by D. Monferini

This year 2008 the EDXC Congress has been organized in Vaasa in CentralFinland, the 05-07 September, I started to organize a travel in Finland to try to do listenings in the Forest, for this reason I contacted many Dx-friends I have in Finland, and 3 of them replied positively and invited me to visit them to TESTS reception conditions, or travel with them.
Finnair is the best flight company to go to Finland, and the only one offering direct flights from Milano Malpensa to Helsinki Airport, but they don't have an office in Milano, so I do some researches in the Internet and I choose to book the flights with TUI VIAGGI Milano, agency located quite near the Milano Central Rail Station, to get discount price offered by Finnair you need to book the flights some 4 monthes before, so I paid in total 295 Euro in cash......instead of 480 Euro. The Agency commision is 25 Euro.
So the 27 August wednesday I started from Milano Bovisa Politecnico Rail station my travel, in a quite steamy morning but with clear sky. The train iscalled "Malpensa Express" costs 11 Euro one way, and the train is starting from Milano Cadorna Nord Rail and stops only at Milano Bovisa Politecnico and Saronno.
Very clean and with airconditioned at maximum levels, not so many
passengers, at 0905 hours.
In 40 minutes I arrived at the Airport, 1 Euro coin to keep the troiller (don't forget the Euro pls !) the usual stop to protect my baggage with plastic green, the "negron" (sorry idiot Mr.Breni) worker reconnaised me "ohhh you travel often !" price is just 8 Euro and I saw the flight confirmed ! in the departures videos.
Not so many passengers in the big departures hall, being a mid week day, the ticketing at Box 1 section 1 .... so I discovered the last hall of the Airport, where Finnair has his ticketing service.
I had my preferred place, 22 F near window........ in few minutes I passed the security controll, and wait to know the departure gate, they have reorganized the informations monitors ....... so more relaxing looking at the informations sit down, as usually lot of China families ..... at 1015 I got the Gate and arrived I discovered lot of China people yet waiting..... really strange...
But later I understood they all did not stopped at Helsinki, but with another Finnair flight they were going to Honk Kong and later to Shangai .... Other people going to Australia, changing in Hong Kong........... other going to Tokyo ! well may be " Me " the only one stopping in Finland ? Hi!
Good flight, good personal telling to me "Tervetuola" "Welcome" and giving newspapers of Finland, weather forecast ....rain for next coming 3 days ......same weather of the past 8 weeks !!!!!!! Luckly I had with me the RMC 1 Jacket and the "magic spolverino" raincoat !!!!!
From the oblò window I had the view of the north Italy Lakes area and soon the Lugano lake, remembering to me my listenings atop Monte Generoso (see details at and the EDXC 2007 meeting in Lugano in november 2007 (see details at but soon after the clouds stopped the magic view of Switzerland mountains.
I started my FM Monitoring with my portable DEGEN 1103 (FM filters 80, 110 kHz) no problem to use the Radioset, in the jetplane, soon after the light of the lifebelt switch off, the estimated flight time travel 160 minutes but you need add one hour for the different time in Finland.
My monitoring offered radio signals from Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Chechia, Poland, Sweden, Finland. Finn air is still offering a free lunch ! so I got "maccheroncini with brasato" quite hot !!!!! temperature......and white wine mini bottle, mineral water glass.... and lot of coffee........ very good service !!!!!!


Here the details of the FM stations listened in the flight :

88.20 RAI GR Parlamento Menconico-Monte Penice (PV)
90.10 Radio Capital Menconico-Monte Penice (PV)
92.30 Radio Cuore Menconico-Monte Penice (PV)
94.20 RAI Radio1 Lombardia Menconico-Monte Penice (RAI) (PV)
97.40 RAI Radio2 Menconico-Monte Penice (RAI) (PV)
99.90 RAI Radio3 Menconico-Monte Penice (RAI) (PV)
103.00 RAI Radio1 Piemonte Menconico-Monte Penice (RAI) (PV)
106.80 Radio R3iii Monte San Salvatore (TI) CH-R3III SWITZERLAND
107.20 RSI1 Andermatt/Bazberg (UR) RETE_UNO SWITZERLAND
89.90 DRS Radio Rumantsch Medel-Curaglia/Vergera (GR) SWITZERLAND

interval due to the lunch......BBBBBBBUUUUUUUURRRRRPPP ..sorry

87.90 Radio Top Gossau/Oberrain Schochenberg (SG) SWITZERLAND
88.20 Radio Top Wiesendangen/Berg-Bergholzstr. (ZH) SWITZERLAND
88.90 DRS1 Ostschweiz Linthal-Braunwald/Nussbuel (GL) SWITZERLAND
90.00 Radio Sunshine Ingenbohl-Urmiberg/Mittlerer (SZ) SWITZERLAND
90.40 Hitradio O3 Klagenfurt 1/Dobratsch-Villacher Alpe (KAE) AUSTRIA
90.70 Hitradio O3 Pockstein (KAE) AUSTRIA
93.30 DRS2 Saas-Fee/Plattjen (VS) SWITZERLAND
95.50 O2 - Radio Karnten Huttenberg (KAE) AUSTRIA
98.40 KRONEHIT Karnten Hermagor/Hauserberg (KAE) AUSTRIA
100.40 O2 - Radio Karnten Spittal (Drau) 1/Goldeck (KAE) AUSTRIA
101.00 Bayern 4 Klassik Grunten (Allgau) (BAY) 100 kW GERMANY
101.40 France Bleu Alsace Strasbourg-Nordheim/TDF (67) FRANCE !!
101.60 Bayern 1 Gelbelsee (BAY) Oberbayer 25 kW GERMANY
101.70 HR4 Hoher Meissner (HES) Nord-Osth 100 kW GERMANY
101.90 Antenne Bayern (BAY) Hoher Bogen 50 kW GERMANY
102.00 B5 Aktuell (BAY) Dillberg 25 kW GERMANY
102.10 Sunshine live (BWU) Mudau 25 kW GERMANY ID Jingles !!!!
102.50 Radio 7 (Tuttlingen)(BWU)Witthoh 40 kW GERMANY
102.80 Radio Regenbogen (BWU) Heidelberg/Konigstuhl 50 kW GERMANY
103.30 Deutschlandfunk (BAY) Heidelstein 100 kW GERMANY
103.40 Hit-Radio Antenne (BWU) Raichberg/Reutlinge 50 kW GERMANY ID !
104.00 B5 Aktuell (BAY) Buttelberg 25 kW GERMANY
104.10 SWR4 Baden (BWU) Heidelberg/Konigstuhl 50 kW GERMANY
104.40 B5 Aktuell (BAY) Hoher Bogen 25 kW GERMANY
105.10 Deutschlandfunk (BWU) Blauen 10 kW GERMANY
105.20 Big FM (BWU) Langenbrand (Baden-Wu) 20 kW GERMANY
105.30 NDR Info (MEV) Schwerin 100 kW GERMANY
105.40 Hitradio RTL (SAC) Chemnitz/Geyer 100 kW GERMANY ID Jingles !
105.60 Hitradio RTL (SAC) Lobau/Schafberg 30 kW GERMANY ID Jingles !
105.70 Hit-R. Antenne Ni (NDS) Steinkimmen 100 kW GERMANY
106.00 Hitradio RTL (SAC) Auerbach-Schoneck (Vogtland) 30 kW GERMANY s 30.000
106.20 Antenne Brandenburg (BRB) Belzig/Potsdam 100 kW GERMANY ID
106.50 MDR 1 Radio (SAC) Leipzig-Wiederau 30 kW GERMANY
106.70 Landeswelle (THU) Sonneberg/Blessberg 60 kW GERMANY
106.80 Alster Radio 106! (HAM) Hamburg-Rahlstedt 30 kW GERMANY
106.90 Hitradio RTL (SAC) Leipzig-Wiederau 100 kW GERMANY

After one hour of flying, the jet level flight 9000 meters above the German central territory.
I had a real surprise: I got suddenly two signals from South !

107.90 Bayern 4 Klassik (BAY) Kreuzberg 100 kW GERMANY
87.70 France Culture Strasbourg-Nordheim/TDF (67) 48 kW FRANCE

88.10 MDR 1 (SAC) Wittenberg/Gallunberg/Dessau 30 kW GERMANY
88.20 NDR Kultur (MEV) Marlow 100 kW GERMANY
88.30 Nordwestradio (BRE) Bremen-Walle 100 kW GERMANY
88.40 MDR Figaro (SAC) Leipzig-Wiederau 100 kW GERMANY ID

Another surprise the reception of a Czech Station !
89.10 CRo 1 - Radiozurn Plzen/Krasov Plz CHECHIA 81 kW NEWS ID !!!!!

89.80 JUMP (MDR) (SAC) Chemnitz/Geyer 100 kW GERMANY
90.20 JUMP (MDR) (THU) Inselsberg 100 kW GERMANY
91.50 PR 3 Luban/Nowa Karczma 60 kW POLAND
92.00 PR Radio Szczecin Szczecin/Kolowo 60 kW POLAND
92.20 MDR 1 Radio Sachs (SAC) Dresden-Wachwitz 100 kW GERMANY
92.30 PR 1 Poznan/Srem 120 kW POLAND
92.40 RBB Kulturradio (BRB) Berlin/Scholzplatz 80 kW GERMANY
92.80 MDR 1 Radio Sachs (SAC) Chemnitz/Geyer 100 kW GERMANY
93.10 RBB infoRADIO (BRB) Berlin/Scholzplatz 25 kW GERMANY
93.80 Bremen Eins (BRE) Bremen-Walle 100 kW GERMANY
94.20 Deutschlandradio (THU) Sonneberg/Blessberg 100 kW GERMANY
94.30 R.S.2 (BRB) Berlin/Alexanderplatz 25 kW GERMANY
94.40 NDR Kultur (NDS) Steinkimmen 100 kW GERMANY ID
95.00 Rockland Sachsen (SAC) Bernburg 1 kW GERMANY ID
95.30 Deutschlandradio (MEV) Schwerin 100 kW GERMANY
95.50 N-JOY (MEV) Garz (Rugen) 10 kW GERMANY
95.80 RBB Radio Eins (BRB) Berlin/Alexanderplatz 100 kW GERMANY
96.30 RBB Multikulti (BRB) Berlin/Scholzplatz 80 kW GERMANY
with NEK song LAURA NON C'E' !!!!!!! ID & Jingles !!!!!
96.40 NDR Info (NDS) Aurich 10 kW GERMANY
96.60 Deutschlandfunk (SAC) Leipzig-Wiederau 100 kW GERMANY

After this moment log suddenly SWEDEN arrived in my receiver !

96.60 SR P3 Uppsala/Vedyxa 20 kW SWEDEN
96.70 Deutschlandradio (MEV) Marlow 30 kW GERMANY
96.80 SR P2 Backefors (Mellerud)/Groneho 60 kW SWEDEN
97.00 SR P3 Horby/Sallerup 60 kW SWEDEN
97.30 SR P4 Radio Halmstad SR P4 Oskarstrom-Slattakr 60 kW SWEDEN
97.50 SR P3 Skovde/Billingen 60 kW SWEDEN
97.80 NDR 1 Welle Nord (SHS) Bungsberg/Lubeck 50 kW GERMANY
98.10 SR P3 Solleftea/Multra-Flugtjarnsh 60 kW SWEDEN
98.30 NDR 2 Schleswig (SHS) Kronshagen (Kiel) 15 kW GERMANY
98.50 NDR 2 Mecklenburg (MEV) Schwerin 100 kW GERMANY
98.80 SR P3 Varberg/Rolfstorp-Grimeton 10 kW SWEDEN
99.00 SR P3 Nassjo/TM 60 kW SWEDEN
99.10 NDR 2 Mecklenburg (MEV) Helpterberg ID !
99.40 SR P3 Goteborg/Brudaremossen 60 kW SWEDEN
99.80 NDR 2 Mecklenburg (MEV) Garz (Rugen) 10 kW GERMANY ID Jingles
100.50 SR P4 Vasteras/Lillharad 60 kW SWEDEN with CLASSIC MX
100.80 SR P4 Radio Jam Tasjo/Hoting-Tasjoberget 60 kW SWEDEN
101.40 SR P4 Horby/Sallerup 60 kW SWEDEN
101.80 SR P4 Varmland Sunne/Blabarskullen 60 kW SWEDEN
106.00 RIX FM Jonkoping/Bondberget 5 kW SWEDEN
106.60 Antenne Brandenburg (BRB) Pritzwalk/Potsdam 100 kW GERMANY
107.90 Delta Radio (SHS) Berkenthin/Klosterberg 20 kW GERMANY
last signal heard at 9000 meters above the Baltic Sea ..........from Germany !

87.60 SR P1 Hudiksvall/Forsa-Storberget 60 kW SWEDEN
87.70 SR P1 Halmstad/Oskarstrom-Slattakr 60 kW SWEDEN
88.30 SR P1Vastervik/Farhult 60 kW SWEDEN
88.80 SR P1 Horby/Sallerup 60 kW SWEDEN
88.90 SR P1 Skovde/Billingen 60 kW SWEDEN
89.10 SR P1 Osthammar/Valo 60 kW SWEDEN
89.40 SR P1 Borlange/Idkerberget 60 kW SWEDEN
90.30 SR P1 Uppsala/Vedyxa 20 kW SWEDEN
90.90 SR P1 Sunne/Blabarskullen 60 kW SWEDEN
91.20 SR P2 Halmstad/Oskarstrom-Slattakr 60 kW SWEDEN
91.80 SR P2 Vastervik/Farhult 60 kW SWEDEN
92.80 SR P2 Osthammar/Valo 60 kW SWEDEN
93.40 SR P2 Karlshamn/Morrum-Gungvala 15 kW SWEDEN
94.70 SR P3 Vislanda (Alvesta)/Nydala 20 kW SWEDEN
94.80 SR P4 Norrkping/Kolmarden-Krokek 60 kW SWEDEN

after this moment Finnish FM Transmitters started to be dominants

95.50 YleX Hollola (Lahti - Lahtis) 50 kW FINLAND
95.60 YLE Radio Suomi Radio Tervola 30 kW FINLAND
96.10 YleX Haapavesi 30 kW FINLAND
96.50 SR P3 Karlstad/Sormon 15 kW FINLAND
97.00 YLE Radio Suomi Radio Pihtipudas 50 kW FINLAND
97.30 SR P4 Radio Halmstad Oskarstrom-Slattakr 60 kW SWEDEN
98.30 SR P3 Karlshamn/Morrum-Gungvala 15 kW SWEDEN
98.70 SR P3 Norrkoping/Kolmarden-Krokek 60 kW SWEDEN
99.00 SR P3 Nassjo/TM 60 kW SWEDEN
99.30 YLE Radio Suomi Radio Kes Jyvaskyla/Taka-Keljo 30 kW FINLAND
99.40 YLE Radio Extrem Eurajoki - Euraaminne 3 kW FINLAND
99.80 SR P3 Gavle/Skogmur 60 kW SWEDEN
100.30 YLE Radio Vega Oulu - Uleaborg (Kiiminki) 10 kW FINLAND
Radio Vega is operating in Swedish language..... this made some confusion !

last signal coming from Sweden................
101.20 SR P4 Solleftea/Multra-Flugtjarnsh 60 kW SWEDEN
101.40 YLE Radio Vega Kaarina (Turku - Abo)/Luola 60 kW FINLAND
102.10 YLE Radio Vega Radio Tampere-Tammerfors/Teisko 60 kW FINLAND
time utc 1130 (local time in Finland 1430 hours !)
so we were almost on Finnish territory landing in 30minutes
102.70 YLE Radio Vega Kruunupyy - Kronoby 60 kW FINLAND
103.80 YLE Sami Radio Yllas (Kolari) 50 kW FINLAND
104.70 Tampere - Tammerfors/Teisko pi fi Radio Nova 60 kW FINLAND
105.00 Radio Nova Taivalkoski 60 kW FINLAND
106.90 The Voice Ahtari - Etseri 3 kW FINLAND
107.70 Radio Nova Kerimaki 30 kW FINLAND

The signal to fix lifebelts appeared so I....stopped to do FM listening .....

