he called the taxi and we waited its arrival 20 minutes in the street in the shadow with a quite freeze alpen wind ! hi!

Last to be seen the DRS Elephant station National, we arrived to the famous building of DRS in Giacometti strasse 1 (tram troiller number 5 is most near public service) but with 30 Sw.Fr. we arrived more quickly by Taxi.... a photo to the main enter still outdoor a plate with SWISS RADIO INTERNATIONAL....a souvenir of the past ....ohhh boys can you believe in 1981 I has been in this building for EDXC congress .... 26 years ago.... the building is the same outside I can't say inside...cause not allowed to enter .... well the kind man receptionist called Benedict ... understood our requests of gadgets of DRS and the 6 radio stations of the group .... but the only suggestion was to try at the Studio DRS Bern in city center : Schweizer Radio DRS Schwarztorstrasse 21 , CH-3007 Bern. Tel: +41 31 388 91 11 Fax: +41 31 388 95 20. So we took another Taxi and we arrived in the quite nearer area to the Central HBF .... Tram troiller 13 & 14 are going to this street from case you want to visit this DRS studio.... 2 ladies at the reception with kindness told us to look at the bacheca and to bring the materials .... so we found MANY colorful stickers !!! (but only one model) and some very good DRS postcards !!! finally !!!!!
I keep many ...may be too many ... one of the 2 ladies asked politely: "Sir but do you need so many ???" so I explained we were going to Lugano for an International meeting and we needed some DRS gadgets .... so the lady said ...ohh I see you are Italian ... allora è meglio se parliamo Italiano .... yes the lady was Italian ...speaking ...hi!!!! Naturally I given many stickers of Italian Radio station.... but unfortunatly at present DRS has no more stickers in printing.... the gadgets are printed in Zurich by the advertising section and they are distributed in the whole Switzerland at the DRS studios.... WEB : We also got the information about the opening of «DRS 4 News» & «World Radio Switzerland» from 5 november 2007 !!! on Cable in the whole country....and from 2008 also on FM Band. So may be this explain my log in FM ??? on 97.40 MHz of the BBC English service ???? already testing in Bern area ???

Well finally a bit "satisfeat" to have been able to have got some gadgets from DRS Radio we went back to the Hotel Ador.

Roberto had a short time for computer at the free PC at Hotel (remember you must stand up to utilize it) and I had an expresso coffee with cup of Gran Marnier !

At 1530 we went by feet !!! to the HBF in fact it is located really just 300 meters from Hotel ..... quite good Hotel position. Our Express train to Luzern started in time at 1500 hours ... we changed train in Luzern to get the CIS going southern to Italy ..... quite full of people going to Milano to .... spend a night of "FOLLIE" in fact we had the company till Lugano of 2 .... VIADOS Brasileiros ....going to Milano .... you can't believe the "discussions" and the phone calls they got from their "friends" ...... my god !!!!!! Milano is really becoming another Sodoma & Gomorra ???? ....hi!!!!!! In Lugano we changed train to keep the local train S1 .... all in perfect time as usually ...great Swiss Rails at 1926 we stopped at Lugano Paradiso...which is in fact the first stop after Lugano city HBF....
We walked for 500 meters luckly in .... favorable down streets and we arrived at Hotel Dischma, Vicolo Geretta 6, CH-6900 Lugano Paradiso.......
We got room at second floor... a large room with 4 bads !!!!
At the arrival I soon met a PLAYDX member from Germany Uwe Sennewald ..... after almost 25 years of correspondences we had our first meeting ! Good start of EDXC 2007 for me.

.....well but this phantastic friday 2 november still had a very important happening to be lived.... the get together with DSWCI board celebrating the 40 years of EDXC..... with a dinner open to the DSWCI members...

details will follow in the next message !

Guten nacht !

Dario & Roberto


....well but this phantastic friday 2 november still had a very important happening to be lived.... the get together with DSWCI board celebrating the 40 years of EDXC..... with a dinner open to the DSWCI members... in the Ristorante Paradiso.

Cause this "special" meeting started at 1930 hours, we arrived a bit later at the PARADISO RESTAURANT at around 2000 hours, luckly located just 400 meters from our Hotel, near the funicolar going up to San Salvatore hill. The Ristorante Paradiso, via San Salvatore 16, CH-6900 Paradiso, Tel. +41 91 994 15 56, is a familiar one, and not so easy to find informations on the WEB, they don't have email ! but Tibor and Torre found it thanks the Hotel owner who suggested to do the DSWCI special meeting at that place.

