by D.Monferini & Giuliano Garindo

In the beginning of November I had the great opportunity to be atop Monte Generoso together Roberto Pavanello. For details look at

April 2008 arrived with many days of rain and even snow on the Monte Generoso area, for this reason I monitored the weather forecast in the WEB and the "right" day with sunny expected and suggested by Swiss Weather Experts 16 April .....
However the 14 April on Monte Generoso arrived 15 centimetes of fresh snow .... and 15 April clouds all over the top........
I already contacted the 12 April Giuliano Garindo alias "black cat" a friend living in Milano, and he confirmed to agree to TEST the TOP of the Monte Generoso.


The 16 April arrived, and as predicted by Meteo Experts with a bright sunny day in Milano ! We met at Metropolitana MM1 at Bisceglie final stop, cause he lives near this area in the north ovest periferic of the metropoli.
With his car Panda we started our trip at 0900 hours, and by Tangenziale West ring street Hyway we arrived to the Hyway A8, to the lakes north areas, but not passing by Pero-Rho, cause 16 April was first day of EXPO FAIR of "SALONE MOBILI & ARREDAMENTO" and you may imagine the total chaos around the area.
This has been a real good idea to avoid the great chaos of the EXPO FAIR passing on the A50 Hyway. We found not so much traffic and in 30 minutes we arrived at Lomazzo and we go out the A9.
The Giuliano's Panda car has a very modern navigator system with girl sexy voice and this helped to find the right way to arrive to Appiano Gentile
(The famous village to be the training place of football team INTERNAZIONALE and after we took the street to Bizzarone village with SP23 route
Street Padana 23.....
We crossed the Swiss - Italian border in 30 seconds !!!! no controls !!!
We arrived in Mendrisio town in Swiss Canton Ticino, and we crossed the city , till the street to go atop Monte Generoso, called Bellavista street, we started to go up.... in a very nice sunny day !
So in 30 minutes we arrived at the Bellavista Parking 1180 meters higher. the WEB offers a real paradisiac view...and also explain the Station of Train to go to the top is open from June !!!! ....but I did not noticed before this particular ...hi!


Well we had the big surprise to find the parking Bellavista is located 700 meters from the station ..(By the way it is free till 1st May) ....and from the parking that 16 April needed to do 700 meters with 15 centimeters of fresh snow melting..... and even with a 3% pendence....
However .....having no other solutions..... we started to go up.... cause to go back to Capolago Rail station (from there originate the cremagliera train to go to the top) required too much time....
The little cremagliera train (same system to go up Machu Picchu...) starts at 1015 and 1115 and 1215 hours from Capolago .... and at Bellavista it stops at 1045,1145,1245.........
So gradually we ....climbed on a snow carpet ...snow melting cause the sunny day ...with the "Splish Splash" effect under my shoes.... for me a rare opportunity to test my ..... limits....hi!!!!!! but finally we arrived at 1224 meters of Bellavista Locanda and train station, all closed naturally, but with wood chairs and a beautiful panoramic scenic view of mountains......
My friend Giuliano started to do photos ...... to the mountains scenic view.
At 1145 arrived the little train and we go up.....the driver a Golden hair woman, sold the tickects, so no problems, to pay in Euro.
The price from Bellavista to Top Monte Generoso is 11 Euro (you may pay in Euro or Swiss Francs) up/down price tickect...... one people. for a 15 minutes travel .....
At 1204 I and Giuliano arrived on the Terrazza outdoor of selfservice.. atop 1700 meters above sea level.... from ground level of train arrival there is also an elevator to go up the selfservice restaurant and outdoor terraza... the WC services (very clean) are located at ground floor.
The first floor is the Hotel rooms to spend a night if you want to see the MILK STARS in the Sky, price is 60 Euro per person in a double room, one night, with dinner and breakfast....
The Terraza is at 2nd floor elevator... and it was still full of lot of white snow..(I say this cause in Milano city usually is black cause heavy pollution) the terraza corners almost 50 centimeters high!! the view from that place is simply phantastic !!! You must test it !!!
I choose a place on the terrazza (there are many tables and chairs) next to the enter to the Selfservice and I started to monitorate the FM Band, from 98.9 MHz going up gradually... with my DEGEN 1103 with filters 80 & 110 kHz. No particular antenna, only the original telescopic stilo, all open.
Soon I had the same situation as I had in November 2007....lot of signals on each frequency from Italy.... poor signals from Swiss Canton Ticino ..... nothing from German Swiss and French Swiss......
Well the bad weather of 11-15 April ... did not helped to have special TROPO conditions, neverthless I had quite distant signals from Emilia TXs.
Giuliano remained fashinated by the Panoramic view at 360° of all Alpine Mountains, the Monte Rosa and Cervino to West and the Youngfrau to North...... so he made many many many many