Perfect Landing with just 15 minutes of laterness, but we arrived at Gate National departures, Terminal 1, this do not surprised me.....but my friend
Tarmo Kontro expected my arrival at the International Arrival Terminal 2... ...... and my Bag... ???? Good question !! Hi!! Well no traces at baggage arrival service with a Free Troiller (not look like in Italy) I crossed all the Airport from Terminal 1 till Terminal 2 ........ and finally met Tarmo ....asking to me "but your bag ???" ...well finally I found it the international arrival baggage delivery ........ quite strange .......but not surprising.......

With car Tarmo drived me to Kotka area on the coast of Baltic Sea, about 100 Km going to the east from Helsinki, highway rings permit to avoid to cross Helsinki, and they are very modern !!! The only problem toomuch big trucks carrying used cars to Russia, many many ....7 days a weeks...... on E7.

I know Tarmo Kontro from 1969 he has been my first contact in Finland, and in the 1970 - 1980 period we traded lot of letters, cause no internet possibilities, trading our listenings informations.........the Magazine of the Finland DX Club really has been very important source for my listenings and I becomed member of DX-clusive bulletin edited every 2 weeks in 1972.

Around 1800 hours we arrived at the cottage of Tarmo Kontro, the place is called KUNGSBOLE / KING'S VILLAGE (10 km far from Kotka) geographic coordinates: 60° 34' 60" North, 26° 26' 60" East . Around 110 km east from Helsinki, just 10 km from the Baltic sea coast. Weather becomed soon rainy and humid. Tarmo works at the Kymenlaakso Polytechnic in Kotka, so I stay at cottage while he had to go to the Polytechnic, this permitted me to listen intensively the FM band, and to many signals coming from Russia, Vyborg (140 km) and St. Petersburg (250 km), some even coming with RDS ! with a good FM tuner Pioneer F-45 L !


This is the list of the stations heard :

87.50 RUS Dorozhnoye Radio Sankt Peterburg (SP)
89.70 RUS Radio Zenit Sankt Peterburg (SP)
90.10 RUS Radio Ermitage Sankt Peterburg/Olgino (SP)
90.60 RUS Radio Hit 90i6 Sankt Peterburg/Vasilevskiy
91.50 RUS Ekho Moskvy Sankt Peterburg/Olgino (SP)
100.50 RUS Evropa Plus Sankt Peterburg/LRTPC (SP)
100.90 RUS Russkiy Shanson na Radio Petrogra Sankt Peterburg/Olgino (SP)
102.00 RUS Radio Roks Severo-Zapad Sankt Peterburg/LRTPC (SP)
103.10 RUS Radio Studiya FM Vyborg (SP)
104.00 RUS Nashe Radio Sankt Peterburg/Olgino (SP)
105.50 RUS Radio Baltika Vyborg (SP)
105.90 RUS Radio Monte Carlo Sankt Peterburg/LRTPC (SP)
106.30 RUS Radio Rekord Sankt Peterburg/LRTPC (SP)
107.00 RUS Radio Rossii (RR) Sankt Peterburg/LRTPC (SP)
107.80 RUS Russkoye Radio Sankt Peterburg/Olgino (SP)
These FM stations arrived only the wednesday late evening and the thursday morning, after mid day the rain started to be very strong and the TROPO signals disappeared TOTALLY from east direction (Russia)

On friday I listened signals coming from Estonia, around 140 km southern distant, this is quite normal reception on the Baltic coast.

94.50 Tallinn TV Tower Har ru Raadio 4 30kW RAADIO_ 22E4
95.30 Kohtla-Nomme Ida Raadio 4 in Russo 11, 3 kW 120 Km RAADIO_ 22E4
104.10 Tallinn TV Tower Har Vikerraadio 30 kW VIKER__ 22E1
105.40 Kohtla-Nomme Ida Vikerraadio 11, 2 kW VIKER__ 22E1
106.60 Tallinn TV Tower Har Klassikaraadio 30 kW KLASSIK 22E3

Finally this is the situation concerning the FM Finnish stations heard regularily in KUNGSBOLE / KING´S VILLAGE (Kotka area) 60° 34' 60" North , 26° 26' 60" East, local signals comes from KOTKA & PERNAJA & ANJALANKOSKI / SIPPOLA.

87.60 FIN Iskelma Heinola (ph) 74km WEB :
87.70 FIN Iskelma Kotka/Lankila-Ptl Telen Masto (ky) 31km
87.90 FIN YLE Radio Yksi Espoo - Esbo (uu) 60 kW 107km WEB :
88.40 FIN Radio Sputnik Porvoo - Borga/Teollis. Voiman Masto (iu) 48km
this station operates in Russian language only. WEB :
88.50 FIN YLE Radio Yksi Anjalankoski/Sippola (ky) 15 kW 36km
89.30 FIN Radio SuomiPOP Anjalankoski/Sippola (ky) 36km WEB :
89.50 FIN YLE Radio Yksi Pernaja - Perna (Loviisa) (iu) 3 kW 28km
90.00 FIN Radio Rock Anjalankoski/Sippola (ky) 10 kW 36km WEB :
90.30 FIN YLE Radio Peili Lahti - Lahtis/Radiomaki (ph) 62km WEB :
90.80 FIN Classic Radio Porvoo - Borga/Teollis. Voiman Masto (iu) 48km WEB :
91.00 FIN Radio Voima Jaala (Kouvola) (ky) 53km WEB :
91.40 FIN YLE Radio Peili Anjalankoski/Sippola (ky) 36km
91.90 FIN YleX Espoo - Esbo (uu) 60 kW 107km WEB :
92.30 FIN YleX Pernaja - Perna (Loviisa) (iu) 3 kW 28km
92.80 FIN YleX Anjalankoski/Sippola (ky) 15 kW 36km
93.20 FIN YLE Radio Yksi Hollola (Lahti - Lahtis) (ph) 50 kW 69km
93.50 FIN NRJ Porvoo - Borga/Teollis. Voiman Masto (iu) 48km WEB :
93.80 FIN NRJ Energy Kouvola (ky) 38km
94.00 FIN YLE Radio Suomi Espoo - Esbo (uu) 60 kW 107km
94.20 FIN Radio Aalto Lahti - Lahtis/Suurmaki (ph) 63km
94.70 FIN Radio Aalto Riihimaki (Hausjarvi)/Arolammi (kh) 84km
95.00 FIN YLE Radio Suomi Pernaja - Perna (Loviisa) (iu) 3 kW 28km
95.50 FIN YleX Hollola (Lahti - Lahtis) (ph) 50 kW 69km
95.70 FIN Radio Rock Hyvinkaa (uu) 86km
95.90 FIN YLE Radio Vega Porvoo - Borga (iu) 55km this station operates only in Swedish WEB :
96.20 FIN Radio Dei Anjalankoski/Sippola (ky) 36kmWEB :
96.60 FIN NRJ Energy Lahti - Lahtis (ph) 57km
96.90 FIN YLE Radio Suomi Anjalankoski/Sippola (ky) 15 kW 36km WEB :
97.50 FIN YLE Mondo Espoo - Esbo (uu) 10 kW 107km you may imagine my surprise to listen ITALIAN NEWS at 1200 UTC cause Radio Mondo relay also VATICAN RADIO news every day at 1200-1215 UTC, WRTH 2008 reports only relay from BBC, VOA, RFI, DW....
97.90 FIN YLE Radio Suomi Hollola (Lahti - Lahtis) (ph) 50 kW 69km
98.30 FIN YLE Radio Vega Pernaja - Perna (Loviisa) (iu) 3 kW 28km
98.60 FIN Radio Voima Lahti - Lahtis/Suurmaki (ph) 63km
98.90 FIN YLE Radio Extrem Espoo - Esbo (uu) 60 kW 107km this station operates only in Swedish language and for young people
99.50 FIN YLE Radio Vega Anjalankoski/Sippola (ky) 15 kW 36km
99.80 FIN Iskelma Porvoo - Borga/Teollis. Voiman Masto (iu) 48km
100.10 FIN Iskelmq Kouvola (ky) 38km
100.60 FIN YLE Radio Vega Hollola (Lahti - Lahtis) (ph) 50 kW 69km
101.10 FIN YLE Radio Vega Espoo - Esbo (uu) 60 kW 107km
101.50 FIN NRJ Energy Kotka/Lankila-Ptl Telen Masto (ky) 31km
101.50 FIN Groove FM Lahti - Lahtis/Suurmaki (ph) 63km WEB :
101.80 FIN Radio Aalto Jarvenpaa (uu) 72km
102.20 FIN YLE Radio Extrem Pernaja - Perna (Loviisa) (iu) 3 kW 28km WEB :
102.40 FIN Radio SuomiPOP Hollola (Lahti - Lahtis) (ph) 69km
102.70 FIN The Voice Anjalankoski/Sippola (ky) 30 kW 36kmWEB :
103.00 FIN Iskelma Lahti - Lahtis/Suurmaki (ph) 63km
103.40 FIN Radio SuomiPOP Mantsala/Etelainen Nmt-Masto (uu) 67km
103.70 FIN YLE Radio Peili Espoo - Esbo (uu) 60 kW 107km
104.40 FIN Radio Nova Hollola (Lahti - Lahtis) (ph) 50 kW 69km WEB :
104.90 FIN Radio Aalto Anjalankoski/Sippola (ky) 36km
105.20 FIN Radio Aalto Pernaja - Perna (Loviisa) (iu) 28km
105.70 FIN Radio Nova Anjalankoski/Sippola (ky) 30 kW 36km
106.20 FIN Radio Nova Espoo - Esbo (uu) 60 kW 107km
106.40 FIN Radio Dei Hollola (Lahti - Lahtis) (ph) 69km
107.20 FIN Radio Sputnik Kotka/Lankila-Ptl Telen Masto (ky) 31km
107.40 FIN Classic Radio Hollola (Lahti - Lahtis) (ph) 69km

Well I think with these informations you may look at the most importants networks in Finland, as you may see 87.5 MHz is free in Finland and may be monitored to look at Esporadics if you are listening in Summertime, in the land of the 1000 lakes..... however the end of August is surely too late to try Esporadics.

Tarmo Kontro very kindly also provided me with great equipments :
a Perseus + Table-top PC Fujitsu-Siemens (about 1.8 GHz – 1 Mb mem. + 250 GB HD) & SDR-14 & IQ + a communications receiver Icom R9000.......
Here you may read a comparative report compiled by Tarmo Kontro :
I already had the possibility to TEST and to utilize these PC receivers at the Bocca di Magra listenings Dx nights in Italy together my Dx-friend Giampiero Bernardini. See pls the following WEBs for more details :


So thanks to these good equipments I listened the 28-29 August at 1800-2000 UTC some very interesting MW signals :
1566 HLAZ Korea South at evening
1413 JOIF Japan at evening
846 The Voice of KUANG HUA, Taiwan at evening (846 RAI ROMA DRM was off the air !!!!!)

After 0000 UTC on 28 August USA & Canada!!! for almost 3 hours.
18 TX Identified :
1390 WEGP Presque Isle ME (now with 10 kW a real powerhouse)
1130 WBBR New York NY "This is WBBR New York Bloomberg"
1520 WWKB Buffalo NY "KB RADIO 15-20"
1500 WFED Washington DC still giving old ID "3WT"
1560 WQEW New York NY super strong, Radio Disney
1400 CBG Gander, Canada, Relay CBC RadioOne
1660 WWRU Jersey City, NJ Korean language programme
1620 WTAW College Station, Bryan, Texas, NEWS TALK programme
1010 WINS New York NY News Radio
1030 WBZ Boston MA "WBZ 10-30 News Radio"
1410 WPOP Hartford CT "ESPN 14-10"
1470 WLAM Lewiston ME, ESPN SPORTS
1540 WDCD Albany NY, "LIFE 15-40 RADIO"
1540 CHIN Toronto ON, Canada, Italian programme !!! up/down WDCD
1570 CFAV Laval, QC, Canada, French songs
1700 WJCC Miami, FL, programme in Spanish
1440 WJAE Westbrook ME "The Big Jab SPORT Radio"

Same night 28 August after 0300 UTC some Brasilians identified :
1570 Radio Sociedade AM, Espigao, Rondonia, Brasil. (250 watts).
740 ZYH446 Radio Sociedade da Bahia, Salvador
1300 Radio Rede Boa Vontade, Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul programme "A voz da Liberaçao"
1340 ZYK227 CBN, Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Id "CBN"
1390 ZYK209 Radio Esperanca, Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul
1400 ZYJ462 Radio Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro
1430 ZYK707 R Imaculada Conceiçao, Sao Roque, SaoPaulo
1470 ZYK632 R Primavera, Porto Ferreira, Sao Paulo
1520 ZYK614 R Tupi, Mogi das Cruzes, Sao Paulo
1570 ZYK651 R ABC, Santo Andre, Sao Paulo

Really an emotion to use the Perseus PC and to may "relisten" the spectrum on the MW you have monitored ........ for 30 minutes.........