The Restaurant Paradiso is managed by Familia Vettore and has many "Ticinese" specialities !!! We eat very well ! Mixt Salams, Green Tortelloni with Grana Frotmage, and Nodini Vitello with potatoes frights, la "fondua" frotmage Ticines, and Ice cream "Denmark" Yes really appropriate name !!! and Expresso with Grand Marnier & Limoncello.... Total cost for us resulted 100 Euro. We met many well know DSWCI members and boards managers : Anker Petersen, Kaj Bredahl & his wife Mrs Else, Bengt Ericson from Sweden, Toshi Ohtake director president of the Japan Short Wave Club, Nobuya Kato from Japan, Michael Murray from UK former EDXC manager in the 90's, Gian Luigi Naj from Asti, Torre Ekblom from Finland EDXC Assistent and Tibor Szilagyi from Sweden EDXC Secretary...... a good humor and so we spent 2 hours, talking about radio hobby, looking at the book photos of the travel to Latin American Cono Sur (done by Roberto Pavanello) I had with me, and to sign the post cards souvenirs EDXC 2007 meeting I had prepared before to arrive at Lugano Paradiso.....and naturally doing "CIN CIN" for the 41 years anniversary of DSWCI !!!!!!.
But for us it has been really a good occation to see good old friends !! and to meet some one we had contacts only by email or letters (look like Gian Luigi Naj, a PLAYDX member in the 90's)
So we got the surprising information, no one from AIR association from Italy was present at the EDXC 2007 in an official way !!!
Can you believe it ??? and only 4 !!! from Italy .... me, Roberto, Gian Luigi and Alessandro Groppazzi from Trieste (who wanted to explain he partecipated to the meeting cause he is a member of DSWCI) Need to say in Italy the 01-04 November usually is the period to go to see the "dearest deads" and to do pries and personal visiting to the cemeteries..... but almost one time in our short life it is possible to do an exception.... or not ???? Well, anyhow we spent a good evening at Ristorante Paradiso, and we also do some souvenirs photos.........
We come back to Hotel Dischma at around 2245 and so I met my very good friend and PLAYDX member Uwe Sennewald living 130 km far from Dresden in East part of Germany, we are in contact yet from more than 25 years, and so we had a very "warm" meeting....and we drinked a good bottle of sweet Ticinese white wine called Fragolino Bianco ....for the 32 years of PLAYDX bulletin... and this has been the apoteosis of a great friday 2 november.... also for the good reason the bar of the Hotel Dischma close at 2300 hours !!! not UTC sorry !!!!!! hi!!!!!!!! and at 2301 they switched off the lights !!!

so good night !

Dario & Uwe & Roberto


EDXC 2007 in LUGANO the friday & saturday EDXC Congress happenings

Even if we arrived only at friday evening, thanks to the collaboration of some good friends we are able to present some informations and documents.
This WEB offers Bob Zanotti (former speaker of Swiss Radio International) is doing a "Show" with some of the attendants : Jeff White (Radio Miami International), Michael Murray (former EDXC General Secretary), Anker Petersen (DSWCI General Secretary) and Tibor Szilagyi (EDXC 2007 General Secretay).
The "Show" may be listened on the internet. at the WEB page of Bob Zanotti. 
The recording offers the possibility to listen what they said and to know many details probably "unknown" of some celebrities of the EDXC story....40 years of radio hobby.... luckly the in 2007 the arrival of a new board "saved" the life of EDXC after the bad and depressing management done by the TWO Italians "sin verguenza" as they say in Latin America, letting die the EDXC WEB page. Lucky Mr. Torre Ekblom informed very soon the new EDXC WEB page will be living again : new WEBMASTER is Mr.Pentti Lintujaarvi of the Finland Dx Club this naturally is a good information ! Another annoncement regarded the new up to date EDXC Country list, ready and which will be soon awaible in the EDXC WEB page, as reference for all Dxers in Europe and worlwide. Play-dx Italy and BCL Sicilia Club in the EDXC 2007 are becomed Obserser members in the EDXC.
This decision has been taken cause both Clubs believes the new board of EDXC will do the best to restore the important service of EDXC for all listeners and hobbiests.
We also believe the missing of former two EDXC board managers and AIR representants show with no doubts the big embarassement they should have to see the bad opinions expressed in 2005-2007 by many EDXC Club members and observers for they total inactivity. November 2, Friday , had after the Bob Zanotti show ! A lecture of Mr. Jeff White, Radio Miami International, talking about the shortwave problems and activity of his SW radio station, and also a lecture about DRM .... ohh well concerning this matter, my good friend Uwe Sennewald told me, during this DRM session, almost all the presents, went outdoor of the room, I guess a clear demonstration listeners are against DRM and his noise blocking on MW and SW many many frequencies.
Luckly arrived Mr. Anker Petersen, Chairman of Danish Shortwave Club International, saving the embarassing situation. He presented his great travel to South America done in November 2006, with many slides showing great views and spectacular aspects of Peru and Ecuador. " DX-ing in the High Andes " has been the best time at EDXC 2007 and fascinated all the presents. Next intervent come from Mr. Torre Ekblom from Finland, speaking on the subject: " Utility Listening especially Airline-Traffic." may be too much technical, but a lot of listeners do it every day, so a good idea to talk about it at EDXC. Robert Kipp finally do an intervention about the next Radio St. Helena day, details you may find in :
Radio St. Helena is celebrating its special DOUBLE ANNIVERSARY year 2007 with a very special Radio St. Helena Day 2007 world-wide shortwave broadcast:
Saturday, 15. December 2007
From UTC To UTC Target area
1730 1815 New Zealand
1815 1900 India
1900 2015 Japan
2015 2145 Europe
2145 2245 North America East
2245 2330 North America West
2330 0015 South America North
0015 0100 South America Central/South
RSH will be transmitting on 11092,5 kHz in USB with
1000 Watts and using a 3-element monoband directional antenna.
There will be a VERY SPECIAL and beautiful full-colour QSL card issued by Radio St. Helena for this special DOUBLE ANNIVERSARY shortwave transmission. This the official informations.