Here the FM Bandscan :

MHz STATION TX Site Province Country

87.50 Malvisi Network Campo dei Fiori (VA)
87.60 Virgin Radio Milano via Valenza (MI)
87.70 Radio Mater Sacromonte (VA)
87.70 TRS,Tele Radio Stereo Colle Brianza - Giovenzana (LC)
87.80 RSR La Première Castel San Pietro/Caviano (TI) SVIZZERA
87.90 Radio Radicale, Milano-Torre Velasca (MI)
88.00 TRM-Trasmissioni Radio Malvaglio Malvaglio di Robecchetto (MI)
88.10 RSI RETE 1 Monte San Salvatore (TI) SVIZZERA
88.20 RMC R.MONTE CARLO Scandiano-Monte Evangelo (RE)
88.30 RAI - GR Parlamento Brunate - Baita Bondella (CO)
88.40 RAI Radio 1,Lombardia Monte Marzio (VA)
88.50 RAI Radiodue Torre de' Busi-Valcava passo (LC)
88.50 Radio Vega Loazzolo (AT)
88.60 Radio Capital Monte Goi (CO)
88.70 Radio Maria Fanano-Ca’ del vento (MO)
88.75 RTL 102.5 Ghiffa-Premeno-Monte Pollino (VB)
88.80 RSI Rete 1 Castel San Pietro-Caviano (TI) SVIZZERA)
88.90 Onda Novara ABC Snia-Monte Mottarone (VB)
89.00 Radio Padania Libera Brunate - San Maurizio (CO)
89.10 Fantastica Frabosa Soprana/Monte Moro (CN)
89.10 RTL 102.5 Pellegrino Parmense-Monte Canate (PR)
89.20 RAI Radio 1,Lombardia Campo dei Fiori vetta (VA)
89.30 RAI Radio 1,Lombardia Torre de' Busi-Valcava Passo (LC)
89.40 Radio Lombardia Massino Visconti-Monte S.Salvatore (NO)
89.50 Radio Missione Francescana Premeno-Monte Pollino (VB)
89.60 Gamma Radio Canneto Pavese - Monte Bruciato (PV)
89.60 RAI Radio 1, Lombardia Maccagno Superiore (VA)
89.70 Virgin Radio Monte Evangelo (RE) oppure Campo dei Fiori - Grande Albergo (VA)
89.80 Radio Milano Milano - Torre Via San Galdino (MI)
89.90 RAI Radio 1, Lombardia Viggiù - Monte Orsa (VA)
90.00 Radio Missione Francescana IN BLU Caravate - San Clemente (VA)
90.00 m2o Lecco-Piani d'Erna (LC)
90.10 Tele Radio Ritmo,Cassano Magnago//103,10 Alpe Paci (CO)
90.20 m2o Varese - Monte Orsa (VA)
90.30 m2o Torre de' Busi - Valcava Funivia (LC)
90.30 Radio Maria Pellegrino Parmense-Monte Canate (PR)
90.40 RSR La Première (Francese) Monti di Mezzovico (TI) SVIZZERA
90.50 m2o Stresa-Monte Mottarone-Funivia(NO)
90.50 Radio Deejay Montoso (CN) oppure Monte Creò (BG)
90.60 RAI Radio 1, Lombardia Milano - corso Sempione (MI)
90.70 Radio Lupo Solitario,Samarate Varese - Sacromonte (VA) open carrier / portante muta
90.80 Viva FM Roncola-Botto (BG)
90.80 Radio Mater Barzanò - Cascina Giovanna (LC)
90.90 Viva FM Brunate (CO)
91.00 m2o Milano - Torre Via San Galdino (MI)
91.10 Virgin Radio Monte Malanotte (CN)
91.10 Rock FM Como-Monte Croce (CO)
91.20 RAI Radio 2 Luvinate - Campo dei Fiori (VA)
91.30 RSI Rete 1 Avegno-Cardada-Cimetta (TI) SVIZZERA
91.40 RTL 102.5 Milano - Via Casati (MI)
91.50 RSI Rete 2 Monte San Salvatore (TI) SVIZZERA
91.60 Radio Capital Brunate (CO)
91.70 Radio Capital Milano-Via Casati (MI)