Also the listenings in the afternoon of the 28 August offered some Fantastics
for me, listenings :
1386 AIR GWALIOR, INDIA 10 kW !!!
1242 AIR VARANASI, INDIA...on 1241, 985 kHz ! 100 kW
4749, 96 RRI MAKASSAR at 1759 with ID and LOVE AMBON sounds
1566 AIR NAGPUR, INDIA 1000 kW like a local station
1557 WYFR, Kouhu, TAIWAN, 300 kW IDs in English like a local station
1413 JOIF Fukuoka, Kyushu Asahi Hoso (KBC) JAPAN!!! 50 kW my first Japanese station heard on MW in Europe !!!!!
1566 HLAZ, Jeju, South KOREA, (Far Eastern Broadcasting Company, FEBC) QRK5!!!!!!! IMPRESSIONANTE.......

The evening dinner thanks to Tarmo has been his speciality "Smoken Salmon" with with forests fruits and turkish grapes ...... very good taste for me. With a Finnish Valkoviini (White wine) !!!!!!

The following night (after some hours of sleeping...thanks the Valkoviini !!! hi) I had another DXING session at around 0230-0315 UTC (the fade out time in the area is around 0315 UTC cause the sunrise is at 0305 UTC) this is 0605 local Finnish time.........outsde the cottage just +5°C temperature !!! ...... and TOILET SERVICE is only outside in the groovin Forest !!!!! WOOOWWWW !!!

These the stations identified : the opening mainly to Venezuela and Colombia !
1390 YVZA Radio Fe y Alegria, Caracas, Venezuela, ID
1410 YVST Radio Turen, El Tocuyo, Venezuela, ID
1380 YVNG Ondas del Mar, Puerto Cabello, Venezuela, ID
1460 HJJW Nuevo Continente, SF de Bogotà, Colombia, QRK 4!!!!!
1470 YVJW Latinisima 1470, Valencia, Venezuela
1470 YVSY Radio Vibracion, Carupano, Venezuela
1450 YVKJ Radio Maria Venezuela, Caracas, Venezuela
1470 Radio CPN, Lima, Peru, ID news
1470 XEAI, Radio Formula, Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico, ID
1490 HJAY Radio Vida Nueva, Barranquilla, Colombia
1500 YVRZ Radio 2000, Cumanà, Venezuela, ID
1500 Radio Santa Rosa, Lima, Peru
1500 XEOI Radio Formula, Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico
1500 HJLJ Radio Sonora 1500 AM, Cali, Colombia
1500 HJUV Radio Maria, Manizales, Colombia
1520 YVIC Radio Bonita, Guatirè, Venezuela
1520 HJLQ Radio Minuto, Barranquilla, Colombia
1540 Radio BAHAMAS !!!!!! in English
1550 HJCB R El Sol, Barranquilla, Colombia
1580 HJQT Radio Mar, SF de Bogotà, Colombia
1580 HJQZ Radio Maria, Barranquilla, Colombia
............ I really remained estonished for so many rare catches, taped in the Perseus PC receiver ....... and thanks to Tarmo to help to compile the list.

The 29 August partly cloudy day, with moderate cold winds from north, we visited first the Public Library of Kotka, about 8 km far from the cottage. Yes in Finland the internet service is totally free in all the public libraries !!!! So I had time to look at my emails and to send first report of my travel.

Unfortunatly the summertime was yet gone, so no tourists, and almost all closed, except an horrible "KAIKKI TYYPIT" Pizzeria Turkish Pub, where apart Turkish Kebab Pizzas, they also sell post cards .... 5 Euro each one !! it seems "idiots" Russian tourists buy them !!! but it sounds incredible to me ......... hi!!!!!

After we went to Kouvola, a summer touristic place 40 km far from the cottage. The town of Kouvola has an interesting future life plan, see pls the

At 1400 hours we went to see the Museum of Radio of KOUVOLA,
See pls WEB
Address: Pajaraitti 1, FIN-45100 Kouvola, Finland

Tarmo kept a meeting time with the man in charge of the Museum, so we had the possibility to visit it, the Museum is very clever organized, each room offer the view of how people lived and listened or enjoyed music : from 1910-1920-1930-1940-1950-1960-1970-1980......... at superior floor there is the listening room and HAM amatorial transmitting station of the Museum, so we got some postcards souvenir of the Museum (they are sold for free offer of the visitors) more old radio receivers are located in a big house in front of the Museum, there is also the repairement section, so they are able to restore many receivers of the past century....... there are also some marine receivers, Russian Marine, and old Mixer of YLE Radio Kouvola.
Really a good visit ....looking at how first Dxers or just normal listeners enjoyed to listen distant radio signals, in the past century.
See pls
LINKS of Finland Museums English text informations
We thanked a lot Mr. Pentti for the time and assistence wishing long life to the Museum and to their friends who take care its life with great attention and a lot of passion !

So we went to another interesting new experience for me : SAUNA & DXing ! This the program friday evening : "Sauna-DX" near Kouvola, in the forest and 2 little lakes with 3 utility beacon dxers, with possibly a BOG antenna in the lake or longwire in the forest.
Naturally I did not took part to the Sauna .....meeting ! but however I enjoy the sausages grilled on granite stones, and potates....less the beacon utility Dxing ! ha ha ha !!!!!!


Back to the Cottage, of Tarmo, but conditions not so good to MW, noisy QRN statics, cause storms in central Europe, the following morning at 0245-0315 just the usual SW tropical stations in 60 meters........ from Brasil and Peru.

4755 BRAZIL R Imaculada Conceiçao, Campo Grande MS
4765 BRAZIL R Rural, Santarem, Parà
4774.96 PERU R Tarma, Tarma
4790.20 PERU R Vision, Distrito Josè Leonardo Ortiz, Chiclayo
4805 BRAZIL R Dif do Amazonas, Manaus, AM
4826 PERU R Sicuani, Sicuani Cusco
4845.2 BRAZIL R Cultura, Manaus, AM
4885 BRAZIL R Clube do Parà, Belem, Parà
4895 BRAZIL R Novo Tempo, Campo Grande, MS
4905 BRAZIL R Anhanguera, Araguaina, TO
4915 BRAZIL R Difusora, Macapà, Amapà
4925 BRAZIL R Educaçao Rural, Tefè, Amazonas
4985 BRAZIL R Brasil Central, Goiania, Goias
5035 BRAZIL R Aparecida, Aparecida, SP
5045 BRAZIL R Guaruja Paulista, SP

If you want to contact Tarmo and know more about his listening activity or futures plans for Winter Dx Camps in Finland here his postal address: Tarmo Kontro, Kymenlaakson AMK, University of Applied Sciences, PL 9, FIN-48401 Kotka, Finland. Email :

Well this concluded my listenings in the South Finland. Tarmo kindly took me to Kouvola to take the Intercity train to go to Kajaani, Second Class tickect for 450 km departure at 0945 arrival at 1450 hours....price 53 Euro. Good service, Good train, with reserved seat included in the price.

Thanks a lot Tarmo for the great days spent at your cottage !
hope to may be again in the most active DXING country of the planet ! Finland.

Some rains in the long travel, but luckly no rain at arrival in Kajaani rail station, last stop of the Intercity. Simo Soininen was waiting for my arrival with his usual smiling and Latin humour, and official language becomed soon CASTELLANO ! yes cause Simo loves Latin America !

Kajaani is located in Central Finland, not far from the Karelia area, now belonging to Russia, but for some centuries a landbelonging to Sweden kingdom, Coordinate 64° 13' 30" NORTH, 27° 44' 0" EAST.
The town is on the lake Oulujaarvi and is well served by train and by Bus service. WEB : or photos and WEB CAMs :
The town is surronded by forests and the main industry is the paper worked, all the forests however are always replanted so the area is very green. The cottage of friend Simo is located 19 km far from the city, and is in the meaddle of a forest of pines, no electricity, no television, the light at night is coming from hundreds of lanterns !!!!!! originals from the XVII till XIX century...... and naturally batteries for the frizeer and there is warm water, the cottage is always under complete rebuilding, for exemple the roof in special material.
This is another of the hobbies of Simo, he has many perfect running receivers from the 1930 till 1995 .....
At my arrival Mrs Pirkko wife of Simo warmly told me Tervetuolla !!! Simo has also an outside Sauna building near the lake (30 meters) but again I did not tested this kind (for me) of turture !!!! ha ha ha........
The wood & homasote help to get warm the rooms in cold winters, with 2 meters snow ourside and less -30°C outside !
The silence is total ! so you may listen the mediumwave with no noise !!!!!! From 29 August till 04 September I had many fantastic catches ! just utilizing a perfect running original GRUNDIG SATELLIT 650 INTERNATIONAL ....the good receiver of the epopea of Grundig made in Portugal !!!!! not the new modern ones produced-shit in Taiwan.....
As antenna an outdoor wire 200 meters East/West direction. Cause no electricity also no phone line at cottage but naturally cellular phone permitted to be in contact with the planet .... but no internet ! However Simo has also an apartment in Kajaani so I had internet service then we visited Kajaani the following days.

Here a list of the most interesting catches (for me, southern Dx-man coming from the Mediterranean area, where you may only dream to listen to some MW far east stations, at armchair levels.........!!!!)

1232 1815-1820 RMC MOYEN ORIENT phone calls ID "Salaaam Monte Carlo" QRK 4
1539 1825-1830 RTD Djibouti in // 4780 QRK 4-5
1287 1835-1840 GALEI ZAHAL in // 1368 & // 6975 QRK 4-5
1566 1915-1920 HLAZ Korea South in Korean QRK 4-5 !!! look like to be in SEOUL town !!!!!!
1557 1925-1930 WYFR Taiwan World of God in EE QRK 4-5 another signal booming in my ears !!!
1359 1940-1945 CHINA in // 4800 & 1377 QRK 3-4

1566 1545-1550 AIR NAGPUR INDIA QRK 4-5

01 september
1467 0020-0045 IRAN RAMADAN special // 1503, 1512, 1566, 1584, 1593, 1602... & other 30 frequencies !!!!
1390 0040-0050 MIX from Colombia, Venezuela & WEGP ESPN sport EE
1395 0100-0105 R. YEREVAN, ARMENIA, ID, News, Music, QRK 4-5
1350 1830-1835 JOER CHUNGOKU HOSO, HIROSHIMA, JAPAN, 20 kW +TWR GAVAR ARMENIA + HUNGARY + China .... but Japan dominating for 15 minutes
1242 1840-1845 JOLF NIPPON HOSO TOKYO 100 kW, "POP JAPANAESE" & Konnichiwa talks phone calls + FRANCE + MINSK + IRAN, but dominating JAPAN siply ....IMPRESSIVE and UNICUM in my life !!!!!
1413 1855-1900 JOIF ASAHI HOSO, FUKUOKA, 50 kW,
JAPAN, morning show IDs Jingles + Moscow greek progr. relay in Moldova + BBC relay Muscat in EE
1566 1905-1910 FEBC KOREA SOUTH HLAZ 250 kW, in Korean, IDs dominanting over INDIA AIR Nagpur 1000 kW.
1557 1915-1920 WYFR TAIWAN 300 kW dominating !!!! over France Nice weaker + Moscow Baltic Relay TX .
1503 1920-1925 WYFR TAIWAN TX Fagliao, 600 kW !! totally incredible signals (for me ! naturally) QRK 5 !!!!! in // 1557 kHz.
1170 1950-1955 Radio CAPODISTRIA, radio teatro, in Italian, dominating the channel QRK 4-5 !!!!!
1116 2000-2010 CHINA CNR5 relay 600 kw + RAI ITALY RAI 1 relay (but weaker) + Hungary
1098 2030-2035 RTI TAIWAN Talks CBS KOUHU 600 kW QRK 4-5 !!!!! usually in Italy I get just RNE 5 SPAIN.
1089 2040-2045 CHINA CNR 6 talks, same TX as 1116 kHz + UK Radio Newstalk more weaker. QRK 4-5
891 2130-2135 Radio YUNOST tx Petrozavodsk, 20 kW, a station nation wide with very good Techno POP program QRK 4-5
846 2140-2145 TAIWAN VOICE of KUANGHUA TX KUANIIN 250 kW, NO TRACES of BLOODY DRM of RAI Roma 846 OFF for TX troubles as usually .... QRK 4-5
828 2150-2155 JOBB NHK 2, OSAKA, Japan, 300 kW + ARAB Station Morocco ? QRK 3-4
774 2158-2205 JOUB NHK 2 Akita, Japan, 500 kW, ID, Jingle, News + VARNA Bulgaria + Iran + ARAB Station QRK 2-3
531 2210-2245 FOROIES RADIO, UTVARP FOROYA, in Danish slang language + IRAN station breaking the balls + very weak Switzerland QRK 3-5
1287 2250-2259 Radio YUNOST tx YAZYKOVO, 50 kW, POP DISCO MIX from a Discotek live ....... look like an FM station in Italy... QRK 4-5

02 september
1566 0225-0230 County Sound, UK + BBC relay Radio 5 TX Somerset (no local program at this time) QRK 3-5
1620 0235-0255 AM 690 Mar del Plata, Argentina, news "Reportero del dia asunto dedicado a Rodolfo Galimberti por abusos sexuales ....." QRK 3-4 !!!!
1630 0245-0310 AM RESTAURACION, HURLINGHAM, Argentina, "Una radio con mucho amor" IDs programacion religiosa
1660 0255-0315 Radio HOSANNA AM, Ezeiza, Argentina, religious songs, rare IDs.
1690 0305-0310 AM APOCALIPSIS II, San Justo, Argentina 1 kW, "locuras" en Castellano .....
1669, 5 0308-0320 Radio BETHEL, Banfield, Argentina, Religious messages.
1640 0312-0317 VERY BAD MODULTATION, presumed Radio Bolivia, Buenos Aires, Argentina, talks
1666 0322-0327 UNID Argentina, religious talks no stop.
All with QRK 2-3 except 1620 kHz QRK 3-4 !!!!!!!!

7 X-Band radio stations from Argentina, a real opening to LA PLATA area .... Solar flux 66 !!!!! but a coronal hole started the 03 September effected the reception of MW ! In fact Tarmo Kontro in Haapavesi the evening 04 September with SMS cellular alerted us to look in the sky to an AURORA BOREALIS at around 1945 UTC and I had the possibility to see it, colors violet/green .... A-index WWA value the 04 September jumped up to 33 !


Lot of rain outside and temperatures around +3°C at night/early morning, 11°C max at daylight.
Here more listenings ......... the great listenings !!!!!