After the midday lunch at the Hotel, a 60 minutes meeting of the boards of the DX clubs presents at the meeting took place, the arguments naturally will be resumed in the new WEB page, and are all related to a more active role of EDXC in the world of the radio listening hobby.

This I hope has given an idea of what happened the 2 december friday at EDXC ........ and I and Roberto missed cause our personal travel to see the local radio stations in Zurich and Bern.

So we arrives at the Saturday 03 november, another sunny and beautiful day, no winds, no freeze, a warm sunshine brighting in to the blu waters of the Lugano lake. I wake up around 0800 hours and after a DIET breakfast (hi!!!) just cold milk cups, I met some of the partecipants and talked to them, I also took some of the materials on the tables in the sofa room, let by the DX Clubs partecipants, and I put some bulletins of PLAYDX ...which soon disappeared... as the Italian Radio stickers.


At 1000 o'clock the 24 partecipants to the touristic ride took the bus and thanks to the Lady Margarita hostess, speaking in Monferinglish, we learned a little more about the story of Canton Ticino and Lugano.... we do 3 stops: 1) Riva Lungolago Antonino Caccia. 2) Monte Bre in Via Bre (on the hill to see the local church) and here a map ...the visit to the 2 old churches ....not for me....I stay on the Lugano river lake on a wood chair (nothing to pay to sit ! hi) and on the hill area. So I do a bit of FM listenings, not so easy to pick up the identifications cause my DEGEN 1103 picode BOX of Mr.Arpino remained at home.... the problem is cause if you listen in one place you get some stations....if you try on another hill near Lugano get differents radio stations in your radio set.

87.60 Radio Number One Campione d'Italia (Co)
87.70 Radio Maria Monte Rena (Bg) ?????
87.80 RSR 1 Caviano - Castel San Pietro (TI)
88.10 RSI Rete 1 Monte San Salvatore - Lugano (TI)
88.30 RAI GR Parlamento Campo dei Fiori (Va)
88.40 RAI Radiouno Lombardia Monte Marzio (Va)
88.80 RSI Rete 1 Caviano - Castel San Pietro (TI)
89.20 Rai Radio 1 Campo dei Fiori - Luvinate (Va)
89.40 ERF Monte Orsa - Viggiù (Va)
89.50 Radio Italia Solo Musica Italiana Campo Fiori-Albergo (Va)
89.80 Radio 3iii Lugano (TI)
89.90 Rai Radio 1 Monte Orsa - Viggiù (Va)
90.10 TeleRadio Ritmo Alpe Paci (Co)
90.40 RSR 1 Monti di Mezzovico (TI)
90.50 Rai Radio 2 Monte Marzio - Marzio (Va)
90.60 RAI Radiouno Lombardia Milano-Corso Sempione (Mi) con un segnale INCREDIBILE !!!!!
90.80 Chic Fm / Otto FM Campione d'Italia (Co) trasmettono ad orari alternati !!!!!
90.90 RAI Radiodue Naggio (Co)
91.30 RSI Rete 1 Cardada - Avegno (TI)
91.50 Radio Missione Francescana Porto Ceresio (VA) arrivava in collina nonostante il San Salvatore fosse di lato !!!
91.50 RSI Rete 2 Monte San Salvatore - Lugano (TI)
91.80 RSI Rete 1 Serpiano - Meride Brusadiscia (TI)
91.90 Radio Stella Lanzo d'Intelvi (CO)
92.20 Radio Number One (ex Radio Aurora) Monte Orsa - Viggiù (Va)
92.50 Rai Radio 3 Monte Marzio - Marzio (Va)
93.00 DRS 1 Caviano - Castel San Pietro (TI)
93.30 Rai Radio 3 Campo dei Fiori - Luvinate (Va)
93.50 Radio Studio Più Campo dei Fiori - Luvinate (Va)
93.60 RSI Rete 1 Monte Mondini - Bedigliora (TI)
94.00 RSI Rete 2 Serpiano - Meride Brusadiscia (TI)
.......... no is not a crak in your PC.... I only had time to control till this frequency in just 60 minutes....
Thanks to fmdx Italy and to F. Federici Lugano list of the November 2006...... which may be a good start point if you want to do a complete FM Band scan in Lugano area. But please remember reception may change just 10 km before or after Lugano town..... or Lugano lake river.... this is cause the differents reflections of the hills which surrounds the town. This WEB explain the story of the Lugano and why he becomed independent from the Italian Comuni of Pavia & Como & Milano. Sorry it in Italian !!! This WEB help to look at the geografical position of the Lake of Lugano diveded in two parts in Italy and the many hills and mountains all around Lugano town.