91.80 RTL 102.5 San Donato-Mango (CN)
91.95 Radio Meneghina Milano-Via Valenza (MI)
92.10 Rete Kappa,Mariano Comense Brunate - San Maurizio (CO)
92.10 RAI Radio 1, Piemonte Torino-Eremo (TO)
92.20 Radio Number One Viggiù - Monte Orsa (VA)
92.30 RAI Radio 1, Lombardia Brunate-Falchetto-Ai Piani(CO)
92.40 Radio Cuore Milano - Via Casati (MI)
92.50 RAI Radiotre Monte Marzio (VA)
92.60 Radio Cuore Torre de' Busi-Valcava passo(LC)
92.70 Radio Italia Uno,Alpignano Colle della Maddalena (TO)
92.70 Radio Cuore 2 Lecco - Piani d'Erna (LC)
92.80 Fantastica Campo dei Fiori-Grande Albergo (VA)
92.90 Modena Radio City Serramazzoni-Monte Tagliato (MO)
93.00 DRS 1 (TEDESCO) Castel San Pietro-Caviano (TI) SVIZZERA
93.10 Radio Capital Valcava - Prato della Costa (BG)
93.20 ???????
93.30 RAI Radio 3 Luvinate - Campo dei Fiori (VA)
93.30 Radio Studio Più Cernobbio - Monte Bisbino (CO)
93.40 Radio Studio Più Torre de' Busi - Valcava funivia (LC)
93.40 Radio Veronica One,Torino Monte Malanotte (CN)
93.50 Radio Number One Gandosso-Colli di San Fermo (BG)
93.60 RSI Rete 1 Monte Mondini (TI) SVIZZERA
93.60 Radio Veronica One,Torino Colle della Maddalena (TO)
93.70 RAI Radio 2 Milano - Corso Sempione (MI)
93.80 RSR La Première (Francese) Monte San Salvatore (TI) SVIZZERA
93.90 Radio Classica,Milano Torre dé Busi-Valcava passo (LC)
94.00 RSI Rete 2 Serpiano (TI) SVIZZERA
94.10 Radio Nostalgia Piemonte Frabosa Soprana-Monte Moro (CN)
94.20 RAI Radio 1, Lombardia Menconico-Monte Penice(PV)
94.30 RDS - Radio Dimensione Suono Cinisello Balsamo (MI)
94.40 RDS - R. Dimensione Suono Campo dei Fiori-Grande Albergo (VA)
94.50 RDS - R. Dimensione Suono Como - Via alle Colme (CO)
94.60 RMC - Radio Monte Carlo Campo dei Fiori (VA)
94.70 K Rock,Scandiano //94.85 Scandiano-Monte Evangelo (RE)
94.80 Radio Marconi Caprino Bergamasco-Valcava-Prato della Costa(BG)
94.85 K Rock,Scandiano //94.70 Lesignano dé Bagni-Faviano Superiore (PR)!!!!
94.90 Radio Radicale Oropa - Tracciolino (BI)
95.00 Radio Sound,Piacenza Ponte dell'Olio-Montesanto (PC)
95.00 Radio Erre 95 Scandiano-Monte Evangelo (RE)
95.10 Planet FM,Milano Stresa-Monte Mottarone-Funivia (VB)
95.20 ??????
95.30 Radio Mater Torre dé Busi - Valcava passo (LC)
95.40 RDS - R.Dimensione Suono Varese-Campo dei Fiori-Grande Albergo (VA)
95.50 RDS - R.Dimensione Suono Cernobbio - Monte Bisbino (CO)
95.60 RAI Radio 2 Torino-Eremo (TO)
95.70 Radio Cuore Campo dei Fiori - Grande Albergo (VA)
95.80 DRS1 (Tedesco) Gordola-Monti di Motti (TI) SVIZZERA
95.90 Radio Cuore 2 Como - Monte Goi (CO)
96.00 GRP-Giornale R. Piemonte,Torino Novara-Tribunale (NO)
96.10 Radio Disc Jockey Classic,Milano Brunate - Via Sentierone (CO)
96.20 RMC 2-Radio Monte Carlo 2,Milano Milano-Via Turati (MI)