03 September 2008
1620 0040....0315 AM 690 Mar del Plata, Argentina, news, sport, songs, ids : "Desde Mar del Plata, Provincia de Buenos Aires, transmite AM 690 AIRE LIBRE" fantastic identification !!!! QRK 2-4
4716 0045...0108 Radio Yura, Yura, Bolivia, avisos y dedicatorias. "para su papa de su primo..." QRK 2-4 !
4409 0050-0054 Radio Eco, Reyes, Bolivia, melodics songs, ID QRK 2-3
4699v 0055-0059 Radio San Miguel, Riberalta, Bolivia, Id, Adverts better in USB. QRK 2-3
4747v 0105-0109 Radio Huanta 2000, Huanta, Peru, News & Adverts QRK 2-3
4826v 0110-0114 Radio Sicuani, Cusco, Peru, News de la Federacion de los medios de la prensa Peruana. QRK 2-3
4845 0115-0119 Radio Cultura AM, Manaus, Brasil, ID, Melodics songs. No trace of R. Mauritania, closing before.
4885 0120...0310 Radio Clube Para, Belem, Brasil, Songs, Ids, News "tecnologia Madza" "Autoclub Belem" QRK 3-4
4905 0120-0124 Radio Araguaina, Brasil, Palavras de Deus. they are active all night again ! QRK 3-4
4915 0125-0129 Radio Difusora Macapa, Amapa, Brasil. so Radio CBN Anhanguera is OFF air . QRK 3-4
4925 0130-0134 Radio Educacao Rural, Tefè, Brasil. Religious Songs. QRK 2-3
4985 0135....0257 Radio Brasil Central, Goiania, Brasil, Religious programs. QRK 3-4
5952, 5 0140-0159 Radio Pio XII, Siglo XX, Bolivia, Program in AYMARA language, Advert, "Todos unidos sin compromisos" QRK 2-4 splash from 5950.
1390 0204-0210 WEGP Presque Isle, Maine, USA, sport baseball ESPN. + 3 stations all mix up ...QRK 1-3
4775 0301-0305 Radio Tarma, Peru, ID "Radio Tarrrrrmmaaaa enformando con las noticias nacionales y internacionales...."
5035 0308-0312 Radio Aparecida, SS Aparecida, Brasil, palabras de DEUS . QRM utility station QRK 1-3
5045 0315-0318 Radio Guaruja Paulista, SP, Brasil, Relay of Radio Guaruja Paulista FM musica bras. QRK 1-3
4790 0325-0332 Radio Vision, Chiclayo, Peru. Palabras de Dios. CODAR utility NOISE, Riberalta, Bolivia, Id, Adverts

03 September 2008

1521 1535-1540 China, Urumqui, R.China "Govorit Peking" Russian + QRM Russian station. QRK 3-4
1539 1545-1550 China CNR 1, relay home service // 4800 + QRM VOA relay Djibouti, service to Gulf area. QRK 2-4
1476 1555-1600* Radio Thailand, Lamphun, 50 kw, YL, ID, Anthem. QRK 2-3 free channel !!!
1242 1605-1655* Voice of Vietnam, Hanoi, 2000 kW, English Overseas service...they annonce in this way, YL news, program info. QRK 3-5. Usually in Italy the channel is blocked by France.
1107 1615-1620 Radio Kabul, Afghanistan, national service, 400 kW, info sport report. QRK 3-4 !!!
1557 1625-1630 TAIWAN, Taipei, WYFR "the sound of the new life" slogan repeated many times, English program. 300 kW. QRK 4-5 !!!
1242 1655-1659 AIR VARANASI, INDIA, 100 kW, Service to Pakistan, free channel after Voice of Vietnam close down. QRK 3-4
1107 1710-1713 CHINA 120 kW TAJIK service QRK 2-3
1296 1714...1946 VOA relay KABUL, Afghanistan in Afghani/EE 400 kW incredible (for me) signals QRK 4-5 !!!!
1188 1716-1720 CHINA 300 kw Yunnan TX over/down KOREA SOUTH HLKX FEBC relay Seoul + DW relay in Russian language (usually dominating in Italy) QRK 2-4
1134 1721-1733 CHINA CNR1 1200 kW !! + JAPAN JOOR Tokyo 100 kW with Japanese modern songs + UNID Russia Mayak relay .... no traces of the BLOODY HRT Croazia usually BOOMING in Milano ...hi!! QRK 2-4
1116 1724-1726 CHINA CNR5 600 kW Advertisings, Dj live + INDIA AIR SRINAGAR KASHMIR special program for RAMADAN !!! + Russia dominating at times. QRK 2-4
1017 1728-1732 JAPAN, JOLB, Fukuoka, NHK 2, 50 kW + TRT Turkey weaker !!! QRK 2-3
1008 1734-1739 CHINA CNR1, 200 kW, nice folk songs Chinese + TAIWAN CBS Lukang, 600 kW + BEACON beep beeeep ... QRK 2-4 naturally no traces from the Netherlands !!! on 1008 kHz
990 1740-1743 INDIA AIR JAMMU, 300 kW + IRAN IRIB. QRK 2-3
981 1744-1745 TAIWAN VOICE of KUANGHUA 250 kW + CHINA 200 kW relay QRK 2-3
900 1750-1759 IRAN TEHRAN, IRIB, in Farsi + RUSSIA Mayak. QRK know what I have in Milano on 900 kHz ????
882 1800-1814 SRI LANKA, TWR Puttalam, 400 kW, in EE, beautiful girl voice of an exotic girl .... QRK 3-4 .... for me the MAXIMUM ..SRI LANKA on MW
729 1818-1823 Radio ZVEDZA, SAMARA, Russia, perfect ID !!! 50 kW. hope in August 2009 to visit Samara in next travel odisseya 2009. QRK 3-4

11925 2007-2009 R. Bandeirantes, Sao Paulo, Brasil, ID, news.QRK 2-3
11815 2015-2020 R. Brasil Central, Goiania, Brasil, ID. QRK 3-4
11830 2021-2024 R. CBN Anhanguera, Goiania, Brasiol, news. QRK 2-3
11780 2003-2025 R. Nacional Brasilia, Brasil, news. QRK 2-4

04 Septiembre 2008
5910 0130-0140 Radio Marfil Estereo, Lomalinda, Colombia, palabra de Dios, QRK 3-4
5952, 5 0120-0129 Radio Pio XII, Siglo XX, Bolivia, noticias de los trabajadores Mineros de la region Potosi, in AYMARA, QRK 2-4
6035 0140-0148 LA VOZ DEL GUAVIARE, COLOMBIA, ID & boleros bailables. QRK 3-4 channel but KRIK KRAK noise, cause big storms located in France & Germany, and the wave shoching from the coronal hole which started the night before from the sun.
1584 0215-0230 Cadena Ser "el larguero" + Radio OLE´CEUTA, anuncios "ESTAS CON RADIO OLE´" Musica Flamenca muy bonita + Radio Studio X, Momigno, Italia !!! songs of Lucio Dalla & Police ... 3 stations UP & DOWN .... QRK 1-4
1602 0300-0315 CADENA SER + Radio Vitoria Euskadi, ID, News in Espanol + Radio Waddenzee Hollanda, POP MUSIC. QRK 1-4

2nd September visit to Sotkamo/Vuokatti.

Luckly the weather becomed more warm and even sunny after the 2nd September, so thanks to Simo, I had the possibility to visit the YLE transmitting station located at Sotkamo-Voukatti, 40 km distant from the cottage, the Antenna mast is on an hill and there is a good view point, cause the central Finland is mainly a plate territory, so you havea very large skyline view, which geave to you the beauty of the nature. Unfortunatly the RF signals did not let listen distant signals with my portable DEGEN 1103 cause too much nearer the Transmitter. Simo took the meeting appointment time, with the Chief Engineer of the Sotkamo YLE station, usually it is not allowed to private to visit it. The visit was very much detailled and we seen the equipments and the room of the electric power supply. We also had the special authorisation to do some photos, and you may see all them in the carpet photos of this report. I also got some YLE paper map post card, some old YLE 50 years post card, and a very rare 20 years old YLE Kuopio sticker and a Radio Kajaus stickers (5 years old) and a nice postcard with same logo....

This the list of the radio stations operating from Sotkamo/Vuokatti :
88.800 Sotkamo/Vuokatti ka fi NRJ Energy s 1 kW N h 293 28e15/64n07
92.300 Sotkamo/Vuokatti ka fi YLE Radio Yksi s 60 kW N h 293 28e15/64n07
94.300 Sotkamo/Vuokatti ka fi YleX s 60 kW N h 293 28e15/64n07
95.400 Sotkamo/Vuokatti ka fi Radio Kajaus s 1 kW N v 293 28e15/64n07
98.900 Sotkamo/Vuokatti ka fi YLE Radio Suomi Kainuun R s 60 kW N h 293 28e15/64n07
105.700 Sotkamo/Vuokatti ka fi Radio Nova s 60 kW N h 293 28e15/64n07

I had a real great time cause in mid august I listened in the Crimea coast the 92.3 MHz and the 94.3 MHz transmitters !!!!!! and after 3 weeks time I visited the station TX place I listened !!!!!! Another reason to say this travel is an historical milestone for my listenings activities

2nd September a sunny afternoon in the Kajaani area, so Simo shown to me the most importants buildings of the city and the old little port on the lake area and crossed by the Oulojoki river, and the castle ruines after the Russian invasion of 1716 year.

We had also time to visit the local commercial radio station Radio Kajaus. the map show the coverage area, they are heard also in the Russian Karelia territory with a relay TX covering Kostamus.
95, 7 MHz Kajaani, Paltamo, Vuolijoki, Vaala, (Sukeva, Sonkajaarvi, Iisalmi);
95, 4 MHz Sotkamo, Valtimo, (Nurmes); 103, 2 MHz Kuhmo;
87, 9 MHz Suomussalmi; 90, 9 MHz Puolanka, Hyrynsalmi (Pudasjaarvi);
101, 8 MHz Kuusamo, Taivalkoski, Posio, Salla (Paajaarvi Venaajaallaa)
104, 7 MHz Kostamus, Kuhmo pohjoisosat.
Their Address :
Kainuun Paikallisradio Oy Kajaus, Kauppakatu 21, Pl 230, FIN-87101 KAJAANI
Email :
No problem to visit their offices and studios, the program director Mr. Kyoosti Klemetti, Email : kindly offered the souvenir T-shirt black with a white logo, they sell it for 20 Euros !!!!!!!!! but no stickers unfortunatly.
We also do some photos with Miss Miia presenting the program "Kajauksen nettihitti".
Really friendly station ....if you will visit the area don't forget to see it.


3 September visit to YLE Kainuun Radio in Kajaani.
We went to the Kajaani Simo's apartment, so I had another session of internet and I sent some messages, I also had time to look at the Simo complete collection of the DX-Kuuntelijat magazines from 1958-1972 is a fashion collection, there are many fantastics reproductions, and to see year after year the most listened radio stations, the gadgets many radio stations from south america usually sent to the Dxers with no problems........ pennants, qsl cards, stickers....... now no more !!!!!! In the early afternoon we visited YLE Kainuun Radio, Simo took the meeting time with a phonecall, so we arrived welcome by the Director Jura Tarvasaho, his origins are from Georgia, and after 46 years in YLE he will go soon retired, very friendly talks, and we had times to do photos and visit the modern studios, and I also boughts some pins and badges, and key chains of YLE and also 2 T-shirts ! from Mrs Arja who is in charge of the marketing office, she works at YLE from 1974.
Email : Address :
YLE Kainuun Radio, Loonnrotinkatu 14 B, PL 111, FIN-87101 Kajaani.
Frequencies : Vuokatti 98.9 MHz, Taivalkoski 103, 6 MHz.
Mr. Jura kindly offered to me some souvenirs from YLE and I geave to him a good quantity of Italian Radio Stations Stickers.
The building YLE is near the central city area, and it is easy to find it if you will visit Kajaani town in your next travel to Finland.

FM BAND SCAN from the Cottage in the Forest :
Receiver DEGEN 1103 with FM filters 80 & 110 kHz
Coordinate 64° 13' 30" NORTH, 27° 44' 0" EAST.
30 August till 04 September