At around 1115 we stopped in the Manzoni square quite near the city center, for a walk, so I had time to go to the Postal Office in Via della Posta, it is an historical building with a green cupola, and I got the Swiss Stamps to mail the EDXC 2007 souvenirs post cards ....price to send a post card from Swiss to European Commun Market countries is 1,30 by priority mail. The central post office is very well organized and in 4 minutes I got my stamps !!
At 1155 I met again all partecipants in the Manzoni square in the lake riva and soon arrived our Bus to take us at the Radio Svizzera Italiana building located in the upper part of Lugano, however not so far from the Lugano Rail station, exactly in Via Canevascini 1, Palazzo della Radio, CH-6900 Lugano-Besso. Email :
But as expected it was saturday and usually no one in the offices ....only the speakers and technical personnel, Mr. Stefano and his lovly assistant Miss Melania showed us in a long tour all the studios TV and Radio and the big studio hall where are recorded the concerts and live orchestral exibitions. But unfortunatly not so much items gadgets ....some Pins and depliants.... at 1310 we (I and Roberto and our friend Alessandro Groppazzi) let the tour and asked for a Taxi at the reception.... why ??? in the next part of the story travel will know the reason !
And how has been the "buffet" at Radio Svizzera Italiana ??? Why suddenly the EDXC visitors got many stickers ?? after our departure ????

We said "good buffet" to the partecipants ....and took our taxi.....

Dario & Roberto & Alessandro


EDXC 2007 in LUGANO the saturday 03 November more happenings :

Before to restart our report, an important remark: during the meeting at the RADIO SVIZZERA ITALIANA in Lugano, the saturday at midday, I asked to Mr. Stefano of RTSI, about the future of the MW transmitter of Monte Ceneri on MW 558 kHz, 300 kW !!!
( Look at this WEB a good photo report by Andrea Borgnino).
Mr.Stefano has replied quite surprising almost all the presents, he said ".....ohhh well, in reality is not clear if it will be closed in 2008!"
Yes this is the future of our more stations to be heard on MW from Switzerland from 2009, cause both 531 kHz German service, and 765 kHz the Option Musique Suisse Romande.... will be SURELY CLOSED down !!!!
I given to Miss Melania of RTSI many stickers of the Italian networks and later I had the "information" from my friend UWE ....the same stickers has been re-given at the RTSI Buffet around 1315 hours..... guess if the people of EDXC understood these stickers was coming from me ...not from RTSI ??? hi !!!!!
Yes are wondering about the RTSI Buffet... ohh it has been not for freee, the attendants needed to pay the Toasts, Cakes, and Tramezzini in the selfservice food room of RTSI ... may be a missunderstoonding of Tibor ??? hi!!!! Indeed a great buffet time !! Luckly we missed it !!! hi !!!

