by BBC Monitoring

BBC Monitoring can confirm the reception in Baghdad of the following broadcasters as of March 2006: 

FM stations in Baghdad (all frequencies in MHz) 

 88.0 MHz Radio Monte Carlo-Middle East, in Arabic and French 
 88.0 MHz BFBS, Basra, in English. 
 88.6 MHz Panorama FM 
 88.8 MHz Radio Monte Carlo-Middle East, in Arabic & French, Basra. 
 89.0 MHz BBC World Service, in Arabic 
 89.5 MHz Turkoman FM, in Turkoman and Arabic. 0510-2200 
 89.9 MHz Radio Nawa. 0000-2400 
 90.0 MHz BBC World Service, in Arabic, Basra 
 90.3 MHz Radio Al-Nur (inactive) 
 90.4 MHz Today Radio (ex-90.5 MHz) 
 91.0 MHz Dar al-Salam Radio. 0400-1700. (parallel with 756, 1116 kHz) 
 91.5 MHz Radio Rashid. 0300-2300 
 92.5 MHz Holy Koran Radio (IMN) 
 93.0 MHz IRIB Radio Javan network, in Persian 
 93.5 MHz Radio France Internationale, in French 
 94.8 MHz Radio Diyala (IMN). 0300-2000 
 95.5 MHz Radio Al-Mustaqbal. 0400-1600. (parallel with 1305 kHz) 
 96.0 MHz Radio Al-Mahaba, Voice of Iraqi Women 
 96.6 MHz Radio Anass (parallel with 594 kHz) (ex-96.3 MHz) 
 96.7 MHz IRIB Arabic Service 
 96.9 MHz BBC World Service, in English (ex-97.9 MHz) 
 97.3 MHz Voice of the University. (ex-97.0 MHz) 
 97.9 MHz Freedom Radio. 0400-1500 (ex-97.5 MHz) 
          Voice of the People of Kurdistan, in Arabic/Kurd/Turkoman. 
          1500-2100. (ex-97.5 MHz) 
 98.1 MHz IRIB Radio Payam network, in Persian 
 98.3 MHz Republic of Iraq Radio (IMN). 0000-2400 
 98.8 MHz Ur FM. 0000-2400. Owned by Channel 4 Radio Network, UAE. 
 99.4 MHz Ashur Radio, in Arabic & Assyrian. 0510-1600 
 99.8 MHz Sumer FM. 0000-2400 
100.4 MHz Radio Sawa. 
101.0 MHz Al-Ahd [Oath] Radio 
101.5 MHz Congress Radio, Voice of the Iraqi National Congress 
101.6 MHz IRIB Radio Javan network, in Persian 
102.0 MHz Shafaq [Twilight] Radio, in Arabic & Kurdish 
102.4 MHz Radio Free Iraq (RFE/RL)/VOA in English & Kurdish 
104.1 MHz AFN Voice Channel, in English. (ex-92.3 MHz) 
105.2 MHz Radio Dijla. 0400-0015. 
106.0 MHz Peace 106 FM. 0000-2400 
106.9 MHz BFBS Radio 1, in English 
107.7 MHz AFN-Iraq ["Freedom Radio"], in English.