MHz program transmitter kW Distance
87.60h FIN YLE Radio Yksi Posio (la) 30 182km
87.70h FIN YLE Radio Yksi Iisalmi (ps) 2 84km
87.80h FIN YLE Radio Suomi Haapavesi (pp) 30 106km
87.90 FIN Radio Kajaus Suomussalmi (ka) 1 92km
88.10h FIN YLE Radio Peili Kuopio (ps) 5 182km
88.20h FIN YLE Radio Yksi Rovaniemi/Vennivaara (la) 30 257km
88.60h FIN YLE Radio Yksi Pihtipudas (ks) 50 148km
88.80h FIN NRJ Energy Sotkamo/Vuokatti (ka) 1 49km LOCAL TX
89.00h FIN YLE Radio Yksi Haapavesi (pp) 30 106km
89.20h FIN YLE Radio Yksi Taivalkoski (pp) 60 113km
89.30 FIN Iskelma Rovaniemi (la) 1 248km
89.50v FIN Radio Salminen Iisalmi (ps) 1 84km
90.10h FIN YleX Lapua - Lappo (ep) 60 270km
90.20h FIN YLE Radio Yksi Koli (Lieksa) (pk) 30 185km
90.40h FIN YLE Radio Yksi Oulu - Uleåborg (Kiiminki) (pp) 50 104km
90.50v FIN Jaarviradio Pylkonmaaki (ks) 5 229km
90.90v FIN Radio Kajaus Hyrynsalmi/Karpinvaara (ka) 1 51km LOCAL TX
91.10h FIN YleX Pihtipudas (ks) 50 148km
91.30h S SR P1 Kalix/Laangtraaskryggen TM (no) 60 252km TROPO SWEDEN
91.40h FIN YLE Radio Yksi Kruunupyy - Kronoby (po) 19 202km
91.50h FIN YleX Posio (la) 30 182km
91.60h FIN YLE Radio Yksi Kuopio (ps) 50 182km
91.70h S SR P2 Overkalix/Grelsbyberget TM (no) 3 15 300km TROPO SWEDEN
91.90h FIN YleX Taivalkoski (pp) 60 113km
92.30h FIN YLE Radio Yksi Sotkamo/Vuokatti (ka) 60 49km LOCAL TX
92.60h FIN YleX Tervola (la) 30 231km
92.80h FIN YleX Iisalmi (ps) 2 84km
93.10h FIN YLE Radio Suomi Lapua - Lappo (ep) 60 270km
93.20h FIN YleX Oulu - Uleåborg (Kiiminki) (pp) 50 104km
93.40h FIN YleX Koli (Lieksa) (pk) 30 185km
93.60h S SR P2 Kalix/Laangtraaskryggen TM (no) 60 252km TROPO SWEDEN
***93.70 FIN NRJ Kajaani-Kajana (ka) 0, 5 23km LOCAL TX
93.90h FIN YleX Kuopio (ps) 50 182km
94.00h FIN YleX Kruunupyy - Kronoby (po) 19 202km
94.30h FIN YleX Sotkamo/Vuokatti (ka) 60 49km LOCAL TX
94.60 FIN NRJ Energy Taivalkoski (pp) 1 113km
94.90h FIN YleX Kiihtelysvaara (Joensuu) (pk) 5 268km
95.20h FIN YLE Radio Extrem Lapua - Lappo (ep) 60 270km
95.40v FIN Radio Kajaus Sotkamo/Vuokatti (ka) 1 49km LOCAL TX
95.70v FIN Radio Kajaus Kajaani - Kajana (ka) 0.5 23km LOCAL TX
96.10h FIN YleX Haapavesi (pp) 30 106km
96.20v FIN Classic Radio Lapua - Lappo (ep) 1 ??? 270km
96.30v FIN Radio SuomiPOP Kajaani - Kajana (ka) 1 23km LOCAL TX
96.50h FIN YLE Radio Suomi Iisalmi (ps) 2 73km
96.70h FIN YLE Radio Suomi Rovaniemi/Vennivaara (la) 30 278km
97.00h FIN YLE Radio Suomi Pihtipudas (ks) 50 145km
97.30h FIN YLE Radio Suomi Oulu - Uleaaborg (Kiiminki) (pp) 50 104km
97.50 FIN YLE Radio Peili Lapua - Lappo (ep) 1 270km
97.60h FIN YLE Radio Suomi Kruunupyy - Kronoby (po) 19 202km
97.80v FIN Iskelmaa Aahtari - Etseri (ep) 1 270km
97.90h S SR P3 Kalix/Laangtraaskryggen TM (no) 60 252km TROPO SWEDEN
98.10h FIN YLE Radio Suomi Kuopio (ps) 50 182km
98.40h FIN YLE Radio Suomi Haapavesi (pp) 30 106km
98.60h FIN YLE Radio Suomi Posio (la) 30 182km
98.70 FIN Iskelmaa Oulu - Uleaaborg (Kiiminki) (pp) 1 104km
98.90h FIN YLE Radio Suomi Sotkamo/Vuokatti (ka) 60 49km LOCAL TX
99.10h FIN YLE Radio Suomi Kerimaaki (es) 30 281km
99.20h FIN YLE Radio Suomi Taivalkoski (pp) 60 113km
99.60h FIN YLE Radio Suomi Koli (Lieksa) (pk) 30 185km
99.70h FIN YLE Radio Extrem Kruunupyy - Kronoby (po) 19 202km
99.90m FIN YLE Radio Suomi Pyhaatunturi (Pelkosenniemi) (la) 50 295km
100.10v FIN NRJ Energy Tervola (la) 1 231km
100.20h FIN YLE Radio Vega Kuopio (ps) 50 182km
100.30h FIN YLE Radio Vega Oulu - Uleaaborg (Kiiminki) (pp) 50 104km
100.40 FIN Radio Rock Lapua - Lappo (ep) 1 270km
100.80h FIN YLE Radio Vega Pihtipudas (ks) 50 148km
101.20 FIN YLE Radio Peili Sotkamo/Vuokatti (ka) 1 49km LOCAL TX
101.40v FIN The Voice Oulu - Uleaaborg/Hirsikangas (pp) 1 111km
101.50h FIN YLE Radio Vega Lapua - Lappo (ep) 60 270km
101.60 FIN YLE Radio Peili Tornio - Torneaa (Kemi) (la) 1 216km
101.90 FIN YLE Radio Peili Haapavesi (pp) 1 106km
102.20h S SR P4 Kalix/Laangtraaskryggen TM (no) 60 252km TROPO SWEDEN
102.40h FIN YLE Radio Vega Koli (Lieksa) (pk) 30 185km
102.70h FIN YLE Radio Vega Kruunupyy - Kronoby (po) 19 202km
102.80v FIN The Voice Kajaani - Kajana (ka) 1 23km LOCAL TX
102.90h S SR P4 Aalvsbyn/Braannberget TM (no) 60 346km TROPO SWEDEN MOST DISTANT SIGNAL RECEIVED IN THE KAJAANI FOREST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
103.10h FIN The Voice Iisalmi (ps) 2 84km
103.20v FIN Radio Kajaus Kuhmo/Kanninlampi (ka) 1 109km
103.30v FIN Radio Pooki Haapavesi (pp) 1 106km
***103.40 FIN YLE Radio Peili - Pello 1 ??? ???km
103.60h FIN YLE Radio Suomi Taivalkoski (pp) 60 113km
103.90h S SR P4 Skelleftea/Praastfaabodsberget TM (vb) 60 331km TROPO SWEDEN
104.10h FIN Radio Nova Haapavesi (pp) 30 106km
104.30h FIN Radio Nova Koli (Lieksa) (pk) 30 185km
104.70v FIN Radio Kajaus Kuhmo/Vartius (ka) 1 124km
104.80h FIN Radio Nova Oulu - Uleaaborg (Kiiminki) (pp) 50 104km
105.00h FIN Radio Nova Taivalkoski (pp) 60 113km
105.30v FIN Radio SuomiPOP Kuopio/Puijo (ps) 1 163km
105.40v FIN The Voice Lapua - Lappo (ep) 0.2 ????? 270km
105.50h FIN Radio Nova Rovaniemi/Vennivaara (la) 30 257km
105.70h FIN Radio Nova Sotkamo/Vuokatti (ka) 60 49km LOCAL TX
105.80h FIN Radio Nova Jyvaaskylaa/Taka-Keljo (ks) 30 256km
106.10v FIN Radio Aalto Haapavesi (pp) 1 106km
106.20v FIN Radio Aalto Oulu - Uleåborg (Kiiminki) (pp) 1 104km
106.20h FIN NRJ Energy Pyhaatunturi (Pelkosenniemi) (la) 1 295km
106.50h FIN Radio Nova Lapua - Lappo (ep) 60 270km
106.70h FIN Radio Nova Kuopio (ps) 50 182km
106.90h FIN The Voice Aahtari - Etseri (ep) 3 270km
107.00v FIN Radio Rock Kajaani - Kajana (ka) 1 23km LOCAL TX
107.10v FIN Radio Salminen Sonkajaarvi (ps) 1 89km
107.20h FIN Radio Nova Kruunupyy - Kronoby (po) 19 202km
107.30 FIN Radio SuomiPOP Iisalmi (ps) (1) 84km
107.40v FIN Radio Dei Koli (Lieksa) (pk) 5 185km
107.50h FIN Radio Nova Tervola (la) 30 231km
107.70h FIN Radio Nova Kerimaaki (es) 30 281km
107.70 FIN YLE Radio Peili Oulu - Uleaaborg (Kiiminki) (pp) 1 128km
107.90 FIN YLE Radio Peili Iisalmi (ps) 1 84km

As you may look at the list there are ONLY 13 LOCAL TX, so the possibilities to get TROPO or Esporadics in Summertime are very good. Look at this WEB Simo always utilize this WEB to control the FM propagation in the Baltic sea area.

If you wish to contact Simo Soininen for a meeting in Kajaani :
his Address :
Simo S, Soininen, Kainuunkato 3 A 19, FIN-87100 Kajaani, Finland
Email :


5 September
Simo and I started our travel from the Cottage in the Kajaani Forest where really I had fantastic listenings ! First we stopped to Kajaani town to bring the Simo bags, so I had time to see more year books collections DX-KUUNTELIJAT.... and to listen to the Italian Service of Radio IRIB Iran, called "Radio Italia" on 15085 kHz with a receiver 59 years old !!! working perfectly ! "ULTRA" Finland HELVAR model W5157, one of the 50 receivers in his collection !!! We even do a photo souvenir and sent it by email to Ali the manager of the Italian Section of IRIB ! He remained really estonished to know someome in Finland is listening to Radio IRIB in Italian language........hi!

After 3 hours driving, we arrived at Haapavesi for a pit-stop to the Tarmo Kontro cottage, where he was waiting for our arrival, with Mauno Ritola (WRTH Monitors Coordinator) and Russian Dxer Victor Rutkovsky. We do some photos and Tarmo explained very well the story of the Karelia province, which now is Russian territory, but for many centuries has been an area where Finnish people lived in peace.

So after this meeting I and Simo restarted our travel to Vaasa, and in 3 hours we arrived in good spirit and good humor thanks the CD with good Brasilian Music and LATIN AMERICAN DXING sounds Jingles Simo played to make more pleasant the travel ! Good idea SIMO !!!!!!

I had a FM list of Radio stations operating in the area, but the happenings did not permitted to me to do a carefull bandscan so sorry if you will find it incomplete :

MHz Station Transmitter Power Distance

88.50h S SR P1 Vaannaas/Granlundsberget TM (vb) 60 88km SWEDEN
88.80 FIN YLE Radio Peili Kruunupyy - Kronoby (po) 1 94km
89.60h FIN YleX Mustasaari (Vaasa - Vasa) (po) 1 70km
90.50v FIN Classic Radio Vaasa - Vasa (po) 0.2 82km
91.40h FIN YLE Radio Yksi Kruunupyy - Kronoby (po) 19 94km
91.60v FIN Radio Rock Mustasaari (Vaasa - Vasa) (po) 1 70km
92.10h S SR P2 Vaannaas/Granlundsberget TM (vb) 60 88km SWEDEN
93.90v FIN NRJ Energy Vaasa - Vasa (po) 0.1 82km
94.00h FIN YleX Kruunupyy - Kronoby (po) 19 94km
94.60v FIN Radio 967 Pietarsaari - Jakobstad (po) 0.2 57km
94.80h FIN YLE Radio Suomi Mustasaari (Vaasa - Vasa) (po) 1 70km
95.80h S SR P3 Vaannaas/Granlundsberget TM (vb) 60 88km SWEDEN
96.70 FIN Groove FM Mustasaari (Vaasa - Vasa) (po) 1 70km
96.70v FIN Radio 967 Kokkola - Karleby/Patamaaki (kp) 0.2 73km
97.30h FIN YLE Radio Extrem Mustasaari (Vaasa - Vasa) (po) 1 70km
97.60h FIN YLE Radio Suomi Kruunupyy - Kronoby (po) 19 94km
99.10v FIN The Voice Kokkola - Karleby (kp) 0.2 74km
99.50v FIN Radio Vaasa Vaasa - Vasa/Klemettilaa (po) 0.2 83km
99.70h FIN YLE Radio Extrem Kruunupyy - Kronoby (po) 19 94km
100.30v FIN Radio Pooki Pietarsaari - Jakobstad (po) 0.1 57km
101.00h FIN YLE Radio Vega Mustasaari (Vaasa - Vasa) (po) 1 70km
101.80v S Lugna Favoriter 106, 2 Umea/Aangersjoo (vb) 0.5 92km SWEDEN
102.00v FIN Radio SuomiPOP Vaasa - Vasa (po) 0.1 82km
102.70h FIN YLE Radio Vega Kruunupyy - Kronoby (po) 19 94km
103.60h S SR P4 Vaannaas/Granlundsberget TM (vb) 60 88km SWEDEN
104.20v S 104, 2 RIX FM Umea/Ersmarksberget RM (vb) 5 65km SWEDEN
104.40v FIN The Voice Mustasaari (Vaasa - Vasa) (po) 1 70km
105.20 FIN YLE Radio Peili Vaasa - Vasa (po) 1 82km
105.90v FIN Radio Pooki Kruunupyy - Kronoby (po) 0.5 94km
106.20v S Lugna Favoriter Umea/Ersmarksberget RM (vb) 0.5 65km SWEDEN
106.30v FIN Radio SuomiPOP Kokkola - Karleby/Patamaaki (kp) 0.2 73km
107.00v S Mix Megapol Umea/Ersmark (vb) 3 65km SWEDEN
107.20h FIN Radio Nova Kruunupyy - Kronoby (po) 19 94km
107.70v S 104, 2 RIX FM Umea Hornefors/Aangersjoo (vb) 0.5 92km SWEDEN

The following text is in Italian ??? Why ??? Cause EDXC 2008 Reports existing in the worldwide WEBs are all in English or German.... and no exists in I want almost my EDXC 2008 Report will be in Italian for the Italian readers ........ OK ????