We let the RTSI studios at 1310 (I had a special free souvenir... the MOUSE PAD of RETE 2 green color....but please don't tell this to Mr. Stefano) and our Taxi arrived at reception at 1324 ... not so many taxis in LUGANO at saturday midday.......... in 6 minute  we arrived again at Marconi square near the imbarcadero of Lugano lake, I and Roberto had organized a visit to Campione d'Italia the little area with special status and Alessandro Groppazzi joined us, cause he had to confirm the report he sent to Radio Campione International some years ago, never confirmed .... and you know CAMPIONE D'ITALIA is counted by EDXC Country List as a separate radio country !!
Our bus number 39 arrived with 6 minutes of laterness due to some  works just outside Lugano before Lugano Paradiso.... so we paid 6,80 Sw.Fr. for the ride, in 40 minutes we arrived at Campione, the final stop is near the main enter of the famous Casinò (not Casino please) but surprise .... no one TAXI outside the square.... after a wait of 10  minutes we understood the taxi are active in Campione only at evening and night, cause the "players" arrives later....and during daylight time they do "other" occupations ....RONF RONF RONF... the building may bee
seen easily from Lugano Paradise lake front side .... and it is really horrible !!!! it look like the Chernobyl building !!! So Alessandro went to the reception of the Casinò and I and Roberto to an open Bar nearer Finally after 30 minutes arrived a Private TAXI of Mr. Fausto to call him you need to do : +41 796203681 this is a cellular.
So in 5 minutes we arrived up to the hills of Via Totote, dominatig the Lugano Lake, and taxi stopped at the enter of the Tennis Sport Area where is located also Radio Campione International and TeleCampione.....we also see a local bus finalstop, but this local bus operates only during summertime !!! so if you want to visit this "special" radio country you need a car or a taxi .... the WEB Tel.: +41-91/640.14.14 ; fax: +41-91/640.14.28 Email:
Mrs Sarah Zambon was waiting for our arrival patiently, and at 1445 hourd finally we arrived in Radio after 50 steps not so much hard to  climb.... see this WEB the studios photos and Mrs Sarah smiling !
She is living in Busto Arsizio (Varese) and every day she does in FIAT 600 new car the 60 km to go to came back to the Radio, she loves her work very much, his voice is very well known on 102.80 MHz he also play as voice in the JET LAG a cover rock band !!! Janis Joplin is her preferred rock star !!! To contact the radio please utilize the formular or write to Sarah : Email : Her Web is in Italian but is very cool !
So thanks to Sarah we visited the studios of the Radio and we got also the stickers (2 models) and even Chocolats and Teadrink !!! and Alessandro got the verification on letter with logos of RCI !!!!
We naturally do some photos souvenirs, she promised to put them in the RCI Web page "special events" here you find the details of the visit in September 2006 by German listener Eckhard Roescher
At around 1530 hours we given our best thanks to Sarah and we tried to call the same Taxi driver we arrived to Radio RCI .... but after a long wait.... finally Sarah arrived closing the doors down stairs of the enter to the Tennis Club (closed yet from 1st november till 29 march 2008 !!!) and kindly offered to bring us at Campione head line bus stop line 39 Bus to come back to Lugano Paradiso...
Good idea !! So we said again great thanks to Sarah always smiling
and we waited the bus .... which arrived with 35 minutes of laterness .... ohh ...but we were in Italian territory ... so this is normal in Italy ....hi!!!!! At around 1715 we were again at Hotel Dischma and so I had again friendly talks to some of partecipants in the sofa saloon area.... showing to them the photos of the 2007 travels.....
At 1900 started the EDXC Banquet 2007, 24 partecipants, many from Finland !!! 7 !!! this is cause the General Manager Risto Vaahaakainu of the Finland Dx Association board made the official annoncement for the next 41th EDXC Meeting in Finland at Vaasa next year 05-07 September 2008. 
The quite unusual date is due to the World Olimpic Games in China which in August will see the components of the Finland Dx Club Association to do a travel to see them !!! So inevitably the EDXC 2008 meeting will took place later in the first weekend of September .... quite reasonable reason for this decision.
Our table : me, Roberto,Uwe Sennewald, and Gian Luigi Naj. The Banket resulted very friendly and with lot of jokes and funny talks of EDXC General Secretary Tibor Szilangyi, so good humor different from precedent "glacial panzer humor" General Secretary..... which has been yet forgotten !!!
Roberto Pavanello in his personal report explain very well the feeling of the meeting: "Alla sera il momento più solenne di ogni EDXC Conference, no non l'elezione del Segretario, non il report del tesoriere, non la consegna dei diplomini agli schiavetti, le tre cose che ogni anno fanno sbavare gli zombies partecipanti al meeting di una poco nota associazione italiana di radioscolto, l'EDXC è una cosa seria e quindi il momento più solenne è... il Banquet, la mangiata, anzi la magggnata!!!".
Guess is not necessary to traslate completly it !
EDXC is friendship of the groups belonging to it, not personal ego, the report of the financial year, diplomas to personal esclaves, as every year you may look going to the national meeting of an Italian Radio Association.....
The most hilarious moment has been the lottery .... 200 tickets sold out at 1 ? each one to get some "unexpected prizes" ..... I got one a block notes sponsored by DRM .... yes is not a joke !!!
it is true !!! I really appreciated it... so in public I crashed in 100 peaces the cover !! advertising DRM .... THE DESTROY RADIO MUNDIAL ....and I will use the other pages for my personal messages.... explaining why I am against this foolish new way of to trasmit just NOISE in the SW & MW Bands...... Pavanello got (thanks my intervention) the NHK Radio Japan T-Shirt black-red offered by Mr. Toshi Ohtake the President of the Japan Short Wave Club.(P.O.Box 29, Sendai Central, Miyagi, 980-9861 Japan)........... Uwe Sennewald got (Thanks to my intervention) a T-shirt of Radio Miami International WRMI from Jeff White "the big boss" you see it here !!!

address to buy eventually it is : 175 Fontainebleau Blvd., Suite 1N4, Miami, Florida 33172 USA. Jeff is waiting...from many years.......... the end of Castro era !!!!! here many good photos of WRMI :
The banquet resulted very good and food has been really appreciated by all the partecipants, price only 35 Euro, we got 3 times the first plate Pasta alla Carrettiera Ticinese , and got 3 times second plate Mix Brasato of Ticinese Beef , and the Sweet Dishma Cake and Coffe and Double Cup of Grand Marnier (almost for me) and also 2 Limoncello Cups ........ at 2230 hours we stay in the Sofa saloon at down floor, and we had more friendly talks about the possibility to be at next year EDXC 2008 in Finland, the period of the beginning of September is not so good to have holidays cause almost in Italy all people is in holidays in August..... another problem is the price for the flight from Italy, Finnair seems to offer the best solution with direct flight from Milano Malpensa to Helsinki.
As the friday evening .....the bar service of the Hotel closes at 2300  hours ..... extraordinarily that saturday evening remained open open till 2305 !!!!! ....again....
Good night !!!! to everybody....