96.30 DRS1 (Tedesco) Monte San Salvatore (TI) SVIZZERA
96.40 RDS-R.Dimensione Suono Premeno-Monte Pollino (VB)
96.50 Discoradio Caprino Bergamasco-Valcava prato (BG)
96.60 RDS - Radio Dimensione Suono Monte Mottarone (VB)
96.70 Radio Radicale Varese - Sacromonte (VA)
96.80 Radio Radicale Torre dé Busi-Valcava passo (LC)
96.90 Radio Capital Pellegrino Parmense-Monte Canate(PR)
97.00 Radio Capital Premeno-Monte Pollino(VB)
97.10 Gammaradio Caprino Bergamasco-Valcava-Prato della Costa(BG)
97.25 Radio Due Laghi Laveno Mombello (VA)
97.30 ?????
97.40 RAI Radiodue Menconico - Monte Penice (PV)
97.50 Radio Capital Sant'Antonio Aradolo (CN)
97.60 Radio Kiss Kiss Network Luvinate - Campo dei Fiori (VA)
97.60 Radio Kiss Kiss Network Lecco-Piani d'Erna (LC)
97.70 ?????
97.80 Radio Kiss Kiss Network Caprino Bergamasco-Valcava-
Prato della Costa (BG)
97.80 RSI Rete 2 Avegno-Cardada-Cimetta (TI) SVIZZERA)
97.90 Radio Maria Scandiano-Monte Evangelo (RE)
98.00 Radio Zeta Varese-Campo dei Fiori-Grande Albergo(VA)
98.10 ?????
98.20 Energy 98e2 Brunate (CO) oppure Novara-Tribunale (NO)
98.30 Radio Italia anni 60 Campo dei Fiori-Grande Albergo (VA)
98.40 R.I.S.M.I. Radio Italia solo Musica Italiana Milano-Via Casati (MI)
98.50 Radio Nostalgia Colle della Maddalena (TO)
98.50 Radio Padania Libera Campo dei Fiori-Grande Albergo (VA)
98.60 ?????
98.70 Radio 105 Classics Milano-Via Turati (MI)
98.80 Radio Onyx-Rete Otto Campione d'Italia (CO)
98.90 Radio 105 Network Caprino Bergamasco-Valcava Prato della Costa
99.00 Radio Nettuno (Bologna) Scandiano-Monte Evangelo (RE)
99.10 RAI Radio 3 Premeno Monte Pollino (VB)
99.10 Radio 105 Network Milano-Via Casati (MI)
99.20 Radio Deejay Monte Maddalena (BS)
99.20 Radio 105 Network Campo dei Fiori-Grande Albergo (VA)
99.30 R.T.O. Radio Trasmissioni Ossola Monte Marzio (VA)
99.40 RAI Radio 3 Milano-Corso Sempione (MI)
99.50 T.R.C. (Modena) Serramazzoni-Monte Tagliato (MO)
99.60 Radio Deejay Campo dei Fiori-Grande Albergo (VA)
99.70 Radio Bruno Scandiano-Monte Evangelo (RE)
99.70 Radio Deejay Milano-San Galdino (MI)
99.80 RMC Radio Monte Carlo Pradeboni di Preveragno (CN)
99.90 RAI Radio 3 Menconico-Monte Penice (PV)
100.00 Radio Cuore UNID TX, not reported
100.10 Radio Cuore Monte Malanotte (CN) oppure Monte Goi (CO)
100.10 Radio Radicale Lecco-Piani d'Erna (LC)
100.20 Radio Uomini Nuovi-Relay C.R.C. (Seregno) Marchirolo (VA)
100.20 RAI Radio 2 Monte Maddalena (BS)
100.30 Radio Lombardia Valcava Prato della Costa (BG)
100.30 Radio 24 Premeno Monte Pollino (VB)
100.40 ?????
100.50 Radio Lombardia Brunate-San Maurizio (CO)
100.60 Radio Millenium Monte Marzio (VA)
100.70 Radio Rock FM (Monradio plans to close it next 31 may 2008) Milano-Via Turati (MI)
100.80 R.I.S.M.I. Radio Italia Solo Musica Italiana Monte Marzio (VA)