Il Congresso EDXC 2008 si è svolto quest'anno dal 5 al 7 settembre a Vaasa località a circa 450 km a nord di Helsinki, presso l'Hotel Best Western Silveria situato vicino alla zona dello stadio di Hockey su Ghiaccio, e la zona prospicente il Mar Baltico, dove si trova VAASA, molto bella e tranquilla.
Touristic info about Vaasa :

Oltre 110 partecipanti e almeno 30 visitatori ad un Congresso EDXC non si vedevano da anni. Naturalmente il maggior numero di partecipanti era rappresentato da DXers Finlandesi. Erano inoltre convenuti dalla Danimarca (4 dal Danish SW Club Int.), Inghilterra (3 dal British Dx Club & Medium Wave Dx Club), Irlanda (2, Irish DX Club), Svezia (8, Swedish Dx Federation e Radio Sweden, Umea Dx Club), Germania (4, ADDXde e Deutsche Welle e DRM RADIO), Austria (ADDXoe), Italia (solo io ! PLAYDX e BCL SICILIA CLUB), Città del Vaticano (Sig.ra Leena Monti del Servizio Scandinavo di Radio Vaticana), Russia (5, St.Petersburg Dx Club, e individuali partecipanti), Turchia (Voce della Turchia, 2, Servizio Tedesco la direttrice, Sig.ra GECIM UFUK), 2 dagli USA rappresentando WRMI e la VOA, Giappone (2, in rappresentanza del Japan DX League e della NHK). In totale i DXClubs presenti alla riunione erano 12 !!! un vero record !!!
Io arrivavo alle 1700 di venerdi in compagnia dell'amico Simo Soininen che conosco da oltre 33 anni, dopo aver trascorso con lui 5 indimenticabili giorni di ascolti effettuati nel suo cottage situato nella Foresta di Kajaani a circa 350 km nord est di Vaasa, ascoltando cose favolose (per me) sulle onde medie......
Nel largo piazzale dell Hotel Silveria, sotto una sottile pioggerella, avveniva l'apertura con la cerimonia dell'alza bandiera dell'EDXC ad opera di Raimo Kaksonen, alle 1800 poi nella grande sala delle conferenze dell'Hotel, Risto Vaahaakainu procedeva ad informare i presenti dell'anniversario dei 50 anni del Club Finlandese Dx Kuuntelijat e del libro che celebra degnamente questo storico traguardo, alle 1900 un QUIZ sul linguaggio delle emittenti registrate da DXers Finlandesi (vincitore il Dxer Russo Alexander Berezkin) ...... alle 2000 il borgomastro di VAASA Markku Lumio inaugurava ufficialmente il congresso con un discorso bilingue in Inglese-Finlandese.
Seguiva poi dopo le ore 2100 al GRILL all'aperto nel giardino prospicente all'Hotel...... purtroppo questa è stata a mio parere l'unica esperienza negativa del meeting, infatti la pioggia aumentava.... il grill era all'aperto al lume di candela, forse l'organizzatore Jarmo Salmi, aveva sperato in una serata di fine estate.......invece pareva di essere in pieno autunno !!!!! inoltre veniva servita come UNICA BEVANDA, una miscela esplosiva fatta di VODKA e LEMONADE..... e chili di fumanti WURSTELS FINLANDESI, salatissimi !!!!
Makkara (Salsiccia) Una salsiccia strettamente imparentata con il wurstel mitteleuropeo, ma di sapore leggermente diverso, meno speziato. E' una tipica specialità estiva da cuocere all'aperto sul fuoco, oppure in casa, al forno, operando delle incisioni e inserendovi pezzi di formaggio. Esiste una variante nera (musta makkara) venduta nella città di Tampere. Il colore quasi nero è dovuto al sangue di maiale che vi viene aggiunto.
ovviamente senza PANE (in Finlandia il pane è un OPTIONAL !!!!!!).......e dato il mio appetito io ne divoravo ....parecchi con il risultato di bere diversi bicchieri di quel liquido infernale ........ L'acquavite: le prime acquaviti in Finlandia venivano ricavate dalla distillazione di cereali. Con la scoperta dall'America arrivarono le patate e furono in seguito quest'ultime ad essere impiegate nella produzione (destinata sempre al consumo locale).
Con l'aprirsi dei mercati internazionali la produzione è andata sempre più raffinandosi e attualmente vengono preparati diversi tipi di "vodka". Ma i finlandesi, giustamente,  continuano a chiamarla "viina". Se invece ci si appresta a produrre acquavite in casa  (illegalmente!) facendo fermentare acqua, lievito e zucchero si ottiene la cosiddetta  pontikka, di sapore, a sentir dire, non molto gradevole.  ..................................................ed in breve ero totalmente BORRACHERO !!!!!! ovviamente non ero l'unico partecipante al rinfresco, con tale problema... poi non ricordo cosa sia successo ......alla fine mi sono ritrovato nella mia camera 209 con gli amici DXers Finlandesi Hannino Piirainen e Bo Kristian Lindqvist con i quali dividevo la camera..... e pure la SBORNIA !!  Una sbornia colossale ....anche per loro .....e che ci faceva perdere "il sightseen di sabato mattina  della città di Vaasa" Pare che comunque l'autobus fosse .....abbastanza VUOTO ....... e che per tale motivo il sightseen veniva limitato al parco acquatico dichiarato dall'UNESCO  patrimonio del mondo ...... Io direi di dichiarare "PERICOLO PUBBLICO MONDIALE" Jukka Soini  e le sue iniziative.....HA HA HA ..........
Alle 1200 riuscivo ad assistere in stato ....comatoso...alla presentazione in Finlandese del libro dei 50 anni del DX CLUB Finlandese.... un bel libro di circa 200 pagine con molte belle foto .... e che offrivano molti confronti con... i DXers presenti .......prima e durante i 50 anni di attività  .......Il libro costa 25 Euro + spese postali........contattatemi per eventuale acquisto.
Seguivano poi i primi incontri con gli amici DXers presenti, molti dei quali in contatto postale  con me per informazioni sulle emittenti Italiane in FM che nel periodo estivo talvolta arrivano anche in Finlandia grazie alla propagazione Esporadica.
Alle 1500 poi la foto SOUVENIR dei partecipanti con Jarmo Salmi impegnato ad un esercizio di equilibrismo ...per inquadrare tutti i presenti ! il risultato era buono....peccato che i partecipanti si ammassavano in modo confuso e illogico.... con alcuni pezzi grossi davanti che coprivano .....quelli più piccolini dietro ......  inquadrare oltre 100 persone è sempre difficile... Trovate la foto nella WEB della EDXC
Alle 1515 l'intervento maggiormente atteso, Tarmo Kontro dava una dimostrazione di come  funziona il ricevitore Italiano di Nico Palermo SDR-iQ computer Radio ed anche del PERSEUS Computer Radio, un bellissimo intervento con molte SLIDES che permetteva ai presenti anche di ascoltare in diretta registrazioni fatte durante i DX CAMPS in Lapponia ....con Alaska e Hawaii  sulle onde medie .... ed anche di vedermi in una slide...... mentre ascoltavo nel cottage di Tarmo Kontro sulla costa Baltica a 120 km ad est di Helsinki, (dove avevo fatto la prima tappa  del mio viaggio in Finlandia)...... i 250 watts di una piccola Radio Brasiliana operante su 1570 kHz Radio Sociedade AM da Espigao, Rondonia.... nella SLIDE ero ritratto mentre RONFAVO  saporitamente alle 0310 UTC (le 0610 locali)......grazie al SDR-iQ che registra automaticamente  150 kHz delle onde medie per 45 minuti ......... ovviamente la SLIDE provocava la ilarità di tutti i presenti !!!!!!.
Seguivano dibattiti sulle ricezioni estive in FM ed SW in estate in Finlandia ..... e poi LA SAUNA !!!! un classico per i Dxers Finlandesi ...(un po meno per gli altri)..... alla quale però non partecipavo  dato che "Monferini" C'EST NATUREL ....non è una bella cosa da ammirare.......HA HA HA........
Preferivo rilasciare una lunga intervista alla emittente ufficiale del congresso EDXC 2008,  Scandinavian Weekend Radio, che mi chiedeva notizie sulle radio pirata Italiane, per oltre 20 minuti.


Listen to Scandinavian Weekend R, Virrat, reports from the EDXC  Conference in Vaasa on Sep 05-06 with the following schedule: 1602 MW  2100-2059, 5980 1600-1800, 6170 2100-1600 1800-2059, 11690 2200-0700,  1300-1600 and 1800-2100, 11720 2100-2200, 0700-1300 and 1600-1800. All  in Finnish and English. You may hear my voice!


Venivo poi "trascinato" nella camera 310 dai 2 amici Russi di San Pietroburgo che cercavano inutilmente di farmi bere 5 tipi diversi di liquori Russi ...... Alex Berezkin & Omar Cheishvili  restavano delusi dai miei dinieghi ..... ma dopo la Sbornia della sera precedente ero... divenuto ....momentaneamente.....astemio !!!!!! HA HA HA...... spiegavo la loro non capivano.... HA HA HA !!!!!!

Alle ore 2000 di Sabato si svolgeva il Banchetto ufficiale nell'Hotel Silveria, il tavolo da me scelto  vedeva Irlandesi, Inglesi, Finlandesi e Svedesi ........ l'inizio a dire il vero era un po ....deludente una specie di SUSCI FINLANDESE sommerso da uno strato di BURRO .......dal sapore ORRENDO !! ed appoggiato su una fetta di PANE NERO !!!!!
Hapanleipaa (Pane nero acido) Giustamente da inserire nell'elenco delle specialità Finlandesi,  benchè di pani neri o integrali sia piena tutta l'Europa, in quanto questo pane è veramente unico. Di sapore leggermente aspro e realmente "nero" è, insieme alla sauna, l'unica fonte di nostalgia dei Finlandesi all'estero. ........... poi si migliorava con PURE' e CARNE di ALCE !!!!!!!! con erbette del bosco e vari ortaggi bolliti totalmente insipidi sale in Finlandia non viene utilizzato !!!!! Straccetti di alce alle bacche (Poronkaaristys) Piatto tipico della Lapponia. Molto semplice.  La carne di alce viene cotta in acqua con pepe aromatico. Al momento di servirla viene  accompagnata da purea di patate e mirtilli artici. La purea è comunque un'aggiunta recente.  ......... e si concludeva in bellezza con 5 mega torte al miele ed alla panna con la scritta  "50 years DX KUUNTELIJAT" ne divoravo 2 fette ....... da 300 grammi.... con la scritta  50 anni....peccato che la PANNA sapesse di MUFFA...... Torta Finlandese : Procuratevi due rotoli di pasta frolla (volete farla a mano? Nessun problema,  ci sono in giro un sacco di io non so impastare). Poi 400 grammi di composta di mirtilli (oppure un sacchetto di mirtilli congelati e un centinaio di grammi di marmellata),  da mescolare con dieci uova, zucchero a piacere, 500 g di panna da cucina, una scorzetta di limone e un paio di cucchiai di farina. Foderate la teglia di carta da forno e disponete  il primo rotolo di sfoglia, che poi riempirete con il ripieno preparato. Coprite con l'altra frolla,  e rigirate i bordi in modo da sigillare la torta. Dopodichè praticate dei bei tagli come raggi di sole,  in modo che la torta somigli a quella di Nonna Papera. Un virtuosismo non da poco potrebbe essere, infine, spennellare con l'uovo la superficie della torta prima di metterla in forno.....e  ricordatevi di non mangiare la carta da forno utilizzata......

Poi il tradizionale Raffle Estrazione numeri lotteria...operato dalla mano vergine di Eija Arjatsalo unica Dxer YL presente all'incontro.........purtroppo l'ATS 909 finiva nelle mani  di un Finlandese........ ed infine una libera offerta per alcuni gadgets ....... stavolta ero più  fortunato e mi accaparravo 2 confezioni di adesivi vari mondiali per pochi Euro..... La Signora Leena di Radio Vaticana si accaparrava varie T-shirt di emittenti Radio...... ed anche il pacco sorpresa ....... con 100 mollette giganti ferma capelli ........ HA HA HA..... lei assicurava ai presenti che le avrebbe regalate alle Suore Canossiane assistenti del Santo Padre.........

Alle ore 0030 la camera con i ricevitori era aperta fino alle ore 0200 locali !!!!! e con mio disappunto  la ricezione era pressochè coperta da rumori provenienti dai macchinari della piscina posta sotto il primo piano dell'Hotel Silveria...... ma il rumore era anche dovuto alla esplosione  geomagnetica con coronal hole di 2 giorni prima, che aveva spazzato via i segnali MW e SW extra Europei.......

Come conforto non trovavo di meglio che restare in compagnia di Andy Schmid della Germania  che grazie al suo CD con le riproduzioni a colori della sua collezione di Bandierine mondiali  (oltre 2700 !!!) mi faceva ammirare CIMELI risalenti a 40-60 anni orsono da Brasile, Peru,  Colombia, Bolivia, Venezuela ............ fantastica carrellata nel passato glorioso del nostro hobby ......quando nelle bande tropicali operavano centinaia di emittenti dai nomi esotici.

Domenica mattina alle ore 0930 avveniva l'incontro dei DX Clubs che fanno parte della EDXC,  e veniva dato l'annuncio che il prossimo congresso della EDXC nel 2009 si terrà a Dublino in Irlanda organizzato dall' IRISH DX CLUB diretto da Edward Dunne email per i contatti  Email : dal 28 al 30 agosto 2009. Altro annuncio l'edizione EDXC del 2010 si terrà in Turchia, organizzata dalla Voce della Turchia.

Venivano poi affrontati vari argomenti per migliorare la WEB della EDXC e proposte per aprire la partecipazione alla EDXC di singoli DXers, prezzo iscrizione per un anno come osservatore è di 10 Euro. Per maggiori informazioni potete contattare: Tibor Szilagyi, Segretario Generale alla Email :

Poi avevo tempo per rilasciare una intervista curata dalla capo redattrice del servizio tedesco  di Voce della Turchia, intervista in ITALIANO ed in SPAGNOLO !!!!!!! lei mi faceva le domande in Inglese........ una esperienza nuova per me.......ovviamente immagino che prima di metterle in onda le vorranno tradurre .....HA HA HA ...... trovate l'intervista sulla WEB :
ed inoltre sul Blog di Francesco Cecconi :

Era il momento della cerimonia finale con alcuni interventi STRAPPALACRIME dei presenti veterani e dell'arrivederci in Irlanda a fine agosto 2009, sempre che il pianeta non collassi prima....

Trovato il tempo di fare 15 minuti di internet GRATIS nella ampia Hall dell'Hotel Silveria, che a mio parere è un ottimo Hotel, 50 Euro al giorno con Breakfast incluso (camera 3 letti), poi baci, abbracci,  strette di mano STRITOLANTI, tanti arrivedechi !!!, il "magone" finale ........

Here the report in English compiled by Anker Petersen

EDXC Conference in Vaasa 2008
The 41st annual Conference of the European DX Council (EDXC) was held on 05-07 September,  2008 at the excellent Hotel Silveria in the city of Vaasa, located in Ostrobothnia, western Finland with a population of about 58, 000 inhabitants. It was founded in 1606 by the Swedish King Charles IX,  but the total town built of timber burned to the ground in 1852! A new town of Vaasa was later built in the neighbourhood.  I flew from Denmark together with Kaj Bredahl Jörgensen and his wife Else by Finnair to Helsinki and then by Finncom. In Vaasa we met no less than 15 other members of the DSWCI !

112 people from 12 countries attended this Conference in beautiful weather. The biggest attendance  came from Finland with 84 participants, because the organizer, The Finnish DX Association (FDXA) which could celebrate its 50 years birthday, held its annual Summermeeting at the same time.  These other countries were represented: Sweden (7 DX-ers), Russia (4), Denmark (3), Germany (3),  United Kingdom (3), Japan (2), Ireland (1), Italy (1) and U.S.A. (1). Two foreign broadcasters were: Voice of Turkey (2) and Vatican Radio (1).