Dario,  Roberto, Uwe, Alessandro.


EDXC 2007 in LUGANO the sunday 04 November FINAL DAY :

Also the sunday morning 04 November started with a bright sunny and no winds at all, look like to be in summer, another DIET breakfast with some of the partecipants to the EDXC meeting, and the departure greetings, with the warm wishes to see all of us again in next EDXC 2008 yet planned in Vaasa in Finland the 05-07 September 2008, in good spirit and with good souvenirs to tell to each other.
We had yet planned a visit to the most high place in Lugano area, the Monte Generoso , a mountain high 1704 meters and exactly placed beetwen Italy and Switzerland !
Here how to arrive atop it: 
So we took a Taxi to the Rail Station in Lugano, we let our baggages
at the Box Baggages, remember you need 7 Sw.Fr. in coins.
Soon we took the local Metro line called S1 direction to Chiasso and we stopped at Capolago rail station (Capolago cause is the head of the Lugano lake, Capolago=Headlake)... in the same place depart a Cremagliera Train which in 35 minutes keep you atop 1700 meters of Monte Generoso.... really a great service .... but the cost is quite high, 38 Sw.Fr. go up and go down.... 23 Euro or 33 US $.....
Need to say you need to preview the weather ....yes cause if it is a foggy or a cloudy will see ABSOLUTELY NOTHING....hi!!!
But our "good star" offered a phantastic day .... with a panoramic view of 360° of the mountain chains, towards Monte Rosa, Cervino to WEST, and to Jungfrau (la Vergine) to NORTH, and to Engadina Mountains to NORTH EAST..... and to SOUTH .... Monte Penice .... and even Monte Evangelo & Monte Cimone to SOUTH EST.
In the little train we had the company of some Swiss families and some mountain bike from Ticino ....making the company more colored, with local dialect language.... quite similar to the one of north Brianza Lombardia area.... this web Cam is directed towards north and may be really very useful to look at the situation atop the Monte Generoso....
This special virtual visit geave you an idea of what you find atop, there is a very good large terrazza with covered selfservice grill bar, and the terrazza has many tables and metal chairs, so you may sit down for free.... looking to North East or to South West.
So at around 1115 hours I put my DEGEN 1103 with 2 filters 80 & 110 kHz on the table, with an hot sunny and with a view spectacular of Monte Rosa.

I started to do an FM Bandscan at 1700 meters..... with a bit of surprise I noted soon many many signals from Italy but not so many from Ticino Switzerland and NO ONE from German Switzerland or French part of Switzerland ..... Alpi to France & Jungfrau to North stops the signals ?? Or may be no Tropo conditions towards north ?? But to south no problems to get strongs signals from Emilia TX from Monte Evangelo and Monte Canate ..... and naturally Monte Penice.... many stations in Milano arrived also look like locals.
The bandscan is just till 98,00 MHz cause we had just 4 hours to do it , some good help arrived from the Pavanello's ATS 909 Sangean not modified, with RDS and also by the FM Bandscan list done in September 2007 by Luigi Ghiringhelli atop the Pradecolo Mountain 1177 meters dominating the Verbano lake area, and from the Super Bandscan done by Fabrizio Carnevalini from Angera on same Verbano Lake.

Here the First part of the FM Bandscan 04 November 2007
Monte Generoso 1700 meters
Dario Monferini & Roberto Pavanello
DEGEN 1103 (filters 80 & 110 kHz) & ATS 909 SANGEAN not modified