100.80 Radio 101 Brunate (CO)
100.90 RMC Radio Monte Carlo Stresa-Monte Mottarone (VB)
100.90 Radio 101 Milano-Via Turati (MI)
101.00 Radio 101 Campo dei Fiori-Grande Albergo (VA)
101.10 Radio Maria Località Gioscio-Campione d'Italia SVIZZERA
101.20 Radio 101 Torre de Busi-Valcava Passo (LC)
101.30 ?????
101.40 LATTE MIELE Como -Via alle Colme (CO)
101.50 Radio Studio Star Cannobio-Località S. Agata (VB)
101.60 Gamma Radio Seregno (MI)
101.70 Radio Reporter Montacuto-Monte Giarolo (AL)
101.80 UNID ITALIANA ?????
101.90 Radio Reporter Milano-Via G. Silva (MI)
102.00 Virgin Radio Lecco-Piani d'Erna (LC)
102.10 Radio Radicale Cremona //102.30
102.20 RAI AUDITORIUM Milano-Corso Sempione (MI)
102.30 RTL 102.5 Monte Malanotte-Cuneo (CN)
102.30 Radio Radicale Colle Vedetta-Brescia (BS)
102.40 RTL 102.5 Viggiù-Monte Orsa (VA)
102.50 RTL 102.5 Caprino Bergamasco-Valcava Prato della Costa (BG)
102.60 ?????
102.70 ?????
102.80 Radio Zeta Caprino Bergamasco-Valcava Prato della Costa (BG)
102.90 ?????
103.00 Radio Zeta Lecco-Piani d'Erna (LC)
103.00 RAI Radio 1, PIEMONTE Menconico-Monte Penice (PV)
103.10 Radio Ritmo Campo dei Fiori-Consorzio (VA)
103.10 Otto FM Campione d'Italia SVIZZERA
103.20 RAI ISORADIO Assago-Torre Telecom (MI)
103.30 RAI ISORADIO Brescia-Monte Maddalena (BS)
103.40 DRS 1 in TEDESCO Bedigliora-Monte Mondini (TI) SVIZZERA
103.50 Radio Padania Libera Cinisello Balsamo (MI) ?????
103.60 Radio 101 Stresa- Levo Funivia (VB)
103.70 Radio Reporter Monte Marzio(VA)
103.80 Radio Bruno Serramazoni-Monfestino (MO) //99.70
103.90 Radio Number One Brescia-Monte Maddalena (BS)
104.00 RSR La Première (Francese) Monte San Salvatore (TI) SVIZZERA
104.10 Radio Number One Stresa-Monte Mottarone (VB)
104.20 Radio Number One Torre de Busi-Valcava Passo (LC)
104.30 Radio Number One Ponteranica-Maresana (BG)
104.30 RSR La Première (Francese) Avegno/Cardada-Cimetta (TI) SVIZZERA
104.35 K Rock Station Prignano sulla Secchia-San Pellegrinetto (MO)
104.40 RDS - Radio Dimensione Suono Monte Malanotte (CN)
104.50 Virgin Radio Caprino Bergamasco-Valcava Prato della Costa (BG)
104.50 RSI RETE 3 Castel San Pietro/Caviano (TI) SVIZZERA
104.60 ?????
104.70 Radio 24 Campo dei Fiori-Grande Albergo (VA)
104.70 RTL 102.5 Fiorano Modenese - Belvedere (MO)
104.80 Radio 24 Caprino Bergamasco-Valcava Prato della Costa (BG)
104.90 Radio 24 Lecco-Piani d'Erna (LC)
105.00 Radio 24 Colle della Maddalena (TO)
105.00 Radio Deejay Scandiano-Monte Evangelo (RE)
105.00 RTL 102.5 Brescia-Colle Vedetta (BS)
105.10 LifeGate Radio Caprino Bergamasco-Valcava Prato della Costa (BG)
105.20 LifeGate Radio Stresa-frazione Levo (VB)
105.30 RMC - Radio Monte Carlo Milano-Via San Galdino (MI)