Friday 05 September
At 1800, the flags of Finland and the FDXA were hoisted outside the Hotel Risto Vähäkainu then talked about important events during the 50 years of the FDXA  This mostly Finnish-speaking DX-Club was created in January 1958 following the example of  Swedish-speaking clubs. In 1983 it reached its maximum of 2, 548 members.  Since 1972 over 250 DXpeditions have been made to the perfect MW DX-site in Lemmenjoki in Finnish Lapland. There are new challenges on MW with the close down of European powerhouses due to high power expenses, and the new X-band. Today,  FDXA is the leading MW-organization in the world. Later on the Chairman Kari Kivekaas and Chief Editor Heikki Aarrevaara introduced the brand new,  beautifully printed 200 pages book in Finnish about the history of FDXA.  At 1900, Arto Mujunen presented a difficult DX Quiz where we should recognize a number  of languages as heard on radio. Alexander Beryozkin from St. Petersburg became the best.  At 2000, a representative from the mayor welcomed us to the city of Vaasa.  Later on we all joined an outdoor grill party with special Finnish snacks and "lemonade"  After that a DX shack opened with various good receivers incl. AR7030 and SDR-IQ.

Saturday 06 September
The Conference was officially opened by Kari Kivekaas and Tibor Szilagyi who mentioned that the  EDXC now has 11 organizations and one individual as members.  Three DX-Clubs and a radio station are observers. Greetings were received e.g. from Luigi Cobisi, Paolo Morandotti, George Brown and Victor Goonetilleke. Tibor found the contact to international radiostations in Europe very disappointing. The late DX-editor at Radio Budapest, Mr. Lajos Horvath who passed away in March was honoured by one minute of silence. A radiostation which had reacted positively on the invitation was the Voice of Turkey. Mr Hasan Mueminoglu and Ms Ufuk Gecim explained that this station now broadcasts  in 30 languages from Ankara on shortwave and in five languages in the tourist area of Antalya on FM.  They are also introducing a website. In total the foreign service has 500 employees. Turkish Radio &TV (TRT) in total with domestic services on radio and TV has 8, 000 employees. Turkey is coming closer to a European way of living and that is why, it has an increasing interest in spreading information about the country on the Voice of Turkey and fullfill the wishes and questions by the listeners. Reception reports are highly appreciated from DX-ers and verified by a variety of beautiful QSL-cards.
Then Arto Mujunen, leader of the IBB monitoring in Finland, explained that he has 10 monitoring stations and 20 private monitors throughout the former Soviet Union. They monitor the VOA, Radio Free Europe/Liberty and Radio Free Asia. Their reports are satisfactory, so reports from DX-ers are not needed.
He had just returned from the HFCC conference in Moscow in August where it became evident, that international shortwave broadcasting is not dying, but it is still more difficult to find available frequencies. There are fewer broadcasters, but the remaining stations use an increasing number of relay stations. Generally the international broadcasters are not interested in using the tropical bands, so these bands will not be crowded by these powerhouses.
At 1100 the international participants went on a guided bustour through the university city of Vaasa which first was occupied by Sweden and then by Russia, until Finland achieved independence in 1917.
The bus then continued through the wonderful Kvarken Archipelago which is the only World Natural Site in Finland approved by UNESCO. We enjoyed a lunch of delicious fish at a restaurant in the archipelago.
Back home, the official photo was taken which can be seen at
Then Tarmo Kontro gave the latest news about the Software Defined Radios.
With equipment like SDR-IQ and Perseus you can see the spectrum and sleep while you record the broadcasts of a specified frequencyband and then listen later.
But the problem is to find time to listen to all recordings!
At 1615, Jukka Kotovirta and Jukka Soini summarised the results of FM-DX-ing during the summer 2008 which has been the worst summer for sporadic E reception with only few logs.
At 1715, Risto Vaahaakainu collected a panel of five experienced MW-DX-ers  who discussed how conditions had been the past year at various places of Finland, Sweden and United Kingdom. In Lapland, the Pacific is heard best in October and trans atlantic stations during winter, particularly between 0600 and 0800 UTC.
They does not propagate during solar storms, whereas in Southern Sweden, Africa and the Middle East are heard best during these events.
The solar minimum in 2007 did not provide as many MW-catches as 11 and 22 years ago.
The private Scandinavian Weekend Radio (SWR) had sent four people to Vaasa (Alpo Heinonen, Tapani Häkkinen, Esa Saunamäki and Trevor Twyman) who established a live studio at the conference for that Saturday's monthly broadcast.
They represented a team of 13 plus 15 supporting members which have been broadcasting since July 2000. Copyright fees, radio equipment and the maintenance of the studio building are expences which are paid by the team itself, commercials, selling airtime and SWR products. A new QSL is available. More info on the website
At 2000 we all met in the Hotel Silveria restaurant where a delicious Finnish banquet dinner was held.  After that Torre Ekblom and Jyrki Talvitie gave speeches beginning from "prehistoric times",  before the FDXA was born, and until today.
Then followed greetings from the DSWCI ...... the Swedish DX Federation, Hungarian DX Club and St. Petersburg DX Club. After that the British born Trevor Twyman made a very funny sketch about the differences between the British and the Finnish people.........
Trevor Twyman
Then followed a lottery and an auction.

Sunday 07 September
At 0930, there was a meeting of the European DX Clubs, chaired by Secretary General Tibor Szilagyi and Assistant Secretary General Torre Ekblom .
The following organizations and clubs took part in the discussions: ADDX, Arctic Radio Club, British DX Club, DSWCI, Finlands Svenska DX Foerbund, FDXA incl. Finnish DX Clubs, Irish DX Club, Hungarian DX Club, Japanese SW Club, Play DX, St. Petersburg DX Club, Swedish DX Federation, incl. Swedish clubs e.g. Maalardalens Radiosaallskap, and the World DX Club.
Tibor Szilagyi gave the good news that there are possibilities to hold the EDXC Conference in August 2009 on the invitation by the Irish DX Club.
In 2010 the Voice of Turkey may invite the European Clubs to Ankara or Antalya at a weekend not yet fixed. Both proposals will now be treated formally within EDXC.
Torre Ekblom stated that the EDXC-activity amongst the member organizations had been very low and invited all to be more active.
The EDXC needs contributions from DX-ers in order to be able to offer anything.
The EDXC website is now active at e.g. with an updated EDXC countrylist, EDXC activities with reports from the Conferences, DX-meetings and happenings around the world, EDXC history and EDXC news weblog.
If some active DX-ers will assist, Anker Petersen intends to update the outdated  EDXC Reporting Guide from 1979.
At this EDXC Conference, St. Petersburg DX Club, BCLSicilia DX Club, Torre Ekblom  and Bengt Dalhammar joined as new members and the British DX Club as observer.
At 1045, Jari Sinisalo conducted a difficult geographical quiz which was won by three Finnish DX-ers. This excellent EDXC Conference closed at 1230 by lowering the flags.

Compiled by Anker Petersen


Seguendo nel mio reportage di Domenica 7 Settembre :

Partivo in auto con Hannino Piirainen e l'amico Russo di Lipetsk, Alexey Kulakov appassionato di ascolti in FM, ed ospite di Hannino, il viaggio era piacevole, ogni tanto ci fermavamo per fare un pisolino..... sulle strade in Finlandia vige il limite dei 60 km/h che è meglio rispettare.... in caso contrario vi verrà recapitata una multa di 500 Euro...che poi potrete pagare in comode rate di 50 Euro l'una....... hi!
Facevamo poi una tappa all'area di servizio IDEA PARK sulla E 12 dove trovate il RAVIOLANTI (Ristorante in Finlandese) e un grande centro commerciale aperto anche di domenica.
LIIKEKAUPUNKI IDEAPARK, D-sisaankaynti, Sauruskatu 13, FIN-37570 LEMPAALA
Helsinki-Tampere moottoriti. Email :
Avevo modo di visitare un negozio specializzato nella vendita di QUARZI, di tutti i colori, forme, alcuni GIGANTESCHI in vendita per 5500 Euro !!!!!! altri piccolini per 2 Euro.... dettagli dei prodotti nella WEB:
Spettacolari gli orologi da muro fatti con un quarzo ! e le lanterne color rubino da muro !

Alle 1830 arrivavamo ad Espoo dove Hannino ha un appartamento e ci organizzavamo per una cenetta alla buona, Hannino mi offriva patatine al rosmarino ed un liquore alle ERBE comprato a Vilnius, che riscuoteva il mio totale gradimento....... Alexey offriva alcuni prodotti Russi ...... ed io mio abituale buon umore Latino !!!!!.
Potevo poi ammirare la collezione delle conferme ricevute da Hannino durante 20 anni di attività di radioascoltatore della banda FM, ben ordinate in Album a fogli mobili A4. Ritrovavo così emittenti Italiane ormai da tempo scomparse o mangiate dai famelici Networks Italiani....... un pizzico di tristezza nel constatare un fenomeno irreversibile in corso in Italia da oltre 10 anni.

Alle 2330 gentilmente Hannino mi trasferiva all'aereoporto internazionale di Helsinki, che è attrezzato per coloro che hanno voli in partenza il giorno dopo, il mio volo per Milano della Finnair era per le ore 1130, ma dato che Hannino al mattino del lunedì come molti altri comuni mortali deve andare a lavorare alle ore 0800, non mi avrebbe potuto portare ...... l'unica soluzione per me meglio conforme era quella di passare la notte in aereoporto. L'amico Alexey avrebbe invece preso il metro treno al mattino alle 0730 per raggiungere ad Helsinki la stazione dei Bus, da dove avrebbe preso il BUS diretto Helsinki-St.Pietroburgo ........dove poi avrebbe proseguito in Treno diretto per Lipetsk.... un bel viaggio di 24 ore !!!

L'Aereoporto di Helsinki ha un deposito bagagli aperto 24 ore !!! per 5 Euro potete lasciare il vostro bagaglio custodito per 24 ore...... mi sistemavo poi nel salone al 2 piano partenze dove ci sono comode poltrone ed addirittura un divano letto per chi deve passare la notte, ambiente riscaldato e pulito............e ronfavo per 8 ore !!!!!!

Lunedi 8 settembre lunedì mattina prima di imbarcarmi, provvedevo a comprare francobolli da 0, 10 Cent di Euro dato che le tariffe postali erano cambiate da solo 7 giorni passando da 0.70 € a 0, 80 € .... per spedire alcune cartoline ricordo del viaggio........ se eravate in Italia trovare francobolli di piccolo taglio, sarebbe stato impossibile !!! in Finlandia i francobolli li vendono nei chioschi delle EDICOLE !!!!!!!

Come nel viaggio dell'andata ottenevo dalla Signorina del Ticketing dagli occhi blu marino e capelli biondo oro, il mio posto preferito 20 A ....finestrino.

Imbarco perfetto con il solito contorno di Cinesi provenienti dal volo di Honk Kong Finnair che fa coincidenza per Milano Malpensa.

Partenza perfetta, e dopo soli 6 minuti si spegeva il segnale dell'uso della cintura di sicurezza, ed immediatamente accendevo il mio fedele DEGEN 1103.

Ecco il reportages delle emittenti captate durante il viaggio di 160 minuti :

Here the Band Scan on Board Finnair Flight Helsinki-Milano Malpensa the 8 September
Receiver DEGEN 1103 filters 80 & 110 kHz

87.70h FIN YLE Radio Yksi Eurajoki - Euraaminne (st) 30 FINLAND
87.90h FIN YLE Radio Yksi Espoo - Esbo (uu) 60 FINLAND
89.80h FIN YLE Radio Yksi Kaarina (Turku - Aabo) /Luolavuoren Masto (vs) 60 FINLAND
90.90h FIN YLE Radio Yksi Fiskars (Pohja - Pojo) (uu) 3 FINLAND
93.10h FIN YleX Fiskars (Pohja - Pojo) (uu) 3 FINLAND
94.00h FIN YLE Radio Suomi Espoo - Esbo (uu) 60 FINLAND
94.30h FIN YLE Radio Suomi Kaarina (Turku - Aabo) /Luolavuoren Masto (vs) 50 FINLAND
95.10h FIN Iskelmaa Fiskars (Pohja - Pojo) (uu) 1 FINLAND
97.00h FIN YLE Radio Suomi Fiskars (Pohja - Pojo) (uu) 3 FINLAND
97.90h FIN YLE Radio Suomi Hollola (Lahti - Lahtis) (ph) 50 FINLAND
98.20h FIN YLE Radio Extrem Kaarina (Turku - Aabo) /Luolavuoren Masto (vs) 60 FINLAND
98.90h FIN YLE Radio Extrem Espoo - Esbo (uu) 60 FINLAND
100.60h FIN YLE Radio Vega Hollola (Lahti - Lahtis) (ph) 50 FINLAND
101.10h FIN YLE Radio Vega Espoo - Esbo (uu) 60 FINLAND
101.40h FIN YLE Radio Vega Kaarina (Turku - Aabo) /Luolavuoren Masto (vs) 60 FINLAND
103.00h FIN YLE Radio Vega Eurajoki - Euraaminne (st) 30 FINLAND
103.70h FIN YLE Radio Peili Espoo - Esbo (uu) 60 FINLAND
103.90h FIN Radio Nova Kaarina (Turku - Aabo) /Luolavuoren Masto (vs) 60 FINLAND
104.40h FIN Radio Nova Hollola (Lahti - Lahtis) (ph) 50 FINLAND
104.70h FIN Radio Nova Tampere - Tammerfors/Teisko (pi) 60 FINLAND
106.00h FIN Radio Nova Eurajoki - Euraaminne (st) 30 FINLAND
106.20h FIN Radio Nova Espoo - Esbo (uu) 60 FINLAND
106.60h EST Klassikaraadio Tallinn TV Tower (Har) 30 ESTONIA !!!!!!
89.80v LVA LR 3 Klasika Ventspils (Ven) 0.3 LATVIA !!!!!!!!
88.10v EST Star FM Paide (Jae) 2.75 ESTONIA
91.90v LVA Top Radio Dimzukalns (Bau) 2 LATVIA

Finnair offers the lunch, Lasagne with spinaci & little bottle white wine & mineral water
glass & lot of coffee......... Very good service !!!!!!

So the jet Finnair arrived on the south coast of Sweden, 9000 meters higher.......

