Stefano Valianti Smiling PLAYDX member from 1975, at his left
Roberto Pavanello reading Conexion Digital bulletin from Argentina, at his
left Mauro Giroletti organizer of the meeting.

From left to right  Dario Monferini wearing original T-shirt from
Radio New Zealand and proud to show PLAYDX issue 1300, Max,
Renato Zucchetti specialist of Camping DXING , Mauro Giroletti talking to Roberto Pavanello
 about the QSL letter got from Radio Miskut Nicaragua 5770 kHz in the 90's years......

THE MOST FAMOUS FINGER OF THE PLANET ... after 30 years of editing
with OLIVETTI typewriter....

YOUR TRULY DX EDITOR showing the sticker printed by new private
station AM 531 operating from AMALFI .....reports welcomed with 2 pounds in coins
welcomed to PLAYDX Hq...., at other side Pavanello , and Valianti (drinking
his 25 glass of sweet wine..always smiling)

PAVANELLO thinking about next travel to Argentina and Uruguay in
summer 2007.......

VALIANTI smiling 24 hours a day

MAURO GIROLETTI showing the first qsl letter got from RADIO MISKUT
Nicaragua 5770 kHz (alla faccia di Bepi el Peliquin)

YOUR TRULY DX EDITOR showing the logo of brand new AM 531
operating from AMALFI.

Dario Monferini