87.50 Malvisi Network Campo dei Fiori (VA)
87.60 Virgin Radio Milano via Valenza (MI)
87.70 Radio Mater Sacromonte (VA)
87.70 TRS,Tele Radio Stereo Colle Brianza - Giovenzana (LC)
87.80 RSR La Première Castel San Pietro/Caviano (TI) SVIZZERA
87.80 Antenna 5 IN BLU Crema TX Pandino (CR) !!!!
87.90 Radio Radicale, Milano-Torre Velasca (MI)
88.00 TRM-Trasmissioni Radio Malvaglio,Malvaglio di Robecchetto (MI)
88.10 RSI RETE 1 Monte San Salvatore (TI) SVIZZERA
88.20 RMC R.MONTE CARLO Scandiano-Monte Evangelo (RE) !!!!
88.30 RAI - GR Parlamento Brunate - Baita Bondella (CO)
88.40 RAI Radiouno,Lombardia Monte Marzio (VA)
88.50 RAI Radiodue Torre de' Busi-Valcava passo (LC)
88.50 Radio Vega Loazzolo (AT)
88.60 Radio Capital Monte Goi (CO)
88.70 Radio Maria Fanano-Ca' del vento (MO) !!!!
88.75 RTL 102.5 Hit Radio Ghiffa-Premeno-Monte Pollino (VB)
88.80 RSI Rete 1 Castel San Pietro-Caviano (TI) SVIZZERA)
88.90 Onda Novara ABC Snia-Monte Mottarone (VB)
89.00 Radio Padania Libera Brunate - San Maurizio (CO)
89.10 Fantastica Frabosa Soprana/Monte Moro (CN)
89.10 RTL 102.5 Hit Radio Pellegrino Parmense-Monte Canate (PR)
89.20 RAI Radiouno,Lombardia Campo dei Fiori vetta (VA)
89.30 RAI Radiouno,Lombardia Torre de' Busi-Valcava Passo (LC)
89.40 Radio Lombardia Ghiffa-Premeno-Monte Pollino (VB)
89.50 RAI Radiouno,Emilia Romagna ? Bologna-Colle Barbaino(BO) ????? oppure : RAI Radiouno,Liguria ? Camogli-Portofino vetta (GE)
89.60 Gamma Radio Canneto Pavese - Monte Bruciato (PV)
89.60 RAI Radiouno,Lombardia Maccagno Superiore (VA)
89.70 Virgin Radio Monte Evangelo (RE) !!!! oppure : Virgin Radio Campo dei Fiori - Grande Albergo (VA)
89.80 Radio SuperHit Milano - Torre Via San Galdino (MI)
89.90 RAI Radiouno,Lombardia Viggiù - Monte Orsa (VA)
90.00 Radio Missione Francescana IN BLU Caravate - San Clemente (VA)
90.10 Tele Radio Ritmo,Cassano Magnago//103,10 Alpe Paci (CO)
90.20 m2o Varese - Monte Orsa (VA)
90.30 m2o Torre de' Busi - Valcava Funivia (LC)
90.40 RSI Rete 1 Monti di Mezzovico (TI) SVIZZERA
90.50 m2o Stresa-Monte Mottarone-Funivia(NO)
90.60 RAI Radiouno,Lombardia Milano - corso Sempione (MI)
90.70 Radio Lupo Solitario,Samarate Varese - Sacromonte (VA)
90.80 Radio Mater Barzanò - Cascina Giovanna (LC)
91.00 m2o Milano - Torre Via San Galdino (MI)
91.10 Virgin Radio Monte Malanotte (CN)
91.20 RAI Radiodue Luvinate - Campo dei Fiori (VA)
91.30 RSI Rete 1 Avegno-Cardada-Cimetta (TI) SVIZZERA
91.40 RTL 102.5 Hit Radio Milano - Via Casati (MI)
91.50 RSI Rete 2 Monte San Salvatore (TI) SVIZZERA
91.60 Radio Capital Brunate (CO)
91.70 Radio Capital Milano-Via Casati (MI)
91.80 RTL 102.5 Hit Radio San Donato-Mango ? (CN)
91.95 Radio Meneghina Milano-Via Valenza (MI)
92.05 Rete Kappa,Mariano Comense Brunate - San Maurizio (CO)
92.10 RAI Radiouno,Lombardia Torino-Eremo (TO)
92.20 Radio Number One Viggiù - Monte Orsa (VA)
92.30 RAI Radiouno,Lombardia Brunate-Falchetto-Ai Piani(CO)
92.40 Radio Cuore Milano - Via Casati (MI)
92.50 RAI Radiotre Monte Marzio (VA)
92.60 Radio Cuore Torre de' Busi-Valcava passo(LC)
92.70 Radio Italia Uno,Alpignano Colle della Maddalena (TO)
92.70 Radio Cuore 2 ???? Lecco - Piani d'Erna (LC)
92.80 Fantastica Campo dei Fiori-Grande Albergo (VA)
92.90 Modena Radio City Serramazzoni-Monte Tagliato (MO) !!!
93.00 DRS 1 (TEDESCO) Castel San Pietro-Caviano (TI) SVIZZERA
93.10 Radio Capital Valcava - Prato della Costa (BG)
93.20 ???????
93.30 RAI Radiotre Luvinate - Campo dei Fiori (VA)
93.30 Radio Studio Più Cernobbio - Monte Bisbino (CO)
93.40 Radio Studio Più Torre de' Busi - Valcava funivia (LC)
93.40 Radio Veronica One,Torino Monte Malanotte (CN)
93.50 Radio Number One Gandosso-Colli di San Fermo (BG)
93.60 RSI Rete 1 Monte Mondini (TI) SVIZZERA