87.70h S SR P1 Halmstad/Oskarstroem-Slaattakra TM (ha) 60 SWEDEN
88.00h S SR P1 Vislanda (Alvesta)/Nydala TM (kb) 20 SWEDEN
88.30h S SR P1 Vaastervik/Faarhult TM (ka) 60 SWEDEN
88.80h S SR P1 Horby/Sallerup TM (sn) 60 SWEDEN
89.60h S SR P1 Naassjoo/TM (jo) 60 SWEDEN
90.10h S SR P1 Finnveden (Gislaved)/Bredaryd-Skyttebo TM (jo) 30 SWEDEN
90.30h S SR P1 Karlshamn/Moorrum-Gungvala TM (bl) 15 SWEDEN
90.60h S SR P2 Vislanda (Alvesta)/Nydala TM (kb) 20 SWEDEN
90.80h DNK DR P1 København-Gladsaxe / Isbanevej 4 (kbh) 60 DANMARK
90.90h S Radio Hoegsby Hoegsby/Hanåsa VT (ka) 0.5 SWEDEN
91.20h S SR P2 Halmstad/Oskarstroem-Slaattakra TM (ha) 60 SWEDEN
91.80h S SR P2 Vaastervik/Farhult TM (ka) 60 SWEDEN
92.10h S SR P2 Naassjoo/TM (jo) 60 SWEDEN
93.00h S SR P1 Emmaboda/Eriksmala-Baalshult TM (ka) 60 SWEDEN
93.40h S SR P2 Karlshamn/Moorrum-Gungvala TM (bl) 15 SWEDEN
94.10h S SR P2 Visby/Follingbo TM (go) 60 SWEDEN
94.70h S SR P3 Vislanda (Alvesta)/Nydala TM (kb) 20 SWEDEN
95.10h S SR P2 Skoovde/Billingen TM (vg) 60 SWEDEN
95.20h S Radio Kungsbacka / Radio Nostalgia Kungsbacka/VT (ha) 0.1
ID & Ike & Tina Turner old song
95.40h S SR P3 Halmstad/Oskarstroem-Slaattåkra TM (ha) 60 SWEDEN
95.60h S SR P4 Emmaboda/Eriksmala-Baalshult TM (ka) 60 SWEDEN
96.00h S SR P3 Vaastervik/Farhult TM (ka) 60 SWEDEN
96.70h S SR P2 Emmaboda/Eriksmala-Baalshult TM (ka) 60 SWEDEN
97.00h S SR P3 Horby/Sallerup TM (sn) 60 SWEDEN
97.20h S SR P3 Visby/Follingbo TM (go) 60 SWEDEN
97.30h S SR P4 Halmstad/Oskarstroem-Slaattakra TM (ha) 60 SWEDEN
97.70h S SR P3 Karlskrona/Vaarno Bryggareberget TM (bl) 10 SWEDEN
98.00h S SR P3 Malmoe/Jaagersro TM (sn) 6 SWEDEN
98.30h S SR P3 Karlshamn/Moerrum-Gungvala TM (bl) 15 SWEDEN

After 70 minutes of flight we approached to Germany coast, first German TX

98.50h D NDR 2 Schwerin (mev) 100 GERMANY
98.70h D N-JOY Neumuenster-Hasenkrug (shs) 0.25 GERMANY
99.00h D N-JOY Bungsberg/NDR-Mast (shs) 0.5 GERMANY
99.40h D N-JOY Ribnitz (mev) 0.3 GERMANY in // 99.00
99.70h D Antenne Brandenburg Berlin/Alexanderplatz (brb) 50 GERMANY
101.30h D Antenne Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Schwerin (mev) 100 GERMANY ID
101.60h DNK DR P2 Musik & Kultur Naestved - Oeverup (sts) 63 DANMARK ID
101.80h D NDR Info Helpterberg (mev) 100 GERMANY ID
102.00h S SR P4 Malmoe/Jaagersro TM (sn) 3 SWEDEN
102.10h D BB Radio Casekow (brb) 4 GERMANY
102.50h D NDR 1 Radio MV Garz (Reugen) (mev) 13 GERMANY
102.80h D NDR Info Marlow (mev) 100 GERMANY
103.80h D Antenne Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Helpterberg (mev) 100 GERMANY
104.80h D Ostseewelle Marlow (mev) 25 GERMANY
105.30h D NDR Info Schwerin (mev) 50 GERMANY
105.80h D Ostseewelle Helpterberg (mev) 100 GERMANY
106.20h D Antenne Brandenburg Belzig (brb) 100 GERMANY ID NEWS BERLIN
106.30h D Deutschlandfunk (DLF) Schwerin (mev) 2 GERMANY
106.60h D Antenne Brandenburg Pritzwalk (brb) 100 GERMANY
106.80h D alster radio 106!8 Hamburg-Rahlstedt (ham) 16 GERMANY
107.00h D NDR 2 Roebel (mev) 60 GERMANY
107.30h D Ostseewelle Schwerin (mev) 50 GERMANY
107.60h D Ostseewelle Garz (Ruegen) (mev) 13 GERMANY in // 107, 30 !!!!
107.70h D Deutschlandradio Kultur Cuxhaven/Otterndorf (nds) 5 GERMANY
87.60h D Antenne Brandenburg Boossen (brb) 6 GERMANY
87.70h D MDR Figaro Chemnitz/Geyer (sac) 100 GERMANY
88.40h D MDR Figaro Leipzig-Wiederau (sac) 100 GERMANY
88.60h D Deutschlandfunk (DLF) Cottbus/Klein Ossnig (brb) 3 GERMANY
88.80h D RBB Berlin 88, 8 - Das Stadtradio Berlin/Scholzplatz (brb) 10 GERMANY
89.60h D Deutschlandradio Kultur Berlin-Britz (brb) 10 GERMANY
89.90h D NDR Kultur Torfhaus (Harz-West) (nds) 100 GERMANY
90.10h D MDR Info Salzwedel/Schaaferberg (san) 0.1 GERMANY
90.30h D NDR 90, 3 Hamburg-Moorfleet (ham) 80 GERMANY
90.50h D MDR Info Heiligenstadt (thu) GERMANY
90.80h D Radio SAW (Magdeburg/Altmark) Wernigerode/Hornstr. (san) 1 GERMANY
91.00h D NDR 1 Radio MV (Rostock) Marlow (mev) 100 GERMANY
91.10h D NDR 1 Niedersachsen (Nordwest) Steinkimmen (nds) 100 GERMANY
91.50h D JUMP (MDR) Brocken (san) 100 GERMANY
91.80h D NDR 1 Niedersachsen (Nordost) Visselhoevede (nds) 3.2 GERMANY
91.90h D RBB Fritz Belzig (brb) 30 GERMANY
92.10h D NDR 2 (Niedersachsen) Torfhaus (Harz-West) (nds) 100 GERMANY
92.40h D RBB Kulturradio Berlin/Scholzplatz (brb) 10 GERMANY
92.80h D NDR 1 Radio MV (Schwerin) Schwerin (mev) 30 GERMANY
93.00h D BFBS Radio 1 Braunschweig/Drachenberg (nds) 40 GERMANY
"THIS IS BFBS RADIO BERLIN" ID ! News in English !!!!!!
93.20h D WDR 2 (Bielefeld) Teutoburger Wald/Bielstein (nrw) 100 GERMANY
93.50h D NDR 2 (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) Marlow (mev) 30 GERMANY

The flight going to South of Germany started to offer signals from Baden & Bayern

93.80h D SWR2 (Baden-Wuerttemberg) Waldenburg (bwu) 100 GERMANY
94.40h D NDR Kultur Steinkimmen (nds) 100 GERMANY
94.60h D MDR 1 Radio Sachsen-Anhalt (Magdeburg) Brocken (san) 60 GERMANY
95.30h D Deutschlandradio Kultur Schwerin (mev) 100 GERMANY
95.50h D hr2 Hoher Meissner (hes) 100 GERMANY
95.60h D Bayern 1 (Mainfranken) Pfaffenberg (bay) 25 GERMANY
95.80h D RBB Radio Eins Berlin/Alexanderplatz (brb) 100 GERMANY
96.00h D Bayern 2 (Franken) Ochsenkopf (bay) 100 GERMANY
96.30h D Bayern 3 Kreuzberg (Rhon) (bay) 100 GERMANY
96.60h D Deutschlandfunk (DLF) Leipzig-Wiederau (sac) 100 GERMANY
96.70h D hr2 Grosser Feldberg (Taunus)/hr (hes) 100 GERMANY
96.80h D Bayern 1 (Ostbayern) Hoher Bogen (bay) 50 GERMANY
97.20h D Deutschlandradio Kultur Inselsberg (thu) 100 GERMANY
97.80h D MDR 1 Radio Thuringen (Gera) Ronneburg (Gera) (thu) 4 GERMANY
98.00h D Bayern 4 Klassik Pfaffenberg (bay) 1 GERMANY ID
98.30h D Bayern 1 (Mainfranken) Kreuzberg (Rhon) (bay) 100 GERMANY
98.70h D AFN Hessen-The Eagle Grosser Feldberg (Taunus)/hr (hes) 50 GERMANY
Rock music and IDs Jingles "THE EAGLE"
98.80h D SWR1 Baden-Wuerttemberg Waldenburg (bwu) 100 GERMANY
99.00h D hr1 Hoher Meissner (hes) 100 GERMANY
99.30h D Bayern 3 Buettelberg (bay) 25 GERMANY
99.40h D Bayern 3 Ochsenkopf (bay) 100 GERMANY
99.70h D SWR3 Bad Mergentheim-Loeffelstelzen (bwu) 10 GERMANY
99.80h D Bayern 3 Bamberg/Geisberg (bay) 25 GERMANY
100.60h D Antenne Bayern Dillberg (bay) 25 GERMANY
101.00h D Bayern 4 Klassik Gruenten (Allgau) (bay) 100 GERMANY
101.30h D Hit-Radio Antenne 1 Stuttgart/Frauenkopf (bwu) 60 GERMANY
102.00h D B5 Aktuell Dillberg (bay) 25 GERMANY
102.30h D Bayern 4 Klassik Wendelstein (bay) 100 GERMANY
103.00h D Antenne Bayern Regensburg (bay) 25 GERMANY
103.40h D Hit-Radio Antenne 1 Raichberg (bwu) 50 GERMANY
104.00h D B5 Aktuell Büttelberg (bay) 25 GERMANY
104.40h D Antenne Bayern Gruenten (Allgau) (bay) 100 GERMANY
106.90h D B5 Aktuell Gruenten (Allgau) (bay) 100 GERMANY
107.10h D Radio TON Ostwuerttemberg Aalen/Braunenberg (bwu) 20 GERMANY
107.60h D B5 Aktuell Huehnerberg (bay) 11 GERMANY

The flight soon started to cross the Alpes Mountains and Austria, less signals in my DEGEN 1103
89.30m AUT O1 Lienz 1/Rauchkofel (tir) 2 AUSTRIA
90.40h AUT Hitradio O3 Klagenfurt 1/Dobratsch-Villacher Alpe (kae) 100 AUSTRIA
90.90h AUT O1 Salzburg 1/Gaisberg (ORS) (sal) 100 AUSTRIA
92.80h AUT O1 Klagenfurt 1/Dobratsch-Villacher Alpe (kae) 100 AUSTRIA
94.80h AUT O2 - Radio Salzburg Salzburg 1/Gaisberg (ORS) (sal) 100 AUSTRIA
97.80h AUT O2 - Radio Karnten Klagenfurt 1/Dobratsch-Villacher Alpe (kae) 100 AUSTRIA
102.90h AUT FM 4 Klagenfurt 1/Dobratsch-Villacher Alpe (kae) 100 AUSTRIA
104.60h AUT FM 4 Salzburg 1/Gaisberg (ORS) (sal) 100 AUSTRIA
104.90h AUT Antenne Karnten Klagenfurt 1/Dobratsch-Villacher Alpe (kae) 100 AUSTRIA

Finally the first Italian Station arrived in the DEGEN 1103

105.50 Radio Radicale Muggia-Chiampore (TS) ??? ITALY PANNELLA BLASTS
106.30h AUT Radio Graz Schladming 4/Hochwurzen (ste) 2 AUSTRIA ID
106.50h AUT Antenne Steiermark Neumarkt/Kulmer Alpe (ste) AUSTRIA
106.90 DRS3 Simplon-Pass/Giblatt (VS) SWITZERLAND
88.20 Hitradio O3 many transmitters AUSTRIA
88.60 Radio 24 Cortina d'Ampezzo/Pocol (BL) ITALY
88.80 RAS Sulden=Solda/Langenstein (RAS) (BZ) ITALY
88.90 Radio Grune Welle St.Magdalena=S.Maddalena (BZ) ITALY
89.90 RAS Hitradio O3 Langtaufers=Vallelunga (RAS) (BZ) ITALY
90.40 Radio Sacra Famiglia St.Martin i.Thurn=S.Martino in Badia (BZ) ITALY
91.10 RAS O1 Proveis=Proves (RAS) (BZ) ITALY
91.30 RAS Hitradio O3 Naturns=Naturno/Partscheilberg-RAS (BZ) ITALY
92.20 Tele Radio Vinschgau Kastelbell=Castelbello/Freiberg=Montefranco (BZ) ITALY
92.80 O1 Obergurgl/Windeck (TIR) AUSTRIA
93.30 RAS Hitradio O3 Graun i.Vinschgau=Curon Venosta (RAS) (BZ) ITALY
93.50 RAS O2 Tirol Unser Frau in Schnals=Madonna di Senales (RAS) (BZ) ITALY
94.30 AUT O2 - Radio Tirol Piosmes (TIR) AUSTRIA
94.50 Radio Sonnenschein Morter (BZ) ITALY
95.10 AUT O2 - Radio Tirol Sankt Anton (Arlberg) 1/Galzig (TIR) AUSTRIA

95.80h D Bayern 3 Gruenten (Allgau) (bay) GERMANY

97.10 AUT Hitradio O3 Ehrwald 1/Zugspitze (TIR) AUSTRIA
97.30 NBC Rete Regione Val di Sole-Monte Peller (TN) ITALY
101.10 RAS Hitradio O3 Vinschgau=Val Venosta/Vigiljoch (RAI) (BZ) ITALY
102, 20 RAI Auditorium, Milano Corso Sempione (MI) ITALY
102.80 Radio 2000 Brenner=Brennero/Zirog Alm=Zirago (BZ) ITALY
103.20 Radio Grune Welle Kastelbell=Castelbello/Tomberg (BZ) ITALY
103.70 Sudtirol 1 Bozen=Bolzano/Guntschna=Guncina (BZ) ITALY

Well like to be in Tirol area....... but the Safebelt signal switch on so I had to stop my monitoring, the Hostess told in 30 minutes we will land at Milano Malpensa Airport........temperature 29°C........ yes WELCOME to the summertime in Italy !

All right the landing, some usual problems to find a troiller.... and to find the RIGHT elevator to go down at the level to pick up the Malpensa Metro train ....... but finally I get it !!!!!! hi!!!!

Hope to find all of you dear readers .......... next year after the next travel yet planned at the end of May to Catalunya and Baleares.



Dario Monferini