105.30 RSR La Première (Francese) Pianezzo/Monti di Paudo (TI) SVIZZERA
105.50 RMC - Radio Monte Carlo Caprino Bergamasco-Valcava Prato della Costa (BG)
105.60 Radio Maria Premeno-Monte Pollino (VB)
105.70 Radio Maria Campo dei Fiori-Grande Albergo (VA)
105.80 Radio Raphael Ome (BS)
105.90 Radio Maria Como-Monte Goi (CO)
105.90 Radio Mondo Campo dei Fiori-Consorzio (VA)
106.00 RSI RETE 3 Monte San Salvatore (TI) SVIZZERA
106.15 Radio Circuito 29 San Polo d'Enza-Grassano (RE)
106.30 Radio Italia Anni 60 Caprino Bergamasco-Valcava Prato della Costa (BG)
106.40 ?????
106.50 Radio R3iii Castel San Pietro/Caviano (TI) SVIZZERA
106.60 ?????
106.70 Radio Italia Solo Musica Italiana Caprino Bergamasco-Valcava Prato della Costa (BG)
106.80 Radio R3iii Monte San Salvatore (TI) SVIZZERA
106.90 Radio Deejay Lecco-Piani d'Erna (LC)
107.00 Radio Deejay Caprino Bergamasco-Valcava Prato della Costa (BG)
107.10 Radio Deejay Brescia-Colle Vedetta (BS)
107.20 ?????
107.30 RDS - Radio Dimensione Suono Caprino Bergamasco-Valcava Prato della Costa (BG)
107.40 RDS - Radio Dimensione Suono Campo dei Fiori-Grande Albergo (VA)
107.50 RSI RETE 3 Bedigliora/Monte Mondini (TI) SVIZZERA
107.60 Radio Popolare Milano Caprino Bergamasco-Valcava Prato della Costa (BG)
107.70 Radio Popolare Milano Ponteranica-Maresana (BG)
107.80 Radio Popolare Milano Lecco-Piani d'Erna (LC)
107.90 Radio Maria Caprino Bergamasco-Valcava Prato della Costa (BG)

Well it is not easy to say if the reception reported has been normal or with some Tropo from south east, the reception of Transmitters located up the  Appennino Mountains over Modena and Reggio Emilia areas it seems a normal result, cause yet reported in the first November 2007 listening session. So I will do another one in May 2008 .....hoping finally the SPRING will arrive also at 1700 meters of the Monte Generoso.......

With the friend Giuliano we took the last train to go down at 1630 hours, in 15 minutes we arrived at Bellavista station, and I had the "thrilling" 700 meters  on snow smelling to arrive at the Bellavista parking......but no problems I  survived .....hi!!!!

At 1700 hours we started our back travel to Milano, we crossed in 20 seconds the border Swiss Canton Ticino with Italy, again no controls.... lucky day ! So we utilized again the car Navigator system to arrive to Milano by normal streets, no Hyway pls...... but the sexy voice started to say "please come back soon  as possible" ..... ha ha ha ha .....crazy idea !!! naturally we did not follow the proposal. "Proposta Indecent" ......but after Appiano Gentile village .... the sexy voice worked again properly ..... and we visited many "unknown villages" .......ha ha ha ha !!!!!!!!!!

Good monitoring to the FM Band to all of you !

Dario and Giuliano