93.60 Radio Veronica One,Torino Colle della Maddalena (TO)
93.70 RAI Radiodue Milano - Corso Sempione (MI)
93.80 RSR La Première (Francese) Monte San Salvatore (TI) SVIZZERA
93.90 Radio Classica,Milano Torre dé Busi-Valcava passo (LC)
94.00 RSI Rete 2 Serpiano (TI) SVIZZERA
94.10 Radio Nostalgia Piemonte Frabosa Soprana-Monte Moro (CN)
94.20 RAI Radiouno,Lombardia Menconico-Monte Penice(PV)
94.30 Radio 101 Firenzuola-Monte Oggioli (FI) !!!!
94.40 RDS - R. Dimensione Suono Campo dei Fiori-Grande Albergo (VA)
94.50 RDS - R. Dimensione Suono Como - Via alle Colme (CO)
94.60 RMC - R. Monte Carlo Campo dei Fiori (VA)
94.70 K Rock,Scandiano //94.85 Scandiano-Monte Evangelo (RE) !!!!
94.80 Radio Marconi Caprino Bergamasco-Valcava-Prato della Costa(BG)
94.85 K Rock,Scandiano //94.70 Lesignano dé Bagni-Faviano Superiore (PR)!!!!
94.90 Radio Radicale Oropa - Tracciolino (BI)
95.00 Radio Sound,Piacenza Ponte dell'Olio-Montesanto (PC)
95.00 Radio Erre 95 Scandiano-Monte Evangelo (RE) !!!!
95.10 Planet FM,Milano Stresa-Monte Mottarone-Funivia (VB)
95.20 ??????
95.30 Radio Mater Torre dé Busi - Valcava passo (LC)
95.40 RDS - R.Dimensione Suono Varese-Campo dei Fiori-Grande Albergo (VA)
95.50 RDS - R.Dimensione Suono Cernobbio - Monte Bisbino (CO)
95.60 RAI Radiodue Torino-Eremo (TO)
95.70 Radio Cuore Campo dei Fiori - Grande Albergo (VA)
95.80 DRS1 (Tedesco) Gordola-Monti di Motti (TI) SVIZZERA
95.90 Radio Cuore 2 Como - Monte Goi (CO)
96.00 GRP-Giornale R. Piemonte,Torino Novara-Tribunale (NO)
96.10 Radio Disc Jockey Classic,Milano Brunate - Via Sentierone (CO)
96.20 RMC 2-Radio Monte Carlo 2,Milano Milano-Via Turati (MI)
96.30 DRS1 (Tedesco) Monte San Salvatore (TI) SVIZZERA
96.40 RDS-R.Dimensione Suono Premeno-Monte Pollino (VB)
96.50 Discoradio Caprino Bergamasco-Valcava prato (BG)
96.60 RDS - Radio Dimensione Suono Monte Mottarone (VB)
96.70 Radio Radicale Varese - Sacromonte (VA)
96.80 Radio Radicale Torre dé Busi-Valcava passo (LC)
96.90 Radio Capital Pellegrino Parmense-Monte Canate(PR)
97.00 Radio Capital Premeno-Monte Pollino(VB)
97.10 Gammaradio Caprino Bergamasco-Valcava-Prato della Costa(BG)
97.25 Radio Due Laghi Laveno Mombello (VA)
97.30 ?????
97.40 RAI Radiodue Menconico - Monte Penice (PV)
97.50 Radio Capital Sant'Antonio Aradolo (CN)
97.60 Radio Kiss Kiss Network Luvinate - Campo dei Fiori (VA)
97.60 Radio Kiss Kiss Lecco-Piani d'Erna (LC)
97.70 ?????
97.80 Radio Kiss Kiss Network Caprino Bergamasco-Valcava-Prato della Costa (BG)
97.80 RSI Rete 2 Avegno-Cardada-Cimetta (TI) SVIZZERA)
97.90 Radio Maria Scandiano-Monte Evangelo (RE)
98.00 Radio Zeta Varese-Campo dei Fiori-Grande Albergo(VA)


I plan to come back in this great panoramic place next year from April, if the weather conditions will permit to do it, and to complete the FM bandscan, naturally if some one want to join me, he is welcome, just contact me by email info(at)

At 1530 we took the cremagliera little train and we went down to Capolago rail station, after 10 minutes wait an S1 Metro train took us to Lugano, to pick up our baggages, and after 20 minutes we took another S1 metro train to Chiasso, we changed train, after a very soft control of Italian police, and took another Regional TILO train with final stop in Milano Porta Garibaldi rail station, here arrived in perfect time, after 15 minutes wait for a Taxi, cause no one arrived , we took the MM2 Green line Metro, to go to Central Rail station and so our travel has been positively ended.

Next travel planned outside Italy is waiting for us : France Drome Ardeche, Région Lyonnes Rhone-Alpes, et Chambery Région Hautes-Alpes..... in April 2008.

Dario Monferini & Roberto Pavanello


(tnx for photos to R. Pavanello, A. Petersen, T. Ohtake, B. Eriksson, A. Groppazzi)